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Story from a Club Go Globetrotter

Dec 19, 2018 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Jan’s journey with Go Ahead Tours is a very “EF” tale—one that began with a question and led to over 25 years of traveling the world. Read on to learn more about Jan’s travel experiences with Go Ahead Tours.

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In the 1990s, Jan’s husband worked with EF Educational Tours to take his students on a trip across Europe. The experience made such an impact, that when he came home they both had the same thought: I wonder if EF runs tours for adults, too?

“They did—and it was around the time that you first began calling yourselves Go Ahead Tours!” Jan said. Their first trip with Go Ahead was a tour of Russia—which, back in 1994, had begun to become more accessible to the world. Jan and her husband traveled by train from Moscow to St. Petersburg and along the way, bonded with their Russian Tour Director. “He took us out almost every night for vodka and caviar,” Jan said. “We stayed in touch for a while after that trip.”

They’ve been on 16 trips since, with a 17th planned soon: Antarctica. “I trust Go Ahead to help us explore the ‘unexpected’ places,” Jan said—and, she’s seen the global EF network in action. At the end of her tour in Peru, the group was stuck near Machu Picchu after dense fog led to airport closures around the region. “You found us all accommodations—and later, worked to charter a flight for all of us!” Jan said. “You really went above and beyond.”

But, it’s not just the last-minute saves that stand out. “So many of our Tour Directors have made our trips memorable,” Jan said. Whether it’s recommending a restaurant to visit during free time or sharing their family history with the group, their expert guidance has made all the difference. “A great Tour Director will do everything they can to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip.”

Along with their memorable Tour Directors over the years, Jan and her husband have also made connections with travelers they met on tour. “We stay in touch with a couple who shared our safari vehicle in Kenya,” Jan said. “But with anyone, you just share a bond. We love to travel!”

Jan’s passion has inspired others to make their travel dreams happen, too. She’s helped friends make the leap and join a tour—and hopes they continue exploring the world. “I always said, ever since I was 25, I don’t want to wait to retire to travel, “ Jan said. “So that’s what I tell them: Don’t wait.”

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