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The EF Go Ahead app

Available now (free!) for iPhone and Android

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The EF Go Ahead app

Available now (free!) for iPhone and Android

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Easily manage your travel experience on the go

Whether you're swapping tips with fellow travelers or converting dollars to euros, there are so many ways our app can streamline your tour experience from start to finish.


Connect with travelers in your group

Meet others you’ll travel with, share your excitement, and keep the conversation going before, during, and after tour.

  • Build your profile so your group can get to know you
  • Swap tips, ask questions, and chat with other travelers in your tour feed
  • Post photos to a shared album with your group

Your tour at your fingertips

Quickly and easily manage all your tour details in one convenient place on your mobile device.

  • See your tour information instantly upon booking
  • Make safe and secure payments
  • View your flight, hotel, and itinerary info, even without WiFi

Share your tour feedback digitally

No more filling out paper evaluations. You can now easily give Go Ahead your feedback in the app—while on tour or from the comfort of home.

Pack, prep & go

Get excited for your upcoming trip and start thinking about your next adventure.

  • See who’s on your trip before arriving on tour
  • Customize your trip with on-tour excursions
  • Plan future travels with your wish list
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Download today

Scan this QR code with your phone’s camera or download the EF Go Ahead Tours app right from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android phones).