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Global cuisine

5 Ice-cold treats to find on your summer travels

Jul 09, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Summer’s here and the heat is on—strong. Stay cool while you’re traveling on our guided tours by indulging in one of these popular frozen treats.

Skyr is Icelandic yogurt that can be made into an ice cream

Skyr ice cream

An Icelandic yogurt, Skyr has a cream-like consistency that has little fat and tons of protein. Icelanders eat it all the time, and you can often find it transformed into a smooth mousse or delicious ice cream for dessert.

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In 1686, a Sicilian fisherman created the first modern ice cream machine. Then, the 1920s invention of the gelato cart fueled the treat’s popularity in northern Italy. Today, you can’t turn a corner in an Italian city without stumbling into a gelateria stocked with handmade flavors in every color of the rainbow.

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Australian pavlova is made with meringue and berries


Light and fluffy meringues are the star of this pie-like dish, which was named after the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

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Mochi is Japanese ice cream

Mochi ice cream

Mochi (a paste of sticky rice) has a slightly chewy, powdery texture. Wrapped around creamy ice cream in flavors like green tea or strawberry, it makes a unique sweet that’s now internationally popular.

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Patbingsu dessert from South Korea


Nothing says summer like this shaved ice specialty from South Korea. Traditionally made with red bean paste, you can find it everywhere from fast-food joints to high-end restaurants, generally topped with condensed milk and fresh fruit.

Granita originated in Sicily, Italy


This semi-frozen dessert was first created on the island of Sicily but can be found all throughout Italy. With a consistency somewhere between a sorbet and an Italian ice, it’s often more crystallized in texture (similar to a shaved ice) in parts of Sicily.

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