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Jimmy on Costa Rica: Rainforest, Volcanoes & Wildlife

May 21, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team


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Costa Rica is a real-life paradise, with tropical forests and sun-kissed beaches. Follow Jimmy through these stunning surroundings as he zips through the treetops, explores volcanic landscapes, snorkels through crystal-clear waters and relaxes by the beaches of Costa Rica.

Jimmy’s favorite landscape on tour

Ziplining tour in Costa Rica

“The most striking landscape we encountered cannot be separated from its very specific point of view: it was the setting of our ziplining excursion by the Arenal Volcano. We flew from tree to tree above the rainforest canopy. At some points, the distance between two trees is very long (hundreds and hundreds of yards) and the forested valley opens up before your eyes as you zip along the line with the wind in your face. What a memory!”

Coolest place to spot wildlife

Rafting around Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica “We took a gentle rafting ride along the Corobicí River, which was laid-back and beautiful. The area is home to lizards, birds, monkeys and otters. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the “Jesus” lizard—the one that “walks” on water—actually performing his act! The lizard is able to run so fast that it doesn’t sink in the water and instead travels on the surface for quite a distance. It was really cool, but happened so fast I wasn’t able to get a sharp shot!”

Insider Tip: Best place to meet locals

Guanacaste National Park, Costa Rica

“I loved the area by the beach resort at the end of our tour in the Guanacaste region. We stayed in a town named Santa Cruz. The beach was beautiful and was the perfect setting to watch a sunset. The area is also a popular spot for locals to hang out. Families, couples and friends were there relaxing, fishing from the shore and swimming. It was really a wonderful setting.”

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