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Becoming a Group Coordinator: Top 3 benefits

Feb 13, 2018 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Back when she was a German teacher, Diane led students on trips to Europe with our sister company EF Educational Tours. Now into her retirement, she continues to spread her passion for culture with a new bunch of travelers—her friends and family. Read on to see how Diane incorporates the enjoyable and educational aspects of travel into her life by organizing trips for adult travelers with EF Go Ahead Tours.

group of travlers in italy

Making connections with Group Travel Global Ambassadors

Our Group Travel Global Ambassadors are a handpicked bunch of expert Group Coordinators who help other Group Coordinators with everything from transitioning into leading Go Ahead Tours to recruiting group members for tour. These experienced leaders are located all across the U.S. and Canada, and Go Ahead Tours will match you with one in your area. You can meet up, talk on the phone, and email one another to learn more about what it’s like to lead tours for adult travelers.

“It’s great to meet face-to-face with new Group Coordinators,” said Diane, who’s one of our Group Travel Global Ambassadors. “We can pass on our experiences by providing recruiting advice, teaching them the best ways to pitch a trip, and sending pictures of our tours for inspiration.” Plus, they’ll show you how the skills you’ve learned while traveling with Educational Tours will help you be a successful Group Coordinator with Go Ahead Tours. “All the knowledge that we learned in order to lead kids carries over and prepares you to lead Go Ahead Tours since the adults have the same types of questions about exchanging currency, packing luggage, and bringing the right adapter,” said Diane.

couple sitting on a bench in lake como

Experiencing destinations in a new way

One of Diane’s favorite parts of planning her upcoming trips is picking from our portfolio of Specialty Tours. These tours are based around a specific theme or interest and include everything from Special Event Tours to Food & Wine tours, Diane likes these types of trips because she can experience some of the destinations she’s traveled to many times before from a new angle. “When I was a German teacher, I lectured about the country’s culture and traditions. Since retiring, I’ve organized two trips as a Go Ahead Tours Group Coordinator to attend Oktoberfest. The transition from teaching about it to experiencing it was incredible.”

Along with Special Event Tours, Diane said Food & Wine Tours are another favorite. “I love that we can eat a variety of cultural foods and try the regional wines,” said Diane. “We can enhance our tour by having such wonderful meals and wines.” Another signature experience that tops Diane’s list? Riding the Bernina Express train through the Swiss Alps. “Our Tour Director surprised us with a picnic on board the train! He brought prosecco and cheese and we all toasted as we rode through the mountainous landscape.”

group of travelers at a winery tour

Traveling alongside friends and family

Of all the benefits Diane receives as a Go Ahead Tours Group Coordinator, her favorite is being able to take part in the travel experiences alongside her friends and family. “Go Ahead Tours equal the student tours in excitement, adventure, and cultural immersion, but they also goes beyond that,” said Diane. “You can concentrate on your experience. My main job is to treat myself and enjoy the tour as a group member alongside my friends and family.” Diane loves that the tours include both planned activities and free time. This balance lets her find her own sense of wanderlust in each location by visiting restaurants recommended by her Tours Director or taking part in optional excursions. “Being carefree on tour is the number one benefit from Go Ahead Tours,” said Diane. “It’s not just the places, it’s sharing it with friends and family.”

Curious about how you can become a Group Coordinator? Join our our Group Travel program community to learn more!

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