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BlogTravel storiesThinking of traveling to Greece alone? A traveler shares 6 reasons to visit Greece solo
blue domed buildings along the cliffs of santorini in greece
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Thinking of traveling to Greece alone? A traveler shares 6 reasons to visit Greece solo

Jul 29, 2022 by Emily Houston

From the windmills in Mykonos to the sea surrounding Santorini, Greece is calling and solo travel is the way to go! But how do you actually make that Greece trip happen? Take a tip from solo traveler Janice’s playbook. She shared why she chose to go guided, and dished out all the best places in Greece to go to as a solo traveler. Along the way she found that even though you’re traveling solo, you’re never truly alone.   

traveler janice in greece

1. Solo travel to Greece is the perfect way to celebrate yourself

After seeing a photo of Mykonos on Pinterest, a dream of visiting Greece as a solo traveler cemented itself in Janice’s mind. “I put out a tweet and I was just like, ‘When I finish my MBA, I’m going to go to Mykonos,’” she said. “I didn’t know how this was going to get done. I just said it and I kept on telling everybody.”

Her love of Mykonos combined with some savvy Googling skills led her to find and book our tour, A Week in Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini. “What started out as wishful thinking became real,” said traveler Janice. “After finishing my MBA, I rewarded myself with a solo trip to Greece and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. For anyone thinking of going on a solo trip, I highly recommend it.”

Revel in all of life’s moments as you solo travel to Greece on these trips

Visit Greece on tour

Traveler Janice in Greece

2. Going guided makes big travel dreams more manageable

Having crossed off a handful of international destinations isn’t a prerequisite for traveling to Greece alone. “I’m from Nigeria, but I’ve never really traveled out of the U.S. for vacation,” said Janice. Going on a guided tour is a great way for new and experienced solo travelers to see the best of a destination without needing to plan anything. Plus, we have so many Greece trips that are chock-full of unforgettable stops, so you’ll never be at a loss for where to go—we can’t begin to pick the best places to visit in Greece as a solo traveler!

“If you are thinking about traveling to Greece as a solo traveler, just do it,” said Janice. “Be prepared to do a lot of walking. Be prepared to get a lot of information, but know that it’ll be one of the best trips of your life because it’s very well-packaged. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just have to enjoy the ride and make friends.”

More perks of guided solo travel in Greece

  • There’s a stronger sense of security (and fun!) in numbers.
  • With our free mobile app, you can see who’ll be traveling with you and chat with them before your tour starts.
  • Our Tour Directors know your destination inside and out, and will help you uncover the best of each location you visit.

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Visit Greece on tour

traveler janice on a catamaran

3. You’ll visit all the best places in Greece for solo travelers

“I visited Athens and walked around the Acropolis. I took a cooking class. I sailed to Mykonos and walked the streets of Little Venice. I visited the island of Delos. I went to Santorini and got on the catamaran to the red and white beaches. I swam in the Mediterranean over the volcanoes and visited the islands of Fira. It was nothing short of amazing!” If traveler Janice’s recap of her trip reads like a laundry list of what to do in Greece as a solo traveler, it’s because it is!

Each and every Greece trip features included activities in sought-after destinations, excursion options to customize your trip, and free time to spend just the way you want to.

Here are more of the best places to visit in Greece as a solo traveler

Visit Greece on tour

Traveler Janice in the ocean

4. You’ll take yourself to new heights

Whether it’s trying a food you’ve never had before or taking part in a new activity, the beauty of travel often shines brightest when we’re pushing our boundaries and embracing the moment with the people around us. For solo traveler Janice, her “absolute favorite” Greece solo travel memory was during a catamaran cruise along the Mediterranean Sea in Santorini.

“The whole tour group somehow convinced me to put on a life vest and jump into the Mediterranean,” said Janice. “I was like, ‘I’ve never swam before, there’s no way I’m doing this’, but somehow they convinced me. They were all cheering me on, and for the first time in my life I went into the Mediterranean Sea and kind of swam. Everybody was holding my hand and they were all cheering and clapping. That has to be my favorite moment from traveling.”

More ideas for what to do in Greece as a solo traveler

  • Seize the day in Little Venice. Traveler Janice loved exploring this area, and strolling through the quaint streets made our guide of things to do in Mykonos.
  • Try baked goods from a women’s cooperative in Archanes Village. This village is one of the most unique places to visit in Greece, and your visit helps support the local women in this remote area of Crete.
  • Treat yourself to a Michelin-starred dinner. Take a note from our Athens Travel Guide and dine at Hytra, a rooftop restaurant serving up modern Mediterranean cuisine with a side of Acropolis views.

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Visit Greece on tour

traveler janice with new friends

5. There’s a crew of like-minded travelers along for the ride

We get it—taking the leap to solo travel in Greece can come with some nerves and questions. Who will I hang out with? Will I mesh with my group? Traveler Janice had all the same thoughts, but they were squashed as soon as she arrived on tour! “I thought I was going to have an issue with the age range, but not at all—it was literally the best,” said traveler Janice. “They all just took me in like I was their daughter.”

Not only did Janice’s group welcome her into the travel family with open arms, they went with her as she explored the best places in Greece for solo travelers. “When we got to Mykonos, they all got dressed up and said ‘we’re going out, we’re having fun, we’re getting drinks.’ It was amazing,” said traveler Janice. “I kept in contact with about three of them after the trip because they lived in New Jersey as well. I went over to their house for dinner, so we still keep in contact!”

Solo travel to Greece and enjoy these activities with new friends

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traveler janice photo greece

6. Being with an expert is the best way to enjoy solo travel in Greece

The top person who showed Janice the benefits of going guided vs. traveling independently was her Tour Director. “You can go to a location and you can see statues and it actually has no meaning to you. You can just walk by them,” said Janice. “When you have somebody who’s a local who knows the area, who knows the history and they’re explaining everything and knows how important it is to the country and to the culture, it’s amazing.”

In addition to giving Janice’s group the scoop during included sightseeing tours or walks through town, her Tour Director was also there to dish out tips on how to spend free time. “She would tell us, ‘If you want to go downtown this is how you get there,’” said traveler Janice. “Some days we were just so tired and we’re like, ‘Can we find something to do in the area?’ She’d say, ‘Yes you have to take this bus, matter of fact I can go with you if you want.’ In our personal time she definitely gave us a lot of help.”

Why having a Tour Director adds to the experience of traveling to Greece alone

  • They’ll offer their local expertise on what to do in Greece as a solo traveler—they do call the country home after all!
  • You can enjoy the journey, since they’ll handle all of the logistics.
  • They’re your go-to food, drink, culture, and activity expert. (And probably, by the time tour ends, a new friend.)

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Travel solo, not alone, when you join us on a tour of Greece.

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