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BlogTiny EscapesAll about Kenya: Swahili language lesson, the Big 5 & more
Tiny Escapes

All about Kenya: Swahili language lesson, the Big 5 & more

May 14, 2020 by Emily Houston

Jambo from Kenya! Tour Director Musty is giving us a Swahili language lesson, but we bet you already know one phrase in the local lingo. Ever hear a Disney duo say hakuna matata? That’s right, hakuna matata really does mean no worries in Swahili. Press play to learn three more commonly used Swahili words.

Musty lives in the southern part of Nairobi National Park in Kenya, home to some of the Big Five. What are the Big Five, you ask? They’re five of the most famous—and dangerous—game animals in Africa.

When the time is right to hit the road again (and put those Swahili words to use), here are the Big Five animals to look for during your African safari. Try to also spot their smaller counterparts called “the Little Five,” a term coined to bring awareness to Africa’s lesser-known species.

Img Rhino

Did you know that this critically endangered species has terrible eyesight but an excellent sense of hearing and smell?

The little version: Rhino Beetle

Img Elephant

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and Chobe National Park in Botswana boast record numbers of the largest land-dwelling animal in existence.

The little version: Elephant Shrew

Img Lion

Lion sightings are basically guaranteed in the Serengeti since Africa’s largest population lives here.

The little version: Antlion

Img Cape Buffalo

Don’t let all the predatory cats fool you—buffaloes are known to be one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

The little version: Buffalo Weaver

Img Leopard

Look to the trees—and your guide’s trained eye—if you’d like to spot these elusive predators, which usually lounge and eat in branches.

The little version: Leopard Tortoise

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