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Group Coordinator Spotlight: Meet Dan

Oct 07, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Each of our Group Coordinators shares a few key traits—they’re curious, spirited, and love discovering new things. But, they all have a different style when it comes to seeing the world. In this series, we’re spotlighting some of the personalities that make our Group Travel Program great. Meet Dan, a community builder, below.


Dan, The Community Builder

“We’re all curious and interested in learning. We love to discover. And we’re a little irreverent,” Dan says of his group with a chuckle.

As Go Ahead Group Coordinators, Dan and his wife Karen have been organizing trips around the world with their close-knit group of friends for more than 17 years. Shared interests bring these travelers together—they’re constantly socializing, whether that means enjoying a meal, going to the theater, or attending book club. “Word of mouth just spreads when you’re all enthusiastic and passionate about the same things,” says Dan. When they’re not traveling, they get together often to talk, laugh, share travel pictures, and learn from each other. Then, when they set out to see the world each year, they love the effect that exploring new cultures has on bringing them even closer.

Making it your own

Dan partners with his Tour Consultant and an Account Manager to plan annual Private Tours for his community of travelers. He’s found that bringing a smaller group of 22 to 24 people works best for his trips. Dan and Karen always travel in private groups. Their group members love the flexibility Private Tours offer and they enjoy the close relationships they can develop with their own dedicated Tour Directors.

Traveling to learn

It comes naturally to Dan, a former teacher, to suggest books to read, cuisine to try, and movies to watch to get group members immersed in the culture of their destination before they go. He is always thinking of his travelers and sharing information that’s relevant to the history and customs of the places they’ll be exploring next. He and his wife put a lot of effort into coming up with creative ways to make pre-departure meetings both informative and fun, like creating a living room safari camp before a trip to Kenya or laying out food in the shape of the Nile River before a tour to Egypt.


With Robin, the Director of Groups Sales, on Convention in Portugal

With Dan and his wife organizing the trips, this group has ventured far and wide together in search of new experiences—from Israel to Thailand, and Scandinavia to China. “Most people in the group have done a Grand Tour a few times; where we’re looking now are more exotic places.” Having been abroad over 45 times, Dan says, “You never see everything, you can always learn more.”

What kind of Group Coordinator will you be? Request a copy of the Guide to Group Travel at or visit our website and learn more.

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