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Travel tips

Creative resources for recruiting a group

Apr 12, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

With the right tools and a positive attitude, it’s easy to spread the word about a trip and inspire others to travel the world with you. Here, find out what resources are available to you as a Go Ahead Group Coordinator and read some tips for bringing inspiration into your recruitment process.

Creative resources to help recruit your group

1. Personalized marketing materials

Once you’ve chosen a trip, your Tour Consultant will partner with you to create a recruitment plan based on your ideal group size. Did you know that we offer several different personalized tools as one of the many benefits of being a Group Coordinator? Depending on your individual goals, certain online or printed materials may be useful resources that can help you grow your group.

Our team can create a personalized tour websitethat you can share online or a specialized PowerPoint presentation for recruitment meetings. We can also work with you to make postersorflyers to hang up within your community as well asbusiness cards with your contact information to hand out to any potential group members.

Creative ways to grow your group

2. Make it personal

What was your first travel experience? Your favorite memory from a tour? Something that changed your perspective while on a trip? Your stories are powerful, so share them with others. These tales from your adventures can help generate word of mouth about your upcoming trip. Remember that a prospective group member may be new to world travel, so hearing about your journey may be just the thing to kick-start their own.

Barbara's group in Sicily

3. Make it real

There are so many ways you can bring a destination to life for your travelers. If you’ll be visiting Spain, host a tapas dinner to give them a taste of what the trip will be like. Share a list of your favorite books and movies related to the place you’ll be visiting. However you choose to highlight your destination, tap into the senses to help potential travelers dream about the experience that’s in their future.

Group Coordinators relaxing and enjoying the Blue Lagoon

4. Make it fun

There’s no question about it: Traveling the world is fun! Always keep a positive tone as you spread the word about your tour and prepare to go. As a Group Coordinator, you’re the trusted resource who brings peace of mind to your travelers. Keep the excitement going during the buildup to your trip by sharing posts from this blog, our Instagram account and our Facebook page.**

What creative approaches do you use when recruiting a group? Share your ideas on Facebook.**

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views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground
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