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Group Travel Program

Travel with your crew—and get rewarded, too

Join our Group Coordinator community

Start earning free travel

Travel with your crew—and get rewarded, too

Join our Group Coordinator community

Start earning free travel

What’s better than traveling the world? Doing it for free.

Our Group Coordinator program is your ticket to doing exactly that. When you join, you’ll enjoy lots of cool perks—including a free spot on tour for every six travelers you bring.


Our Group Coordinator program at a glance

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Supportive. Rewarding. Life-changing. An investment of time that pays off in priceless, shared moments.

Call a Tour Consultant

Advisor. Mentor. Guiding light. Your dedicated Tour Consultant will walk you through the details of joining the program, answer your questions, and help you plan your trip. Just give us a call at 1-800-438-7672 to get started.

Pick your perfect trip

Choose from our 175-plus tours, with insight from your Tour Consultant if you need help narrowing them all down. Want to explore a specific theme or interest? We’ll craft a Private or Customized Tour around it just for your group.

Organize your group

The more travelers you recruit to join you on tour, the more rewards you’ll earn. (It takes effort, but we’ll be here to help you.) So, invite friends, family, neighbors—anyone with an appetite for adventure—to hit the road with you.

See the world!

Whether your crew’s bound for sunny southern Spain, Canada’s pristine national parks, or somewhere farther afield, it’s time to share magical moments on tour. (We can’t wait to hear about it when you’re back!)


Rewards and perks you won’t get anywhere else

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Inspiring fellow travelers is half the fun of being a Group Coordinator. It’s also hard work. Our way of saying thanks? The best travel loyalty program and perks out there—bar none.

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A few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited free travel. You read that right. For every six travelers you bring, you’ll earn a free spot on tour—and there's no limit to the number of free spaces you can earn or tours you can take. Know who else offers that? No one. That’s just how much we appreciate you.
  • Exclusive Convention Tours. We design these special trips—to spectacular places like South Africa, Egypt, and Belize—just for Group Coordinators. They include guided sightseeing tours, immersive activities, and plenty of time to swap everything from travel stories to recruiting strategies.
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  • A loyalty program that really pays off. When you book a tour, we'll automatically enroll you in Global Rewards, our unmatched loyalty program. Earn Global Points when you travel, and spend them on Convention Tours, other Go Ahead trips, electronics, on-tour experiences, and more.
  • Tour discounts you can share with your group. As if your fellow travelers didn’t love you enough already.

Learn more about benefits, or call us at 1-800-438-7672 to book your trip.

Get started as a Group Coordinator


Now that you know how it works, let’s talk support

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As a Group Coordinator, we’ll never ask you to go it alone. Here are a few resources we’ll set you up with to help make travel happen.

A Go Ahead team just for you

Your dedicated Tour Consultant will help you choose the right trip, or plan a Private or Customized Tour to suit your group. Your Account Manager will be at the ready to assist with everything from travelers’ payments to insurance options and so much more.

Mentorship opportunities

You'll meet and connect with our Global Ambassadors. These veteran Group Coordinators have learned a thing or two over the years, and they’re eager to share their expertise—and experiences—any time you need it.

Our free mobile app

You can use it to recruit travelers, view group members' account status, track progress toward your group-size goal, and communicate with your group members before and during your tour—to name just a few of its handy features.

A personalized tour website

Share the link to inspire potential travelers, spread the word about your trip, and keep existing group members up to speed on your tour’s details.

Recruiting materials

To help you recruit travelers, we’ll send you personalized flyers, posters, and business cards to hang up and hand out. We'll also send you our trusty Group Coordinator Toolkit.

A private Facebook group

Sign in to ask questions, share tips and strategies, post on-tour photos, and chat all things travel with other members of our Group Coordinator community.

Ready? You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back. Call us at 1-800-438-7672 or request details now.

Start traveling for free
Group coordinators


Meet some of our Group Coordinators

The fun friend who plans themed movie nights and hosts epic dinners. The bon vivant who lives for bringing people together. The adventurer who’s always dreaming up a new escape, whether to the next town over or a time zone half a world away. These are a few of the folks who make up our Group Coordinator community—a bunch of curious, adventurous explorers who share a passion for travel. And if you’re anything like them, you’ll fit right in.

Get to know some of our Group Coordinators →


My travelers have told me that they will only travel with Go Ahead. Between the new mobile app and communication before, during, and after tour, Go Ahead supports Group Coordinators and their groups. And you travel for free!

—Group Coordinator Diane


Boarding soon: you! Your free spot on tour is waiting.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that potential Group Coordinators often ask.