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BlogTravel buzzLooking for incredible places to travel? Add these brand-new tours to your bucket list for 2024
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Travel buzz

Looking for incredible places to travel? Add these brand-new tours to your bucket list for 2024

Apr 25, 2023 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Ready to set off on a new adventure? Whether you’re dreaming of wandering solo through the cobblestone streets of Kyoto, discovering the wildlife and culture of Kenya from a new angle, or joining us on a transformative retreat to Bali and Java, you’ll find it on one of our brand-new tours.

From Grand Tours to one-week escapes, these new tours will leave you with a full camera roll and share-worthy stories. Plus, we’re always seeking out new experiences in captivating destinations, so keep an eye out for more new tours as they launch. Now, without further ado: Here are the new tours we’ve debuted this year, which hit the road starting next year. Are you ready to start planning your trip to the top places to travel in 2024 and beyond?

1. Australia for Solo Travelers: Melbourne, Queensland Coast & Sydney

If you’ve been wanting to take a solo trip to Australia but have been wary about traveling to the other side of the planet or spending two weeks on your own, our 15-day Australia for Solo Travelers: Melbourne, Queensland Coast & Sydney tour is just the ticket. From city-slicker adventures in Sydney and Melbourne to educational Aboriginal experiences and making new travel buddies, our new tour Down Under is bound to be an unforgettable, bucket-list adventure.

New trip highlights:

  • The cosmopolitan city of Sydney is easily one of the top places to travel in the world, and you’ll see why when you explore its iconic attractions, like the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach.
  • In Queensland, savor a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony, an ancient Aboriginal custom meant to cleanse your spirit ahead of your visit to these traditional lands.
  • You can sign up to cruise and snorkel along the iconic Great Barrier Reef.
  • Did you know that Australia has its own Everglades? Discover this unique ecosystem as you sail the River of Mirrors, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

If you want to keep the bucket-list vibes going, opt for the trip extension to Tasmania. No trip to Australia is complete without visiting this island, especially if you’re a nature lover. In addition to learning about endangered species, like the Tasmanian devil and wombats, these three days in Tasmania include shopping in local markets and exploring Tasman National Park (keep an eye out for humpback whales!).

Take a look at our Australia Solo Tour

2. Costa Rica for Solo Travelers: Volcanoes, Jungles & Beaches

There might not be a better setting for making new travel friends than the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, especially if you love nature. From its rugged volcanic regions and verdant tropical jungles to made-for-surfing beaches, Costa Rica ranks very highly on our favorite places to travel. And for 2024, our nine-day Costa Rica for Solo Travelers: Volcanoes, Jungles & Beaches tour shows off just how blessed this Central American country is. But this new tour isn’t just about views and beauty, it also includes hands-on activities (from mangrove reforestation to coffee tasting) that will make the experience even more unforgettable, and positively impact local communities and economies, too.

New trip highlights:

  • In Poás Volcano National Park, peer into the crater of the largest open volcano in the world and spot the bubbling, sulfuric, green lake inside it.
  • Tour a family-owned coffee farm to learn how its staff sustainably harvests some of the best coffee in the world.
  • You can sign up to visit and tour Toucan Rescue Ranch, a group that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases Costa Rican wildlife.
  • Explore vast Manuel Antonio National Park, home to 109 mammal species and 270 bird species—you might even be able to hear the howler monkeys.

Eager for an even bigger trip to Costa Rica? Take the extension into Tenorio Volcano National Park, where a true world of wonders awaits. We’re talking puma sightings, waterfall chasing, and thermal spring soaking—all under the watchful gaze of the iconic Arenal Volcano.

See Costa Rica on tour

3. Scotland for Solo Travelers: Highlands, Aberdeen & Edinburgh

Age-old lore around Scotland has been part of our travel imagination for a long time. From its lochs and bogs to its castle-crowned cities and soaring highlands, a trip to Scotland can only be described in superlatives. This 10-day Scotland for Solo Travelers: Highlands, Aberdeen & Edinburgh tour is designed to give you and your new travel friends an immersive lay of the land that proves why Scotland is one of our top places to travel in 2024. On this brand-new tour, you’ll find yourself weaving in and out of world-class galleries, historic distilleries, farms, and castles.

New trip highlights:

  • In the port city of Glasgow, marvel at the impressive collection of global art (from European portraits to Egyptian antiquities) in the gorgeous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
  • Stop by the mysterious banks of Loch Ness and see if you can spot elusive Nessie.
  • In the region of Speyside, visit a local whisky distillery to learn all about the age-old secrets behind Scotch.
  • Discover the old-meets-new allure of Edinburgh, a city that’s equal parts historic and modern.
  • Take a bagpipe lesson from a local professional before heading home.

If you’re looking for more big-city adventure, extend your stay for two more nights in Edinburgh, the fast-growing Scottish capital. With all this extra time, you can dig deeper into all it has to offer, whether that’s through the self-guided audio tour of the 16th-century Palace of Holyroodhouse or by taking its nightlife by storm—Edinburgh is full of great cocktail bars celebrating and modernizing Scotland’s rich whisky tradition.

Discover our Scotland Solo Tour

4. Greece’s Ionian Islands: Athens, Kefalonia & Corfu

Our favorite Greece trips combine cultural exploration with relaxing seaside pursuits. And our new 12-day Greece’s Ionian Islands: Athens, Kefalonia & Corfu tour offers just that. You’ll love how this new tour starts off in Athens to show off the icons of Greek history before it whisks you away to the enchanting islands of Kefalonia and Corfu. During your trip, you’ll find out how these enchanting destinations have risen in popularity (both for their stunning natural landscapes and delectable culinary offerings), making Greece an even more desirable place to travel in 2024.

New trip highlights:

  • Discover Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian islands, and Myrthos, considered one of the best beaches in Greece.
  • Sail on Melissani Lake, an underground cave with crystal-clear waters.
  • On Corfu, explore the island’s Italian heritage, including at Spianada Square, considered by many to be Greece’s most stunning plaza.
  • Sign up for the Corfu Tavern Dinner, which is a unique culinary excursion to the island’s countryside.

For an added jolt of classic history, keep your trip to Greece going with an extension in Nafplio and the Athens Riviera. Both romantic, seaside destinations are full of ancient history. These three nights include visits to the Lion Gate of the Mycenae’s citadel, the Tomb of Agamemnon, and the Sanctuary of Asklepios, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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5. The Greek Islands: Crete & Santorini

Sometimes, the best new tours allow you to see classic destinations anew. And that’s exactly what you’ll love about our 10-day The Greek Islands: Crete & Santorini tour. It’s the type of classic Greece trip that ensures you get to immerse yourself in the top places to travel while simultaneously giving you new perspectives on iconic hotspots, like Crete, Santorini, and Athens.

New trip highlights:

  • In Athens, tour the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus. The city tour also includes stops at the Olympic Stadium, Syntagma Square, and the Arch of Hadrian.
  • Discover the medley of cultural influences that have shaped the city of Chania, located on the western coast of Crete. You’ll get to visit the Greek Orthodox cathedral known as Trimartiri, as well as Etz Hayyim (the only synagogue on the island) and the Old Venetian Port.
  • In Heraklion, a guided tour of the Palace of Knossos, one of the most important ancient ruins in Greece, awaits.
  • Sign up for the Santorini Caldera Cruise & Dinner excursion. The view of the island’s staggered, white-washed architecture from the sea is out of this world.

The only way this bucket-list Greece vacation could be improved upon is with the extension to Delphi and the Athens Riviera. You’ll get to add Arachova, a picturesque resort town located over 3,000-feet up the southern slope of Mount Parnassus, to the list of picturesque Greek destinations you’ve seen. Plus, you’ll explore Marathon, a historic landmark located just outside Athens.

Island-hop in Greece

6. The Greek Dodecanese Islands: Kos & Rhodes

It doesn’t matter the year, for us, an island-hopping trip to Greece always counts as one of our top travel experiences in the world. But in 2024, we’re elevating that with two under-the-radar destinations on our 11-day The Greek Dodecanese Islands: Kos & Rhodes tour. This brand-new itinerary is all about digging into the unique and enticing cultures of two islands that are a bit more off the beaten path. And, of course, there will be plenty of beach time. Whether you’re a Greece first-timer or repeat visitor, this trip is made to be added to your bucket list.

New trip highlights:

  • You’ll start the trip in Athens, where you’ll get immersed in the world of the ancient gods and goddesses with a guided tour of the Acropolis.
  • Learn about beekeeping and honey production on the island of Kos.
  • Explore Asklepios, an ancient medical center and healing temple.
  • On a free day on Kos, go on a sailing excursion around the region that includes a visit to the island of Plati, where you can swim in the warm Aegean water.
  • Stroll through the Old Town of Rhodes and marvel at its layers of Medieval, Gothic, and Ottoman influences.

Want to experience more Greek life? Add the Meteora region, the Delphi region, and the Athens Riviera to your trip. This three-night extension will add so much more cultural depth to your next trip to Greece, especially with stops at the Meteora monasteries (originally settled by Orthodox Christian monks), the Temple of Apollo, and Hosios Loukas, a dazzling example of Byzantine architecture.

Shop our Kos and Rhodes tour

7. Greece & Turkey: Athens, Greek Islands Cruise & Istanbul

One of our top places to travel in 2024 brings together two incredibly rich destinations for one unforgettable vacation. Our 15-day Greece & Turkey: Athens, Greek Islands Cruise & Istanbul tour is full of eye-opening history, unforgettable meals, and jaw-dropping locales. It even comes with a fabulous island-hopping cruise. From Athens to Istanbul (two of the world’s most alluring cities) and gorgeous islands and charming villages in between, this once-in-a-lifetime adventure is one for the books—or the bucket list!

New trip highlights:

  • In Athens, you’ll combine past and present when you walk through the neighborhood of Plaka before exploring the ruins of the Acropolis.
  • You’ll get to cruise around the Aegean as you explore Greek islands, like Mykonos and Santorini, with plenty of time for swimming in between cultural excursions.
  • In Santorini, from an unenviable perch in the village of Oia, take advantage of a photo opp of its caldera.
  • Turkey’s trendy Çeşme region has become one of Europe’s most sought-after beach destinations. There are also some great local wineries. You’ll get to visit one for a taste of Turkish wine.
  • Discover why Istanbul has been one of the most important cities in Europe for millennia. From the Hagia Sophia to Topkapı Palace, there’s no shortage of cultural touchstones in enduring Istanbul.

If you really want to take your Turkey tour to the next level, extend your trip to the fairy-tale landscapes of Cappadocia. The itinerary includes visits to an ancient network of cave dwellings and open-air museums, as well as local pottery ateliers.

Explore our Greece and Turkey tour

8. Jordan History & Culture: Amman, Petra & the Dead Sea

Our 10-day Jordan History & Culture: Amman, Petra & the Dead Sea tour bundles the beauty of the country into one magnificent travel experience. The best part are the positive-impact layers that peel back even more of this spectacular country, including a guided visit to and lunch at the Iraq Al Amir women’s cooperative in Amman. The Jordanian women you’ll meet here aren’t just creating sweet-smelling olive oil soaps and beautifully patterned ceramics, they’re also working hard to achieve financial independence.

New trip highlights:

  • In Amman, see the ruins of a Bronze Age complex called The Citadel and a second-century Roman theater, the city’s most popular archaeological site.
  • In the House of Calligraphy in Aljoun, learn about the history of this age-old writing craft before picking up a traditional dried reed pen to take your turn at writing out your name in your favorite style.
  • Explore Petra’s famous Al-Khazneh, or Treasury, a sought-after UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous facades in the world.
  • Discover the lunar landscape of Wadi Rum, an otherworldly ecosystem in the Jordanian desert whose name translates to “Valley of the Moon.”

If you want to cross off more of the top places to travel in 2024, consider extending your tour to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. You’ll see some of the most impressive architectural projects of our time.

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9. Northern Lights of Norway: Oslo to Tromsø

If you’re like us, seeing the northern lights is high on your bucket list. (And if you’ve seen them before, you know they’re more than worth seeing again.) Join us on a Norway tour in the Arctic Circle in hopes of glimpsing this mysterious, celestial display. But our 10-day Northern Lights of Norway: Oslo to Tromsø tour offers so much more, too. From exploring Oslo’s world-class art and Nobel Peace Center to spending a day out in the unique (and cool) Tromsø Ice Domes, this itinerary will show you why Norway is one of our favorite places to travel for 2024 and beyond.

New trip highlights:

  • The city of Oslo is growing at a fast clip, and we’ve fallen in love with its robust art scene. You’ll get to see the ornate creations of Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland in a sculpture park named after him.
  • Curious about what it takes to win a Nobel Peace Prize? Find out on a guided visit to the Nobel Peace Center.
  • Deep in the Arctic Circle, you’ll explore everything charming Tromsø has to offer, from the northernmost cathedral in the world to riding the cable car up Mount Storsteinen for sweeping views of the city and its surrounding natural beauty.
  • Stroll through Tromsø Ice Domes, a collection of manmade ice caves where you can learn about life in the Arctic Circle and check out seasonal bars and restaurants.
  • You’ll spend at least one night chasing after the northern lights. Because of minimal light pollution in the Arctic Circle, chances are high you’ll see them here during the winter.

To many, Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and our new tours give you the opportunity to experience this beauty firsthand. If the 10-day itinerary isn’t enough, extend for three more nights so that you can include the Flåm Railway, one of the most scenic train rides you’ll ever take. Then, you’ll head off to Bergen, known as the gateway to the fjords.

See the northern lights on tour

10. Fjords of Norway: Bergen, Geirangerfjord & Ålesund

One of the things that set a Norway trip apart from the rest is the country’s natural majesty. Its legendary fjords are something you need to see to believe. Norway’s fjord region is full of rushing waterfalls, towering cliffs, even taller mountains, and some of the most endearing coastal cities and fishing villages. All this combined makes Norway one of the top places to travel in 2024. And that’s why our 12-day Fjords of Norway: Bergen, Geirangerfjord & Ålesund tour is one of our most exciting new tours of the year.

New trip highlights:

  • Start in the artsy city of Bergen. Bryggen, its colorful, Hanseatic-era harbor, is a UNESCO-listed district.
  • Board a train for a ride on the Flåm Railway, a scenic train ride that snakes through Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway.
  • Cruise around Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, where you’ll spot wildlife (seals, eagles) and wild landscapes (including Undredal, the quaint village that inspired the animated film Frozen).
  • Explore cultural and natural delights in Ålesund. You’ll visit historic churches, Art Deco structures, and Viking-era monuments.

What makes this new tour so captivating is that it immerses you in all that makes Norway special. That goes for the extension to the Lofoten Islands, too. Add it to your tour to see some of the most beautiful places within the Arctic Circle. A highlight is the trip to Knaplundsøya island to check out the Saltstraumen, a small strait that’s home to enormous whirlpools.

Discover Norway’s fjords

11. Morocco for Solo Travelers: Fes, the Sahara & Marrakech

Attention, solo travelers: The thrilling allure of Morocco needs to be experienced to be believed. This powerhouse kingdom on the western edge of North Africa offers travelers a gorgeous medley of experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. On our 11-day Morocco for Solo Travelers: Fes, the Sahara & Marrakech tour, prepare for ancient ruins, tented desert camps, rugged mountains, delectable cuisine, handmade crafts, and bustling medinas. This new tour will ensure that you get familiarized with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that make Morocco so unbelievably unique.

New trip highlights:

  • Head into the Sahara Desert for an unforgettable overnight experience in a tented camp, which starts with a camel ride over the dunes and ends with a fabulous dinner.
  • Follow your Tour Director on a short walk through the Todra Gorge, the limestone river canyon with 1,300-foot-tall walls.
  • Soak up the exhilarating energy of the UNESCO-listed Medina of Fes, the fortified heart of the city, where you’ll find a maze of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Composed of 300 neighborhoods and 9,000 alleyways, this is the largest Medina in the world.
  • Explore Djemaa el-Fna, the open-air market in Marrakech where, most evenings, you can also find musicians and entertainers.

Not ready for your Morocco tour to end? Extend your adventures to Essaouira, the seaside city beloved for its surfing and art galleries. You’ll explore Moulay Hassan Square, walk the Skala de la Kasbah, and sample sfenj, the Maghrebi take on a donut. But there’s also plenty of time to relax at the beach. Better yet: Sign up for the Morocco Argan Oil, Wine Tasting & Lunch excursion to dive even deeper into Moroccan culture.

Go solo to Morocco

solo traveler walking down stairs oia santorini greece

12. Grand Tour of Greece: Athens, Corfu & Santorini

Greece is more than just Athens and the islands. Whether you’re seeking new travel destinations or want to revisit your old favorite sites in the Mediterranean, don’t miss our Grand Tour of Greece. Hitting the road in 2024, this new tour offers a 16-day deep-dive into the incredible culture, cuisine, and history of the nation.

New tour highlights:

  • See the Hagia Sophia in Thessaloniki before tasting the olives and wine for which the region is known.
  • Get a full helping of temples and ruins at Delphi and Athens (and check off three of our five best Greek temples to visit).
  • Set off on a sightseeing tour of Santorini, where you’ll have the chance to dive off a catamaran and snorkel in the caldera formed by an ancient volcano. (If you’re looking for perfect, sun-soaked spots in Greece, find them in our list of the most beautiful beaches in Greece to visit.)
  • Cap off your tour in Crete. Greece’s largest island is home to diverse landscapes, tasty gastronomy, and palate-pleasing wines, making it one of the top places to travel in 2024 and beyond.

Consider adding the extension to this Grand Tour and spend a few days in Olympia (yes, home of the original Olympic Games) and the Athens Riviera before returning home. Adding these extra days is a surefire way to leave Greece with a memory bank full of beautiful coastlines and rich cultural experiences.

Shop our Grand Tour of Greece

seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland on a sunny day

13. Landscapes of Wild Iceland

If you’re ready to set off on a new adventure through unique, otherworldly landscapes, a tour of the Land of Ice and Fire might be the best new tour for you. In addition to contrasting elements and untamed beauty, you’ll find spa-like relaxation and fascinating history. Plus, there’s no bad time of year to visit Iceland. So, if a new travel destination sounds like the plan for this year, we have the itinerary for you. Landscapes of Wild Iceland is your jaw-dropping journey from thundering waterfalls to massive glaciers to picturesque coastal villages.

New trip highlights:

  • Start in Reykjavik, where you’ll learn about the Viking history of Iceland.
  • Travel along the Golden Circle, which is full of photo-worthy stops, on your way to Selfoss waterfall
  • Tour the black sand beaches of the South Coast and spot puffins on the cliffside between small coastal villages before heading to Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and learning how the stunning landscapes around you were formed.
  • Take a dip in Reykjavik’s world-famous Blue Lagoon before you return home.

If you can’t get enough of Iceland’s dreamlike terrain, join us on our extension to West Iceland to admire glaciers and lava fields.

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moody golden pavillion tree and reflective water landscape kyoto japan

14. Japan for Solo Travelers: Tokyo, Mt. Fuji & Kyoto

Do you love the idea of a solo trip to Japan but feel overwhelmed by the thought of navigating the country’s language and social etiquette on your own? Go guided! Join us on our Japan for Solo Travelers: Tokyo, Mt. Fuji & Kyoto tour to explore the country with a group of other solo travelers. Your expert Tour Director will make sure you see the countless amazing things to do in Japan on this beautiful, nine-day tour while giving you ample time to explore at your own pace—this is definitely one of those trips of a lifetime.

New tour highlights:

  • Begin in Tokyo, where modern skyscrapers nestle up to ancient temples. You’ll explore highlights of the city that is home to 14 million people, from its local fish markets to its famed Shibuya Crossing—the world’s busiest intersection, which 3,000 people cross at once. We think seeing it is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.
  • Leave the bright lights of the city behind and let the stunning vista of Mount Fuji come into focus. You’ll explore local villages and pass through “The Sea of Trees” before touring a frozen, subterranean ice cave formed by the ancient flow of lava.
  • Feel the speed of innovation as you board a bullet train to Kyoto. Walk through bamboo forests and explore the spiritual capital of Japan before enjoying a sake tasting with your fellow travelers.

Add the extension to spend 72 hours in Kobe, one of the top places to travel in the world for premium beef. Learn about local sake production, board the bullet train to Hiroshima, and take a guided tour of the City of Peace, before returning to Kobe. The entire trip is chock-full of new places to travel that you’ll be telling friends and family about for years to come—start planning your 2024 adventure now.

Explore our Japan for Solo Travelers tour

solo traveler on game drive looking at elephants in kenya africa

15. Kenya Wildlife Safari for Solo Travelers

There are trips that many people look forward to for their entire lives. For many, Africa is that destination, which makes our new Kenya Wildlife Safari for Solo Travelers a top tour that was introduced earlier this year. Start planning your tour for 2024 now, and prepare to be dazzled by Kenya’s majestic landscapes, warm hospitality, and defining wildlife.

New trip highlights:

  • Arrive in the bustling capital of Nairobi, where a 4x4 Jeep will take you to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which has operated as an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation center for 45 years.
  • Next up on this trip of a lifetime: Amboseli National Park, where you’ll try to spot lions, cheetahs, hippos, and other wildlife on two game drives.
  • Reach the highest elevation on your tour during a trip to Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. At over a mile high, the stunning landscapes are home to black rhinos and dozens of rare bird species.
  • Continue on to the Maasai Mara, where two more game drives await, but where the highlight might just be the people you meet. Spend time in a local boma, the homestead of the Maasai people, where you’ll learn about the tribe’s history and heritage.

Top off this incredible new tour for 2023 with an extension to Zanzibar. A few days of island life are sure to create some relaxation in a new travel destination.

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three people laughing and drinking in front of the eiffel tower as the sun sets

16. London, Paris & Rome for Solo Travelers

What if you could include three stunning global capitals in a single trip? Welcome to London, Paris & Rome for Solo Travelers, one of our newest tours launched earlier this year.

New tour highlights:

  • Fly into London, which was one of the world’s most popular places for trips in 2023 and will be in 2024, too. Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and the London Eye are all on the itinerary, before high tea and free time to explore the city along the Thames.
  • Board the Eurostar train for a ride through the Chunnel to your next destination, Paris. See the Eiffel Tower and the glass pyramid of the Louvre as you dine above the City of Light.
  • End the trip in the Eternal City, Rome, as you take in stunning views of the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Pro tip from our Trevi Fountain guide: Don’t forget to toss a coin over your shoulder into the water to guarantee a return trip to Rome!

If you simply can’t imagine heading home and are looking for new travel destinations, add the Rome extension and book our Castel Gandolfo & Wine Tasting excursion for an exciting day trip. Seeing this picturesque, lakeside village is the ideal way to cap off your trip before returning from one of our top tours of 2023.

Shop our London, Paris & Rome Solo Tour

plaza espana structure seville spain

17. Spain for Solo Travelers: Barcelona, Madrid & Seville

If Spain is on your list of new places to travel to in 2024, don’t miss out on our Spain for Solo Travelers: Barcelona, Madrid & Seville tour. You’ll get to know three of Spain’s most iconic cities along with your fellow solo travelers. 

New trip highlights:

  • Beginning in Barcelona with the cosmopolitan vibe and ocean breezes, you’ll see new places that represent the architecture and art for which Spain is famous.
  • Madrid is the second stop on one of our most exciting new tours for 2023 and beyond. Here, you’ll stroll along grand boulevards lined with white-stone buildings that house food markets and world-class museums filled with royal art collections.
  • End this trip of a lifetime in Seville, which ranked among our favorite underrated places to travel in 2023 and is worthy of a place in your travel plans for 2024 and beyond. Join your fellow solo travelers to dine on the amazing food that blends the cultural influences of generations, and dance the night away to the lively beat of a flamenco show. Check out our ultimate food and wine guide to Spain to get your mouth watering in advance.

With three incredible new travel destinations for solo travelers on one immersive itinerary, we know this trip will be one you will never forget. You can make this new trip even more incredible by adding the extension to Granada and Málaga, where you’ll travel from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the port city of Málaga on the Costa del Sol.

See our Spain Solo Tour

18. A Week in Ireland: Dublin to Belfast

From soaring cliffs to cozy pubs, there’s so much to discover when you join us on this weeklong tour of the Emerald Isle. Our A Week in Ireland: Dublin to Belfast tour will show you the unspoiled country, welcoming culture, and luminous cities all in one week. “This itinerary suited us perfectly,” said traveler Barbara after returning from the tour. “Ranging from stunning landscapes to bustling cities, historical church and castle ruins to vibrant cathedrals and an elegant castle hotel, our days and evenings were full.”

One tip? Many of our tours for 2023 are sold out, but now is a great time to start planning your 2024 tour—we think spring is one of the best times to visit Ireland.

New trip highlights:

  • Start your adventure in Dublin, the beating heart of Ireland, where you’ll see the iconic Guinness Brewery, historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the lively Temple Bar district. Duck into a cheerful pub for a pint and witness Ireland’s gift of gab firsthand.
  • Next, head west toward County Limerick, stopping along the way to explore Kilkenny, Ireland’s best-preserved medieval town, and tour the Rock of Cashel, an ancient fortress perched atop a limestone hill. If you really want to immerse yourself in stories of kings and fairy folk, add our Bunratty Castle Banquet Dinner excursion to feast like royalty or our Cliffs of Moher, Pub Lunch & the Burren excursion to explore windswept cliffs and wildflower fields.
  • Make your way to Belfast, Northern Ireland’s resilient and artistic capital. Learn about the city’s long history, then visit the Titanic Belfast Museum for an immersive look at the history and construction of the ill-fated vessel.
  • End your stay with a night in Cabra Castle, an 18th-century castle-turned-hotel. Spend some time exploring the mysterious Dún a Rí Forest Park and searching for the park’s wishing well and many carved sculptures.

Not quite ready for the week to end? Add our extension to Dublin and spend a few more days in the effervescent city. Pay a visit to the award-winning EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, then join us on our Traditional Irish Dinner & Show excursion for a night of hearty comfort food and traditional music and dance.

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19. Kenya Culture & Wildlife Safari: Samburu to Maasai Mara

Kenya is celebrated for its stunning national parks and iconic wildlife (and you’ll get a healthy dose of both when you join us on this tour in 2024), but there’s so much more to explore in this multifaceted country. Check out our dynamic Kenya Culture & Wildlife Safari: Samburu to Maasai Mara tour to see why it’s one of our favorite new trips. 

New trip highlights:

  • Kick off your tour in Nairobi, where you’ll explore the lively city and indigenous forest, as well as pay a visit to the family-run Kiambethu Tea Farm. You’ll learn about the history of tea in Kenya while enjoying a tasting of the aromatic beverage.  
  • Spend two days searching for the rare and unique wildlife of Samburu National Reserve. Some of the park’s species, such as the Grevy’s zebra, reticulated Giraffe, and beisa oryx, are rarely found in other parks. 
  • Join us on the optional Maasai Mara Hot Air Balloon Ride excursion to float above the reserve and watch the landscape unfold beneath you. It’s a spectacular way to observe herds of wildlife from a unique vantage point. 
  • Before you head home, stop at the Ubuntu Life Foundation’s craft workshop in Maai Mahiu. Learn about the foundation’s mission to empower the community and meet the Maker Mums, women from local communities who craft artisan goods to support themselves and their families. 

If you’re not ready to leave the sweeping savannahs and diverse wildlife of Kenya behind just yet, add our extension to Southern Kenya to visit Tsavo National Park and Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. Here you’ll spend another two days on Kenyan wildlife safaris and learn about how the sanctuary is combatting the poaching of rhinos and other local species. 

Look at our Kenya Culture & Wildlife Safari

20. Bali & Java: Culture & Landscapes of Indonesia

If you’ve ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in the harmonious culture and transformative landscapes of Indonesia, you’ll understand why our Bali & Java: Culture & Landscapes of Indonesia tour is one of our top new trips. Join us in 2024 and experience the best things to do in Bali and Java, all on one tour.

New trip highlights:

  • Begin your tour surrounded by the lush scenery of Bali. Stop for lunch in the verdant, rolling terraces of a rice farm, then head to the Ubud Monkey Forest to observe hundreds of long-tailed macaques in their natural habitat. 
  • Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with a personalized morning yoga class, a traditional Balinese cooking lesson, and a visit to the Holy Spring Temple, where you’ll participate in a water purification ceremony. The waters of the temple were said to be blessed by the gods and are thought to wash away negative energy. 
  • Next, head to Java, where you’ll explore intricately carved temples, see a traditional Javanese dagger being made, and watch the sunrise over Mount Semeru, Indonesia’s highest volcano. 
  • Conclude your tour of Bali and Java with a little rest and relaxation in Nusa Dua, one of Bali’s most luxurious resort areas. Spend some time lounging on the beach or join us on our Nusa Lembongan Catamaran Cruise & Lunch excursion for an afternoon of snorkeling and kayaking on the turquoise water. 

Want to see why the island of Komodo is sometimes called the “Galapagos of Southeast Asia?” Add our extension to Komodo and Bali to observe species found nowhere else in the world—including the island’s famous namesake “dragons.” 

Shop our Bali & Java tour

21. Grand Tour of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

This multi-country tour will take you on a journey through the best of Southeast Asia all on one trip. Join us on our Grand Tour of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand in 2024 or 2025, and surround yourself with the natural beauty and cultural richness of these three countries. Take in breathtaking scenery, rich history, and cultural lessons in traditional cooking and Tai Chi.

New trip highlights:

  • Start your tour in Vietnam, a culturally diverse country that combines Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Western influences. Tour the Temple of Literature dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, learn about the country’s war history, and embark on a cruise through Ha Long Bay. Sail through emerald waters past soaring rainforest-capped limestone cliffs and pay a visit to a pearl farm to learn how the lustrous gems are cultivated.
  • Next, head to Cambodia and watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the crown jewel of Cambodia. The sprawling temple complex is the world’s largest religious structure, spanning more than 400 acres, and means “City of Temples” in the Khmer language, the official language of Cambodia. Check out our guide to Angkor Wat to learn more about the awe-inspiring complex.
  • Head to Thailand to explore the dazzling Grand Palace complex and marvel at the 150-foot-long golden Reclining Buddha—two of our favorite things to do in Thailand. After nightfall, peruse the clothing, souvenirs, and street food at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.
  • Pay a visit to ChangChill Elephant Sanctuary, a hands-off sanctuary that’s one of our top destinations for responsible wildlife experiences. Here you’ll observe the elephants roaming free in their natural environment and assist the elephant caretakers, known as mahouts, in preparing food and medicine for the gentle creatures.

You’ll conclude your trip with a few days of relaxing and wildlife-spotting out on the jewel-toned water of Khao Sok National Park. If you’re not eager to journey home just yet, join us on our extension to Laos to discover another of Asia’s hidden gems. Here you’ll explore the town of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped in a well-preserved cultural heritage and traditional architecture.

See our Grand Tour of Southeast Asia

22. South Korea & Japan: Seoul to Tokyo

South Korea is one of our new travel destinations, with plenty of tours set to embark in 2024. Join us on our South Korea & Japan: Seoul to Tokyo tour and get to know the technicolor metropolises and serene landscapes of this compelling country before continuing on to Japan, South Korea’s harmonious and convivial neighbor to the east.

New trip highlights:

  • Fly into Seoul, South Korea’s lively capital city. Watch the Palace Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at the 14th-century Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul’s most beautiful palace, before heading to Gwangjang Market to shop for souvenirs and South Korea’s famous street food. Add the optional History of the Korean War: DMZ Visit excursion for an up-close view of the Korean Demilitarized Zone and a lesson on the area’s wartime history.
  • Spend some time getting to know Busan, South Korea’s modern, colorful port city. Stop at the soaring Busan Tower, a nearly 400-foot-tall structure offering panoramic views of the city’s harbor and surrounding mountains. It’s one of the must-see stops on our South Korea Travel Guide.
  • Hop aboard a bullet train to Kyoto to wander through tranquil bamboo groves, cross ancient wooden bridges, and explore the Kinkaku-ji temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Golden Pavilion.
  • Continue on to Tokyo, Japan’s neon-washed capital city, to explore vibrant shopping districts and ancient sacred temples before capping off your journey with an optional Aokigahara Forest & Mount Fuji excursion to take in views of the iconic, soaring peak.

Add our extension to Hokkaido and Tokyo to slurp bowls of ramen in Sapporo and sip sake in Otaru as you traverse Japan’s mountainous northernmost island. You’ll also get more time to explore Tokyo—and a chance to sing your heart out on our optional Tokyo Dinner & Karaoke excursion.

Explore our South Korea & Japan tour

23. Footsteps of Saint Paul in Greece: Thessaloniki to Athens

One of our most enlightening new trips, our Footsteps of Saint Paul in Greece: Thessaloniki to Athens tour, will take you on a journey retracing Paul the Apostle’s historic route through Greece. Enjoy the idyllic scenery and fresh, authentic food as you reflect on the history and spirituality of these locations. One thing to note is that 2023 tours are filling up quickly, but now is a great time to start planning your 2024 trip of a lifetime.

New trip highlights:

  • Start your journey in Thessaloniki, where Paul the Apostle lived and preached. View the city’s iconic White Tower and enter the Vlatadon Monastery where Paul preached the divine word.
  • Visit two of the Meteora monasteries for an opportunity to learn about the local nuns’ work, traditions, and faith. “There were so many favorite places and moments on this trip,” said traveler Kelly, “but one that I wasn’t expecting was visiting the monasteries in the Meteora Region. What an incredible experience to visit these two monasteries perched on top of rock formations that look and feel otherworldly.”
  • Visit the Archaeological Site of Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. The center of the world in Greek mythology, the site is now a wealth of well-preserved ruins and ancient treasures.
  • Conclude your tour in Athens, where you’ll visit Areopagus Hill, the site of one of Paul the Apostle’s most famous sermons. On the way, you’ll stop at the Agora for a chance to see where Paul’s trial by Gallio took place.

If you’d like to continue on to even more historic and scenic destinations, add our extension to the Greek Islands to hop aboard a cruise ship and explore the Aegean Sea. You’ll stop in charming port towns, ancient cities, and mythological landmarks.

Check out our faith-based tour of Greece

24. America’s National Parks by Train: Rocky Mountains, Arches & Zion

There’s no better way to romanticize your travel than to hop aboard a luxury, glass-domed train. That’s why we think our America’s National Parks by Train: Rocky Mountains, Arches & Zion tour is one of the top scenic train ride tours to book now for the best views. “The beauty of Bryce, Arches, Zion, and Rocky Mountain National Parks is beyond description,” said traveler Deborah after returning from the trip. “The Rocky Mountaineer is a very special way to travel, and it was nice to be spoiled by the excellent service.” 

New trip highlights:

  • Before you board your train, you’ll spend a few days exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. Drive along the soaring Trail Ridge Road, which offers a 12,000-foot-high vantage for sweeping panoramic views of the park below. 
  • Board the Rocky Mountaineer train and admire vast canyons, rugged mesas, and towering plateaus as you make your way to Arches National Park, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. The park gets its name from the hundreds of soaring natural stone arches that lace the landscape. 
  • Make your way to Zion National Park for an up-close view of the area’s sunset-colored rock formations before ending your journey with a night in flashy Las Vegas. 

To experience more of America’s breathtaking national parks, join us on our extension to Grand Canyon National Park for a tour of America’s most famous natural landmark.

View our National Parks train tour

There are so many new travel destinations on the horizon, with every new trip sure to provide some vacation inspiration. Plus, we’re always dreaming up new itineraries and providing new places to travel to each year, so keep an eye on this page—we’ll update it regularly with all of our brand-new tours.

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