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BlogTiny EscapesTiny Escapes with our Tour Directors: Food and wine pairing with Kostas
Tiny Escapes

Tiny Escapes with our Tour Directors: Food and wine pairing with Kostas

Apr 07, 2020 by Emily Houston

Our Tour Directors, who are located all across the globe, are here (in video form, of course) to give you a behind-the-scenes look at their lives and answer the #1 question they get asked by travelers: “What do you do when you’re not on tour?”

First up is Tour Director Kostas, who’s all about taking time to enjoy Greek food and wine—and is joining us from his home in Athens to share his favorite pairing.

Greece is home to a proud grape-growing tradition—as you can tell from Kostas's love for food and wine. But, did you know the country has been making wine longer than anyone else in Europe? To celebrate all the wonderful flavors, here are four of the top types to try.


This grape was first grown in Santorini, but has become such a favorite that its cultivation has spread to other parts of the country. It's often planted in the volcanic soil of oceanside vineyards and produces a light, dry, citrusy white.

Pairs well with: Feta—the famous Greek cheese we all know and love.


Once considered out of style, this unique white wine is making a comeback. What makes the age-old style so unusual? It’s fermented with pine resin for an earthy, unexpected flavor profile.

Pairs well with: Dolmades—grapes leaves stuffed with fresh herbs and rice.


This grape is the most widely grown in Greece and is used to produce a red that’s tannic, fruity, and so bold that it’s often called “the blood of Hercules.”

Pairs well with: Lamb—add some slices atop a piece of pita, because why not.


Northern Greece is the top producer of this complex, highly acidic red, which is often compared to renowned northern Italian wines such as Barolo.

Pairs well with: Moussaka—a hearty dinner dish featuring eggplant and minced meat.

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About the author | Emily Houston
Emily loves the simple travel moments—like watching hours pass by in minutes while sharing a meal and a laugh (or many) with her friends and family. Outside the office, you'll find Emily listening to anything and everything John Mayer, attempting to cook a New York Times recipe, or dreaming up her next trip.

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