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8 of the best places to travel solo this spring

Nov 14, 2022 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

We know traveling solo can sometimes feel like an overwhelming prospect. But our tours make taking that leap much easier: We handle the logistics, connect you with new travel friends, and bring you to some of the world’s most captivating destinations that are made for solo exploration.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to travel this spring, our amazing Black Friday travel deals are here to inspire the spring break getaway of your dreams. We’re talking foodie tours through Tuscany, a journey to discover the secrets of Croatia, an exciting tour of Portugal crafted specifically for solo travelers, and much more. And you’ll want to get to these bucket list-worthy destinations ahead of the peak season. To help you figure out where to go on your next trip, here are eight of the best places to travel solo this spring.

dolomites italy

1. Italy

What could be dreamier than a week (or more) spent on a tour to Italy? When it comes to traveling solo, Italy remains one of the best spring travel destinations for a variety of reasons: There are fewer crowds in some of the country’s most sought-after locales, and the weather is already quite pleasant (not too cold, not too hot—all you need is a light jacket).

You could hit the classics in our A Week in Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome tour. You could opt for a glamorous coastal jaunt on our Lake Como, the Italian Riviera & Venice tour. Or make it a springtime culinary adventure with our 11-day Food & Wine: Flavors of Tuscany & Umbria tour. And given that all of these itineraries are included in our Black Friday travel deals, you may even be tempted to book more than one.

Why head to Italy in spring?

Starting in March, la dolce vita will be front and center: Flowers will be blooming, warm weather will be the norm, and it’s outdoor aperitivos for everyone!

Join us in Italy in spring

Bartender Ireland

2. Ireland

A trip to Ireland is always filled with countless moments of awe: Whether spotting rainbows that connect lush, green fields to the wild waters that surround the island; making new friends in a lively Dublin or Galway pub; or simply standing mesmerized by the beauty of the country’s craggy coastal landscapes, Ireland is made to inspire. That’s why our eight-day Ireland for Solo Travelers tour is so popular in the spring. As you meander from Dublin to Cork to Galway, you’ll immediately realize that Ireland is the kind of place that impresses and excites—even if you’re not traveling with a loved one from home.

Why visit Ireland in spring?

The top reasons include off-season access (fewer crowds mean more space for you in some of the country’s most notable attractions), spring blooms, and, of course, the unforgettable merriment of St. Patrick’s Day in March.

See our Ireland Solo Tour

food int scotland

3. Edinburgh

We love the regal majesty of Edinburgh in the spring, especially in April—when the city enjoys dryer weather and the sky stays lighter later into the evening, making it much easier to explore the city. Edinburgh’s iconic castle and its dramatic medieval alleyways remain atmospheric destinations for a day of sightseeing. But at night, spring is an especially fabulous time to go on one of our tours to Edinburgh if you’re a food lover: Many of the city’s restaurants change up their menus, so splurge on a seasonal, locavore feast with new friends you’ve met on tour.

Need another reason to visit Scotland in spring?

May is whisky month, so there’s no better time to dig into Edinburgh’s Scotch culture and whisky bars.

Discover our Edinburgh tours

staffer Abby in greece

4. Greece

The ideal trip to Greece needn’t only happen in the summer. In fact, if you’re the type to avoid crowds, you’ll want to visit stunning destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens before the summertime rush gets there. If you’re traveling solo, Greece is one of the best spring travel destinations. Imagine strolling through Mykonos’ beautiful old town, hiking around the craggy hills of Santorini, and discovering every nook and cranny of the Acropolis in Athens without having to elbow your way to a good view. And with plenty of sun shining over Greece, the islands are going to be covered in colorful wildflowers, making an already beautiful country even more photogenic.

Greece in spring will be less crowded, but you know why else you should visit then?

The country offers great value during the off-season—and it will be even better priced with our Black Friday travel deals.

See our Greece Solo Tour

salsburg austria

5. Central Europe

Fairytale villages, grand, Viennese palaces, and historic Bavarian castles are just some of the highlights of our nine-day Central Europe for Solo Travelers tour. All of it should be part of your spring travel plans—along with Swiss chocolates, Wiener Schnitzel, and steins of German beer—because nothing brings people together quite like great food. (From April to June, white asparagus are in season in Germany; keep an eye out for the various ways restaurants prepare them.) And if that’s not enough, you and your new travel buddies can even add cruising on Lake Lucerne and a two-night extension to postcard-worthy Prague to your adventures in Central Europe.

Why visit Central Europe in spring?

It’s perfect for Easter markets. You may think of them as a Christmas tradition, but in cities like Prague and Vienna, they’re just as exciting in the weeks around Easter.

See Central Europe in spring

porto portugal

6. Portugal

One of our most popular Black Friday travel deals covers our nine-day Portugal for Solo Travelers tour. It’s truly an unforgettable adventure: You’ll get to travel the entire length of the country while making friends for life. It’s the ideal spring break getaway for those looking to get into solo travel. Explore the Baroque architecture of Porto, cruise the calm waters of the Douro River while tasting port wine, marvel at Roman ruins in Evora, and learn about the seafaring villages of Lagos and Sagres—all in the mild, sunny Portuguese spring.

Why book a trip to Portugal in spring?

Grapes grown in the country’s miles and miles of vineyards will just be ripening, creating a beautifully verdant panorama everywhere you go.

Take a Solo Tour of Portugal

plitvice croatia

7. Croatia

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path solo travel destination this spring? Consider Croatia. Our brand-new, nine-day A Week in Croatia: Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik tour is a fantastic trip to take if you want a survey of the country’s most alluring attractions: You’ll get to visit the towering Zagreb Cathedral (built in the 13th century); be amazed by the tiered Plitvice Lakes (part of the oldest national park in Croatia); explore the ancient world via the Roman ruins in Zadar; and stroll through the fantastical Old Town of Dubrovnik—not to mention savor local delicacies and sample the best Croatian wines. Sounds like the perfect adult spring break to us!

What to love about visiting Croatia in the spring

Flower lovers should note that May is the best time to go on our Croatia tours: The International Garden Show known as Floraart visits Zagreb in May, and The Festival of Flowers will be held in Split from May 4 to May 20.

Discover our top Croatia tours

monaco france

8. Europe’s Southern Coasts

If you’re looking for your own grand tour of Europe this spring, why not take a solo travel adventure across a few of our favorite parts of the continent? Our 12-day Barcelona, Southern France & the Italian Riviera tour is the ideal way to visit some of the best spring travel destinations in one trip—places like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the elegant streets of Monaco, and the legendary villages of Cinque Terre. And best of all? This tour is part of our Black Friday travel deals.

Why visit Southern Europe in spring?

Not only will there be fewer crowds and cheaper prices, but lots of sunshine and warm temperatures also cast a special glow over cities like Barcelona, Florence, and Avignon.

See tours of the Mediterranean

Book a spring tour during our Black Friday Event to save big on your next adventure.

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