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The best solo trips in the U.S. to take in 2023

Feb 14, 2023 by Thea Engst

Traveling solo is a convenient, rewarding, and empowering way to see the world. When you take trips on your own, you open yourself up to making connections with other travel-minded people. (Who knows—traveling solo may help you find a travel buddy!) And if you choose to hit the road solo with us, we remove the stress of booking flights, planning itineraries, and getting lonely, since you’ll still be in a group.

If you live in America or Canada, you can see some of the best places to travel solo in the U.S. without traveling too far to get there. America offers an array of breathtaking scenery, memorable experiences, and write-home-about moments. So, without further adieu, these are the best solo trips in the USA to take this year.

9 reasons why people choose to travel solo

U.S. National Parks Tour for Solo Travelers

Few places evoke the majesty of America’s landscape like the Southwest. The red rocks carved by time, wind, and water create stunning terrain like no other. This is one the best tours to take in the U.S., but why does the Southwest shine as one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S.? Well, for starters, it’s designed with solo travelers in mind. It offers the freedom and flexibility to explore on your own terms, with a private hotel room (at no extra cost), and all the comforts of traveling in a group.

“We’d begin each day exploring with our Tour Director as a group to get familiar with our surroundings. Then, later in the morning, those who wanted to venture off on their own could, and those who wanted to continue exploring with other travelers or with our Tour Director could do that,” said staffer Lindsay. “This itinerary lent itself well to exploring however we felt most comfortable—on our own, alongside our Tour Director and other travelers in the group, or a combination of both.”

Adventures that make our U.S. National Parks Tour for Solo Travelers one of the best solo trips in the U.S.:

  • Kayak, fish, or swim around Lake Powell, a massive man-made reservoir that spreads into both Arizona and Utah. The rocks surrounding this lake are like smooth, sandstone waves, so spending your day taking in the sights of this otherworldly local hangout is well worth your time. We consider Lake Powell one of the best solo travel destinations in the U.S. because there’s such a variety of activities to partake in both on and around the water.

  • Thinking about adding an excursion? Look no further than the stunning helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Get an aerial view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world and see the spectacle from a rare angle.

  • Visiting Zion National Park is a reason all its own to go to the Southwest. Step one foot in this dreamy world, and you’ll understand why its name means “holy place.” From the towering mountains to the breathtaking foliage and more of those classic Southwestern red rocks, Zion is nothing short of an American treasure. (Pro tip: If you like crystals, you won’t find a better selection than at the gift shops in this park.)

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Alaska’s National Parks: Denali & the Kenai Fjords

Awe-inspiring glaciers? Check. North America’s tallest mountain? Check. We could go on, but trust us when we say that America’s last frontier lives up to all the hype, which is why we have it on our best solo trips in the USA list. “I was pleasantly surprised by how much of a ‘foreign’ experience you can get in Alaska whilst having the comfort of being in the U.S. if you’re nervous traveling alone,” said staffer Arlena. “The scenery feels like nothing else in the continental U.S., and if you are a nature or animal lover, it’s a must on your list!”

Our Alaska National Parks tour is a fabulous and fun way to absorb the wonders of this state. Not only do we make sure you get to see the can’t-miss sights like Denali and experience the once in a lifetime encounters like meeting a professional mountain climber, we make sure you have your whole trip planned and booked, so you can enjoy the magic of Alaska without any surprises.

Check out even more immersive experiences that make our Alaska’s National Parks: Denali & the Kenai Fjords tour one of the best solo trips in the U.S.:

  • Cruise the glassy waters surrounding the Kenai Peninsula. Take in the stunning views of Alaskan wildlife—from whales breaching beside you to bald eagles soaring above you—and it’s not hard to understand why this lands on our list of the best solo trips in the USA.
  • Sightsee like never before. Need a solo trip idea in the U.S.? Witness breathtaking views from the glass cab of the Coastal Classic Train—without the hassle of planning it—on this one-of-a-kind experience.
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South Carolina & Georgia: Charleston to Savannah

Who else is in the mood for some southern hospitality? Journey with us down to South Carolina and Georgia—two of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. There’s something poetic about experiencing these areas solo. From the humid days filled with chirping cicadas to the welcoming nature of the cities and the people (and the food they make), these are hands down some of the best places for solo travel in the U.S..

Join our South Carolina & Georgia: Charleston to Savannah tour and see why it’s one of the best solo trips in the U.S.

  • Visit the Old Slave Mart Museum to learn about the slave industry in Charleston. You’ll also be told about the city’s role in the trade, the American Civil War, and the Confederacy.
  • Join countless historic tours (including some on a horse-drawn carriage). Charleston is one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. because there are so many different historical tours to take. You may arrive solo, but you’ll never be alone with all the group tour options.
  • Nosh your way through the Savannah restaurant scene. Did we mention the food? Bopping around the restaurants in this city is one of the best ideas for solo travelers in the U.S.—you could trip and fall into a fabulous restaurant here. If you had to pick one, visit The Grey and dig into what chef-owner Mashama Bailey creates in her kitchen. (Drool over the menu in her episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix!)
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Fall Foliage Tour: Vermont to Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a quintessential New England tour, look no further than our Fall Foliage Tour: Vermont to Massachusetts. While this trip is seasonal, New England in autumn more than earns its spot as one of the top places to travel solo in the U.S. This fall tour attracts travelers from all over, solo or not, making it a great trip to make new travel friends and enjoy the changing leaves together. “There were so many other solo travelers on the tour, despite it not being a ‘solo-exclusive’ trip,” said staffer Michelle. “We connected with travelers from around the country who all ventured to the East Coast to view the gorgeous fall foliage.”

Grab your binoculars and cameras—these are even more experiences that make our **Fall Foliage Tour: Vermont to Massachusetts tour one of the best solo trips in the U.S.:**

  • Step into history at the Trapp Family Lodge. Experience the resort built by the Von Trapps, (the family who inspired The Sound of Music) where you’ll feel temporarily transported to Europe. Let’s just say seeing this sprawling property’s Austrian-inspired architecture surrounded by the changing foliage of New England is one of our favorite things.
  • Fall under Salem’s spell. Like so much of New England, Salem—aka Witch City—is steeped in historic sites (hello, House of Seven Gables). It’s a treasure trove of shops, tarot readers, haunted tours, and yummy restaurants. Whether or not you get witchy, this is one of the best places to travel solo in the U.S.
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Hawaii: Oahu, the Big Island & Maui

Hawaii might be off the mainland, but we are very fortunate to call it a part of America. This tropical paradise is full of bright, sunny skies, colorful and unique wildlife, and waves worth the trip just to watch (or surf). We consider it one of the best places in the U.S. to travel solo because it’s a great place to get time alone with some of the most beautiful nature America offers.

“This tour had a great impact on me, not only because it was the most mind-blowing scenery I’ve ever seen, but because I was a solo traveler,” said staffer Magnolia. “Although I never felt lonely due to my group, I did have some solo moments. Those moments really fostered presence and growth within myself—and what better spot for introspection than a serene beach or a hammock under a palm tree!”

Wondering what Hawaii has to offer aside from the gorgeous weather? Check out some of the excursions that make our Hawaii: Oahu, the Big Island & Maui tour one of the best solo trips in the U.S.:

  • Put the Thurston Lava Tube (or Nahuku) at the top of your Hawaiian to-do list. It’s a cave formed by ancient lava flows that you can walk inside. Traversing this magical cavern will make you feel like you’re on another planet.
  • Stop and see the astonishing Diamond Head State Monument. Add this extraordinary natural wonder—an inactive volcano—to your solo trip checklist under the “can’t-miss” category.
  • Relax with a classic beach day. We recommend taking a moment to dip your toes (or your whole body!) in the crystal clear waters while you take a moment to appreciate the sun and sands of this surreal landscape. The beaches alone in Hawaii make this tour one of the best solo vacations in the USA.
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U.S. National Parks: The Grand Canyon to Yellowstone

If you’re like us, you also salivate at the backdrops featured in the hit TV show Yellowstone. Now, imagine what they’re like in person! This guided tour from New Mexico all the way to Wyoming completes our best solo trips in the USA list because, quite plainly, its all-day, all-night, nonstop natural majesty. Why is it one of the best solo vacations in the USA? Have you ever wanted to visit a national park without feeling lost or intimidated by the magnitude of it all? Well, we’re here for you. We take care of the park passes, the guided tours, and the accommodations. You take care of the photo-ops, the smiles, and the vacationing.

Read more about can’t-miss experiences in the U.S. National Parks

Considering whether national parks are for you? Check out some of the experiences that make our U.S. National Parks: The Grand Canyon to Yellowstone tour one of the best solo trips in the U.S.:

  • Wonder at the miraculous staircase at the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. How does it stand, who was the mysterious carpenter who built it, and where did he source the materials? Admire the beauty of the chapel while you ponder the mysteries surrounding this enigma.
  • Drive down Going-to-the-Sun Road, a national landmark. Enjoy the beauty of lush green scapes, gushing waterfalls, and dramatic slopes.
  • Soak in the magnitude of Yellowstone, the world’s first national park. This park is an experience all its own. See the landscape, the bison, mountain goats—maybe even gray wolves! You’ll witness the awe-inspiring wildlife that began the national park preservation movement in 1872.
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Ready to immerse yourself in some of the best places to travel solo in the U.S.? Book with us today!

About the author | Thea Engst
Thea fell in love with travel as soon as she arrived in Venice, Italy on a family trip as a child. Since then, she has made having adventures around the world a priority, with trips like retracing her grandfather’s steps through WWII, climbing glaciers in Alaska, and horseback riding in Iceland. Thea is a nomad at heart, always planning the next trip. In her off-time she is working on a novel inspired by the woman she was named after, mixing cocktails, and watching any procedural crime show she can find.

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