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Growing your group: Advice from our team

Mar 07, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Every day, our Group Travel Team members work closely with Group Coordinators looking to share their passion for exploring the world. When it comes to recruiting groups, our team has a lot of great advice to share. Here, we’ve compiled some of their most helpful recruiting tips for first-time and experienced Group Coordinators alike.

Growing your group of travelers


Take a personal approach

Successful Group Coordinators focus on building individual connections when starting to spread the word about a trip. In addition to sharing information on Facebook and hanging up posters in your community, talk to friends, family and coworkers about your upcoming tour. “My advice for first-time Group Coordinators is to get out and talk to people face-to-face about this incredible travel opportunity,” says Junior Account Manager Nicole. “Take prospective group members out to dinner—or better yet, host a dinner party—and invite them to join your trip.”


Host fun, creative events

Social events themed around the destination you’ll be visiting are a great way to showcase an upcoming adventure. “Host a fun meeting to get all prospective travelers excited about your tour,” says Senior Account Manager of Partnerships Clarissa. “It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make a few dishes of the food that represents the culture, share a few pictures and serve a drink from the destination.” You can even include a raffle for a free optional excursion, or turn language learning into a game. These memorable pre-tour party experiences will bring you and your group members even closer together.**


Plan ahead—and make deadlines

When preparing for a trip, it’s important to communicate your process and timeline clearly to your prospective group members. “Start planning early!” says Account Manager Tiffany. “Our Flexible Payment Program is very attractive when you plan your tour far enough in advance.” Don’t shy away from giving clear deadlines either. Head of Business Development and Partnerships Brandi adds, “People may miss out on opportunities because they put off making a decision. A prospective traveler may just need a deadline to encourage them to sign up for your trip.” Stay in regular contact with your group members so that deadlines don’t fall off their radars.


Start a travel club

Chances are, the group you love to explore the world with shares at least one of the same passions: travel! Try turning your group into a travel club. “It’s easier to recruit when your group members can tell other people that their ‘travel group’ is going on a trip,’” says Denver Group Tour Consultant Emily. “Plus, travel clubs can broaden your reach and put you in contact with new people who want to be a part of something!”


Ask a friend to help you recruit

Who says you can’t get a little help with spreading the word from a friend? Offer another traveler a free optional excursion, a discount on their tour or even a gift card if they help grow your group. “A friend may have a different pool of people to talk to and extend the trip invite to,” shares Alumni Tour Specialist Brittany. “By incentivizing your travelers to help you recruit, you have a much higher chance of building a larger group—which in turn means you’ll earn more Global Points and have the opportunity to make your trip a private departure.”


Share your favorite travel memories

Showing photos, videos and stories from your previous trips is a wonderful way of highlighting the benefits of travel. By sharing these memories, you’ll not only inspire confidence in your group members about your experience but also pass on the travel bug. You can even get people dreaming of their next destination while on tour. “One interesting recruiting method that’s been successful for Group Coordinators is to have everyone write down a wish list destination while on tour,” says Account Coordinator Miriam. “Then, when you start planning for your next tour, you already have a list of interested travelers!”


Reach out to our team

Don’t be afraid to let us know if you have any questions. Your Tour Consultant is your best resource for anything and everything when it comes to recruiting and is always here to help.

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