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Why you should go on a Group Coordinator Convention Tour

Feb 04, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

When novelist and lifelong traveler Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things,” he touched on something that makes Convention Tours unique.

Being together in a beautiful place and sharing our experiences creates a new way of seeing things. We develop a stronger appreciation for the ingenuity of fellow Group Coordinators, gain a deeper understanding of cultural traditions and learn how to overcome common challenges. But don’t just take it from us–read on to hear from five Group Coordinators about what makes Conventions so special.

Go Ahead Group Coordinators on Convention Tour in Portugal

“Conventions are my favorite time! It’s so wonderful to spend time with other coordinators and with staff. Our common passion for travel creates an immediate connection with each other. I love learning from other Group Coordinators and I really appreciate that Go Ahead Tours looks to us for suggestions on how to make the group travel program work better for everyone.” –Ann

“Conventions are important to Group Coordinators, because of the information shared and the connections made. There is someone at the Convention who has traveled to a place you have not, but will travel in the future. Their travel tips are priceless.” –Judy

“Going on a Go Ahead Tours Convention Tour was one of the most wonderful times we’ve had! It’s invaluable getting to meet some of the staff. Learning about the ins and outs of so many aspects of putting together the trips helped me to answer questions that my travelers have.” –Deborah

“Who are the Go Ahead Tours people behind the scenes? Convention is a chance to meet those advisors you talk with on the phone, and/or the person who books your itinerary and makes your dream trip a reality. For Go Ahead Tours staff who attend, the Convention is a chance to meet the Group Coordinators who bring new travelers to the company every year. Together we are a team that makes amazing trips a reality!” –Barbara

“Conventions are the best use of Global Rewards Points out there. You get to visit a great destination, be treated like a queen, talk travel the entire time, all while meeting with awesome people. What’s not to like?” –Carolyn

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