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Travel stories

Top 5 experiences to have on a tour in Japan

Jul 03, 2014 by Jamie Gallerani

Group Service Specialist Angus B. has been on many Go Ahead tours, most recently went on one of our Japan tours. From the muted cherry blossoms to the bright red shinto shrines and towering Mount Fuji to the skyscrapers of Tokyo, he shares his top five favorite moments he had on his trip.

close up of cherry blossom tree brand in japan

1. Seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom

Cherry blossoms are an obsession in Japan. The trees bloom for a short time in the spring and light up the landscape with bright magentas, pale pinks, and everything in between.

snow capped mount fuji at sunset

2. Capturing a picture of the tallest peak in Japan

Mount Fuji is very hard to see, as it is usually shrouded in clouds, but I was lucky to catch a great photo of the mountain from my hotel in Hakone.

water of lake looking at the red shinto shrine in japan

3. Learning about Japan's history and culture

Shinto shrines are an important part of Japanese religion, history and Culture. The orangey red color of many shines punctuate cities and towns all over Japan. The old wooden structures stand in stark contrast to the prevalent skyscraper and the bright color really pops in darker natural settings.

red and white paper lantern hanging off building in japan

4. Exploring local neighborhoods in Kyoto

In Kyoto, the Gion neighborhood is known for traditional wooden structures and is considered the geisha district. Making our way to dinner at sunset, we walked through the old narrow alleys, lit by the always present red paper lanterns.

crowds of people walking around outdoor market in tokyo at night

5. Walking on the streets of the capital of Japan

I grew up in a small town, and currently live in Boston, so Tokyo was by far the biggest city I have ever been to (over 13 million people). Everything grows upwards! There are skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. From the top of the Metropolitan Building you really get a sense of just how big Tokyo is.

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