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Group Coordinator Spotlight: Meet Marsha

Oct 16, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Each of our Group Coordinators shares a few key traits—they’re curious, spirited, and love discovering new things. But, they all have a different style when it comes to seeing the world. In this series, we’re spotlighting some of the personalities that make our Group Travel Program great. Meet Marsha, a curious connector, below.


Marsha, The Curious Connector

Marsha went on our Food & Wine: Northern Italy & the Italian Riviera tour with a friend. Since then, she’s had travel on her mind all the time. “I can’t get enough of it, I just want to keep going,” she says. “I think about travel every day!”

Marsha has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada with her husband’s barbershop quartet over the years and has always loved it. Soon after her first trip to Europe, she became an enthusiastic member of our Group Coordinator community.


Marsha recruits travelers to join her groups with the help of her best friend Mary in the small town of Arthur, Illinois where they live. As co-coordinators, they work together to spread news about upcoming trips to friends and members of local community organizations and clubs they belong to. Similar personalities, along with a shared passion for travel, bring her group members together. While spreading the word about travel is fun, recruiting a group takes dedication—Marsha and Mary put in a lot of hard work to earn a free spot on tour for every six travelers they bring.

Always learning

Travel is just one of Marsha’s many interests. A retired nurse, she is working on her degree in Fine Arts at Eastern Illinois University and is drawn to the educational aspect of travel. “There are always new things to see—just like reading a book again, you get more out of it the second time and it just gets better,” she says of wanting to return to Tuscany.


Tuscany, a favorite destination for Marsha

Making connections

Incredible Tour Directors have truly enriched her group’s experience. “In Italy, our Tour Director Raf stayed with us the whole time. He was like one of us, and went out of his way to really show us his culture.” In 2016, Marsha shared ideas with other Group Coordinators and met our team at Group Coordinator Convention Tours in Sicily and Ireland.She hopes to continue learning new ways to grow her group’s size and travel once a year to explore more of Europe.

What kind of Group Coordinator will you be? Request a copy of the Guide to Group Travel at or visit our website and learn more.

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