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Travel tips

Inspire your group with a pre-tour party

Jun 27, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Recruiting a group can be a long process for you and your group members, but there’s no better way to reward your travelers and get them inspired for tour than with a themed party. It’s a great way to answer any final questions your group might have about their upcoming tour, while giving everyone an opportunity to get to know each other and get excited for the big trip. Since hosting a party requires a few extra steps of planning, we listed our best tips to keep in mind as you start to prepare for the main event.

Inspire your group with a themed party

The invite

Pick a time that works best for you and your group. We recommend sometime around a month to two weeks before your trip. This will be close enough to the trip that your group members will be excited, but far enough away that group members can finalize packing and other questions they might have. Make sure to send your group a memorable invitation to get them excited: send a themed e-card, or be creative! Send a card where the text forms the shape of the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum. Or include a silly photo from one of your prior trips. Make sure to follow up with a reminder closer to the party.

Set the scene

Going on a trip to Paris? Put out some delicious French appetizers like a wine and cheese plate with brie, chevre and crackers. If your guests aren’t ready for escargot, there are plenty of great traditional dishes you can whip together. Play some traditional music from the region you are visiting to help set the mood, and add a few pieces of themed décor. A simple table cloth, candle and some bright painted dishes will transport you travelers to a sidewalk bistro in Barcelona.

Last-minute questions

Before the party is in full swing, go over some important departure information with your group. Discuss planned free time activities, tipping, currency and packing. Remind travelers to call their bank and take care of any last-minute needs.

Engage your travelers

This is a great time for your group members to get to know each other better if they have only met once or twice. You can try out a few ice-breaker games to introduce everyone, or pair teams up for trivia questions and games themed around your destination. If your group has traveled together many times before, go around in a circle and have each person share their favorite travel story or memory.

Party favors

Send your group off for the evening with a nice surprise. If your group is headed to Paris, package up some macaroons or meringues for travelers to take home. If you are going to Italy, a bag of homemade biscotti as a grazie will enchant your group members and extend the excitement until you depart for tour.

Hosting a fun dinner party or get-together is a great way to help your group members learn about their destination and their fellow travelers. Not only is it good to pass on information about the trip, but it will be a great tradition for years to come!

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