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Travel buzz

Looking for the perfect summer trip? Here are the best places to travel in June

Jan 26, 2024 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

When June rolls around, it can only mean one thing for travel enthusiasts: It’s time to pack your bags for a summer trip! For families, the kids are just out of school. Plus, it’s not quite peak travel season yet, so you can enjoy all the best places to travel in June with fewer crowds. In many parts of the world, June also brings favorable weather, making it one of the best months to go anywhere you want—from Sicily to Costa Rica to Kenya. Ready to start planning a June trip? Check out some of our favorite places for an unforgettable summer adventure.

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1. Great Britain & Ireland

If you’re wondering where to travel in June 2024, take a look at our Great Britain and Ireland tours. These itineraries offer incredible places to go in June that combine history, architecture, and culture—plus, there’s the added convenience of English being the native language.

Want one immersive trip that will take you across the British Islands and Ireland? Our Highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland tour is the one for you. You’ll get to see iconic attractions like Westminster Abbey in London, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. We’ll also layer on more off-the-beaten-path destinations such as the picturesque Killarney National Park and Liverpool, where you’ll have a free day to discover the city’s art scene and music heritage.

If you’d rather focus on Scotland and Ireland for your travels in June, book our Landscapes of Scotland & Ireland tour. The number of jaw-droppingly beautiful sights will leave you speechless: Inveraray Castle, Giant’s Causeway, and Connemara National Park are just some of the attractions you can cross off your bucket list. There are so many things to do in Scotland for an unforgettable trip, and there are also countless reasons not to miss summer in Ireland. It’s a win-win.

Explore our Great Britain & Ireland tours

2. Italy & Greece

Can’t figure out where to travel in June? Stick with the classics. You can’t go wrong with our Italy tours and Greece tours. Even if you’ve been before, there are always new places to discover and new adventures to have in these iconic European destinations. What’s better than enjoying top Mediterranean islands during a summer trip?

Many travelers’ lists of best places to go in June are often full of regions in both Italy and Greece. The best way to check off a bunch of them at once is on our popular Grand Tour of Italy & Greece. You’ll get to see the romantic canals of Venice, the artistic heritage of the Renaissance in Florence, the age-old history of Athens, and much more. You can even extend your trip to walk along the volcanic hills of Santorini.

A Grand Tour is a great choice for June travel. Enjoy a thorough exploration of a region while you leave the logistics to us. For Greece lovers, our Grand Tour of Greece: Athens, Corfu & Santorini is a must-book for June, which is really the best month to head to Greece. (It’s well before the weight of peak summer travel sets in, after all.) Your Tour Director will take you through the trendy city of Thessaloniki, lush hiking trails and atmospheric monasteries of Meteora, Corfu’s multi-layered Old Town, and beyond.

Visit Italy & Greece

3. Kenya

A Safari & Wildlife Tour is sure to be one of the best trips you ever take. Wondering which African safari is right for you? If you have your heart set on seeing abundant animal life, meeting the Maasai tribe, and zipping across the savanna on game drives, one of the best places to travel in June (or any time, really) is Kenya.

Our Kenya Wildlife Safari: Mount Kenya, Maasai Mara & Amboseli tour will not disappoint. In addition to the Masai Mara, where you’ll spend two nights seeking out the Big Five, this itinerary also takes you to Mount Kenya, the Great Valley Rift, and Amboseli National Park, which are teeming with different animals. For example, the Great Valley Rift, which is right on the equator, is a haven for both black rhinos and rare Rothschild giraffes.

If you’re traveling solo, we have our Kenya Wildlife Safari for Solo Travelers tour. There are so many reasons why a wildlife tour in Kenya is made for solo travelers—special moments on a game drive have a way of bringing people together! And remember: With us, you may be traveling solo, but you’re never traveling alone.

Travel to Kenya with us

4. The U.S. National Parks

Whether you’re eager to see wide-open spaces, spectacular wildlife, stunning natural landscapes, or clear skies for stargazing, a National Park Tour is a top pick for travel in June. The best part? You don’t have to go far! The U.S. is one of the best places in the world to see pristine national parks—each one is a photographer’s dream.

If seeing staggering scenery is on your bucket list, our U.S. National Parks: The Grand Canyon to Yellowstone tour will deliver. From the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley to Mesa Verde National Park, this unbelievable itinerary packs so much natural splendor into one tour. Every day takes you to another iconic park as well as charming towns and cities like Santa Fe and Jackson. If you want to layer on even more adventure to the tour, spring for can’t-miss excursions in the U.S. National Parks. Think: taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or floating down the Snake River in view of the Grand Tetons.

Discover the U.S. National Parks

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5. Scandinavia

Scandinavia is one of the best places to travel in June, especially if you love longer summer days and lush scenery. Our Scandinavia: The Capitals & the Fjords tour is a fantastic way to get acquainted with the region’s intriguing combination of cool capitals and wild natural landscapes. It’s a great trip, whether you’re interested in exploring the hidden gems of stylish Stockholm or the secrets of Norway’s fjord region. Plus, you’ll still get to visit the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, marvel at the colorful buildings of Helsinki, and take a scenic journey on the Flåm Railway. It’s an immersive Scandinavia tour that appeals to first-timers, nature lovers, and city slickers.

You can also focus your Scandinavia trip to just one gorgeous country. What do you think of Iceland? See the best of this beautiful destination on our Landscapes of Wild Iceland tour, where icy lagoons, thundering waterfalls, and volcanoes await. No matter what, Northern Europe is full of unique experiences and is one of the best places to go in June.

Check out Scandinavia

6. Costa Rica

If a cooler Northern European summer isn’t what you’re dreaming of for travel in June, then maybe the lush rainforests, jungles, and humidity of Costa Rica will suit you better. It’s one of our top tropical destinations not only because of its verdant beauty, but also because of the diversity you can experience on tour.

Our Costa Rica: Rainforests, Volcanoes & Wildlife tour is the perfect example. It’s an iconic Costa Rica trip that allows this special destination to show off. You’ll see Monteverde’s cloud forests, Arenal’s volcanoes and hot springs, and Tortuguero National Park, one of Central America’s largest remaining tropical rainforests. Keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife you can’t see anywhere else, from colorful toucans to the hard-to-spot two-toed sloth.

Explore Costa Rica on tour

7. Australia

Traveling to the Southern Hemisphere in June means you’ll be there during their winter season. While you can’t expect a scorching summer climate, exploring Australia during the off season makes for countless unforgettable moments, including the opportunity to go whale watching. Include favorable prices, and you get why we’ve picked the Land Down Under as one of the best places to go in June.

Our Highlights of Australia & New Zealand tour offers a whirlwind adventure that combines gorgeous natural wonders with exciting, bustling cities—sometimes all in the same day. Take a day in Melbourne, for example: Your morning will be all about discovering the city’s museums, markets, and architecture, and your afternoon can include an excursion to Phillip Island’s Summerland Beach to watch tiny penguins waddling around the shore. Later on in the trip, discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the glamor of Sydney before you head across the water for the majestic landscapes of New Zealand. If you feel like it can’t be a true summer vacation without warm weather, then extend this Australia tour with a few more nights in Fiji, where you can fill your days with the warm sand and crystal-clear water of the South Pacific.

Travel to Australia with us

8. South Korea & Japan

If you’re wondering where to travel in June 2024 that will truly transport you to new and exciting destinations, put an immersive trip to Japan or a thrilling South Korea tour on your summer calendar. If both of these inspiring Asian destinations are on your bucket list, you’re in luck: our South Korea & Japan: Seoul to Tokyo tour shows you the best of these two electrifying countries.

Whether you’re exploring the rich urban sprawl of Tokyo or learning about the mix of past and present in South Korea, there’s so much to see, do, and taste in this part of the world. In Seoul, you’ll watch a reenactment of a time-honored tradition from the Joseon dynasty: the Palace Royal Guard Changing Ceremony. Then, in the evening, add a kimchi-making class—a culinary skill you can take home. It’s one of the top activities featured in our South Korea Travel Guide. You’ll also visit Busan to tour the Daereungwon Tomb Complex, home to thousands of lavish artifacts from the Golden Kingdom, which ruled Korea from 57 B.C.–935 A.D.

Expect to fill your days in Japan with visits to UNESCO-listed temples and mysterious bamboo forests. You’ll also enjoy plenty of free time, which you can spend shopping for the best clothes, skincare, and food that you won’t easily find back at home. Japan more than earns its spot on our list of the best places to go in the summer of 2024.

Experience South Korea & Japan on tour

9. Germany, Switzerland & Austria

The age-old question of where to travel in June can be easily answered by taking one of our epic Europe tours. You know the ones! The grand, multi-country itineraries that showcase the immensely diverse cultures of the continent.

If glistening Alpine lakes and fairy-tale castles surrounded by lush forests are your thing, spring for our Germany, Switzerland & Austria tour. This trip includes three of the best places to travel in June and focuses a bit more on the picturesque landscapes of Central Europe. You’ll also get to enjoy grand, historic cities. In Vienna, marvel at Art Nouveau architecture, sample Viennese pastries like the chocolate-y Sacher Torte in your free time, and take a day cruise on the Danube. In Munich, shop for the finest fashions in the Schwabing district and then view the Residenz, once home to the dukes of Bavaria.

Visit Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Have we convinced you of where to travel in June yet? Browse our June tours and book your perfect summer trip today!

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