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10 solo trips you can book to visit the world’s top solo travel destinations

May 25, 2022 by Emily Houston

Taking a Solo Tour is one of the easiest and most empowering ways to see the world. Not only is there more fun (and peace of mind!) in numbers, but each trip includes activities designed with solo travelers in mind. We’re talking everything from wine tastings and boat rides to market visits and trail hikes, so you can get closer to culture—and your group. Join us as we count down the top 10 Solo Tours to take so you can easily visit the world’s best solo travel destinations.

Solo woman traveler leaning on a stone fence in the countryside of Ireland

10. Ireland for Solo Travelers

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Like our solo traveler’s guide to Ireland says: The welcoming, chatty nature of Irish people makes it easy to strike up a conversation with locals. “This trip is a great introduction to the beauty of Ireland’s landscape, the friendliness of its people, and its historical significance,” said solo traveler Lesley after our Ireland for Solo Travelers tour. “An EF tour makes you feel as if you’re traveling with a group of friends!”

Not having a language barrier to grapple with is why Ireland cracks the top 10 list of the best places to travel alone. Plus, while you’re busy making new friends from Dublin to Galway, we’ll work on getting you there. Having someone else handle all the headache-inducing transportation logistics is just one of the reasons people choose to travel solo on a guided tour.

Here’s why Ireland is one of the top places to travel solo:

  • You can spend a day in Dublin touring the Guinness Brewery and learning how to pour a perfect pint of the famous stout
  • The cheese you’ll try at a local farm in Cashel is creamier and more delicious than anything you’ve tasted from a charcuterie board
  • You’ll be granted the gift of gab when you plant a kiss on the Blarney Stone
  • The green fields and rugged coastline of the Cliffs of Moher look even grander in person

See our Ireland Solo Tour

Group photo of Travelers at Cape Saint Vincent, Portugal

9. Portugal for Solo Travelers

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Another country with warm hospitality and even warmer weather is Portugal. Our solo traveler’s guide to Portugal goes in-depth on why solo trips to this sun-soaked country are trending, but we’ll give you a sneak peek. Not only is it one of the more affordable European countries to visit, but you can also hit the city, dig in at foodie havens, and relax at the beach without having to crisscross the continent.

“My first trip since COVID restrictions was to Portugal with a wonderful group of kindred spirits,” said solo traveler Maryann after our Portugal for Solo Travelers tour. “We became friends quickly and traveled together well. We learned about beautiful Portugal as we ate, drank, and even sang together. I enjoyed having my own space to retire to and rest well for more fun the next day. Solo Tours are great ways to see the world.”

These are just a few reasons why Portugal is one of the solo destinations our travelers love:

  • Porto’s central market, where merchants sell fruits, vegetables, and flowers, is a great place to explore with new friends
  • You’ll discover unique artisan traditions when you tour the Alentejo Cork Factory to see how Portuguese cork is made
  • Nothing tops a boat ride along the sun-soaked, craggy shoreline of the Algarve
  • Hopping aboard the famous Tram 28 is the best way to climb Lisbon’s historic, tiled streets

See our Portugal Solo Tour

The view from a gondola cruising down the canals in Venice, Italy

8. Venice, Florence & Rome for Solo Travelers

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Did you really think we would make a list of the best places to travel solo and not include a trip to this iconic trio of cities? Not only do these solo travel destinations offer a little something for everyone, but when you go guided, we handle all the included entrance fees. That means you can spend more time enjoying the sites and the food and less time waiting in line. Plus, our solo community has tons of tips and tricks for visiting Italy.

We could go on and on about why we love Italy, but we’ll let traveler Jacenta take the mic. “This was my first trip with EF Go Ahead Tours,” she said. “As a solo traveler, I was a bit nervous but the tour was so full of activities you get lost in the adventure. It was wonderful.”

See why this Italy tour is one of the solo trips our community loves:

  • The best way to meet locals is by touring local markets in Florence, like the Mercato Centrale and Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio
  • Nothing quite compares to making your own pasta during a cooking class in Rome
  • You’ll see and learn fun facts about the Colosseum, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Trevi Fountain alongside expert guides
  • There’s no better way to cap off a day of sightseeing than with a scoop of gelato

See our Italy Solo Tour

Travelers walking through the ornate temple Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

7. NEW! Thailand for Solo Travelers: Bangkok, Phuket & the Islands

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With a nickname like the Land of Smiles, we can see why Thailand has long been a go-to destination for solo female travelers. The Thai spirit shines from Bangkok to Phuket Island. Even though this dreamy destination offers so much, it won’t bust your travel budget.

Still, it can feel intimidating to fly across the globe to a place where English may not be as widely spoken as it is in some European countries. That’s where going guided comes in. You’ll have a Tour Director and local guides with you to lend a hand, whether you need some help buying a souvenir at the market or deciding how to spend your free time as a solo traveler. So, if you’re looking for an inspiring female trip to Thailand that gives you a sense of group comradery and confidence to see the world, look no further.

Searching for the best solo vacations? Here’s why a trip to Thailand is the perfect match:

  • You’ll ride through the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market on a long-tail boat to try local snacks
  • You can shop for amulets blessed by Buddhist monks at the Thai Amulets Market in Phuket
  • Snorkeling in Phi Phi Don’s crystal-clear water is the top way to see one of the world’s most abundant coral reef systems
  • The history of the temples inside Bangkok’s Grand Palace complex means more when you hear about it from a local guide

See our Thailand Solo Tour

Street view of quaint buildings and mountains in Chamonix, France

6. Central Europe for Solo Travelers

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Crossing off more than one country in a single trip gives you a lot of bang for your vacation buck. And, like our Central Europe guide for solo travelers points out, going guided relieves the pressure of figuring out essential details like how to enter three countries in a week. Getting all the benefits of going on one of the best solo trips without having to plan it yourself? It’s no wonder our solo traveler community likes to book this Multi-Country Tour.

“This tour is a great educational opportunity along with a wonderful visual trip and introduction to the countries visited,” said solo traveler Karen after our Central Europe for Solo Travelers tour. “Our tour guide was a huge source of history. The group turned out to be a fun, friendly group, and there are opportunities to get to know folks if you are interested.”

Looking for the best solo trips? Here’s why you should pick a tour of Central Europe:

  • You’ll feel like royalty in Germany when you enter Hohenschwangau Castle, the former summer and hunting residence of the Bavarian royal family
  • You can tour the Spanish Riding School in Vienna to learn about the history, tradition, and training of Lipizzaner horses
  • The views you see of Salzburg after riding the Mönchsberg Lift make for the ideal opportunity to snap a photo with the fellow solo travelers in your group
  • The last day of your trip pairs perfectly with a glass of locally made wine from a Viennese Heurigen, or tavern

See our Central Europe Solo Tour

Solo woman traveler walking through the streets of Sicily, Italy

5. Sicily for Solo Travelers

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This island off the coast of mainland Italy has a lot to discover. If you don’t have your own motorcoach dropping you on the doorstep of some of Sicily’s most fascinating sites, it’s easy to miss them. Lucky for you, your Solo Tour always includes private transportation to everything you’ve always wanted to see, and the hidden gems that’ll become your new favorite places.

“This tour exceeded my expectations,” said traveler Laura after our Sicily for Solo Travelers tour. “Our Tour Director and driver made this trip unforgettable. Lodging, food, and sights were top-notch. The group of solo travelers made the experience extra fun!” You can get even more insider info about this destination in our solo traveler’s guide to Sicily.

Here’s why a trip to Sicily makes for one of the best solo vacations:

  • Sicilian cuisine tastes even better when you make it with a professional chef in a cooking class
  • You haven’t seen artwork until you’ve laid your eyes on the intricate mosaics inside Piazza Armerina
  • The Island of Ortygia in Syracuse is the perfect place to grab dinner with group-members-turned-lifelong-friends
  • You’ll find that Taormina’s 2nd-century Greek theater is the perfect place to snap panoramic pictures of Mount Etna

See our Sicily Solo Tour

Two female travelers at acropolis in Athens Greece

4. Greek Islands for Solo Travelers: Crete & Santorini

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Island hopping across the Mediterranean? Dreamy. Figuring out ferry schedules when you don’t speak Greek or even use the same alphabet? Not so dreamy. So, ditch the logistics and go guided. We’ll let you know when you need to be where, so you can spend your mental energy figuring out which solo travel bucket list items you want to cross off.

“This was my 1st Solo Tour with EF, and from the moment my flight landed I was taken care of,” said solo traveler Marlyn. “Our tour guide Alexandra S. greeted me with open arms, was very attentive, and was absolutely amazing!” Check out our solo traveler’s guide to Greece for more reasons to book a trip to this traveler-favorite destination.

Here’s why Greece is one of the best places to travel alone:

  • You’ll learn all about the unique way grapevines grow during a tour and tasting at a local winery on Santorini
  • The stories of Greek history stick with you when you explore places like the Heraklion Archaeological Museum on Crete with a local guide
  • There’s nothing quite like exploring the temples and ruins atop the Acropolis in Athens
  • You can get to know your group while watching the sunset from the picturesque village of Oia, perched atop the cliffs of Santorini’s caldera

See our Greece Solo Tour

Solo woman traveler admiring Machu Picchu at golden hour in Peru

3. NEW! Peru for Solo Travelers: Lima, Cuzco & Machu Picchu

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One of the biggest perks of taking a guided Solo Tour of Peru is that your entry to top sites like Machu Picchu is guaranteed. Sure, you could try to snag a ticket to this new world wonder on your own, but you might strikeout. Tickets must be purchased for a specific entry time, and the Peruvian government caps the number of entry tickets they can sell each day. Who wants to make it all the way to South America and not be able to cross Machu Picchu off their bucket list?

Plus, there’s something powerful about taking that iconic photo in front of the ruins with Huayna Picchu peeking out of the background. Experiencing memorable moments like that is just one of the motivating reasons to go guided as a female solo traveler. “As a female, there’s no greater feeling than learning what I’m capable of by accomplishing my personal goals to see the world without anything or anyone standing in my way,” said solo traveler Jessica.

  • You can meet locals and pick up a colorful, handwoven textile at the open-air Chinchero Market
  • You’ll see the best view of Machu Picchu as you hike up to the Sun Gate with a local guide
  • The PeruRail train to Aguas Calientes offers some of the most stunning views of the country
  • Lima’s Barranco district delivers artsy inspiration and delectable treats, like alfajores cookies

See our Peru Solo Tour

Hiking boots of a solo traveler viewing the Grand Canyon in Arizona

2. U.S. National Parks for Solo Travelers: The Grand Canyon to Zion

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Now, you might be wondering: Why does a nearby region of the world rank so high on this list of solo travel destinations? While the language and currency may feel familiar, driving through the expansive landscapes out West isn’t for the faint of heart. With little cell service available, navigating the roadways can be difficult for those who are traveling on their own and don’t have years of experience.

That’s where your dedicated bus driver comes in. They’ll get you here, there, and everywhere without breaking a sweat. Then, once you make it to the national parks, you’ll have an expert Tour Director with you to lead you on scenic hikes. Talk about having the best travel duo to lead you every step of the way.

See for yourself why the American Southwest is one of the best places to travel solo:

  • A wine tasting along the Verde Valley wine trail will show you that this area is home to some pretty tasty sips
  • Go beyond what you learned in history class during a visit to the Navajo Code Talkers Museum
  • You can see the colorful scenery and babbling rivers along Pa’rus Trail, one of Zion National Park’s newest trails, with your Tour Director leading the way
  • Taking an evening stroll along the Las Vegas strip to see the bright neon lights, iconic hotels, and famous casinos is the perfect way to end your trip

See our U.S. Solo Tour

Solo man traveler taking a felucca sailboat ride Down the Nile river in Egypt

1. NEW! Egypt & Nile River Cruise for Solo Travelers

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Drumroll, please! The destination that caps off our countdown of the best places to travel solo is none other than Egypt. You’ll have an expert Egyptologist by your side throughout the entire trip when you go guided, and they’ll help you navigate the country securely and easily. “Having a Tour Director who was also an expert Egyptologist is more than someone could ask for,” said solo traveler Katie. “You knew you were receiving the best information, and it was great to be able to ask him so many questions and pick his brain.”

Having everything planned and an expert with you to make it all happen comes with major perks. You can pop over to the Grand Egyptian Museum (a brand-new 2022 travel attraction) after seeing the Pyramids, set sail down the Nile, and fly back up north just in time to explore the capital city in just a week’s time. Need more reasons to take a Solo Tour of this historic country? Our article about why all solo travelers should take a guided trip to Egypt covers all the highlights and then some.

This is why Egypt is one of the best solo travel destinations:

  • You can see and hear fun facts about the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Grand Egyptian Museum with an expert Egyptologist by your side
  • Cruising along the Nile is the most scenic way to see the temples and tombs scattered along the east and west banks of the river
  • You and your group will meet locals as you shop at markets for papyrus, perfume oils, and more
  • A walking tour of Cairo is the best way to experience the city’s culture

See our Egypt Solo Tour

See all our Solo Tours and join us on the trip of a lifetime!

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