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BlogTravel tipsWhen is the best time to visit Ireland? Here’s your season-by-season guide
cliffs of moher surrounded by purple flowers on a sunny day in ireland
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When is the best time to visit Ireland? Here’s your season-by-season guide

Feb 17, 2024 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

If you’re wondering, “When is the best time to visit Ireland?” we’re happy to report that it’s any time! From Celtic festivals in February to the Guinness Jazz Festival in October, the spirit of Ireland shines year-round. If you’re thinking of taking a tour of Ireland, read on for our season-by-season guide—and get ready to experience the best of the Emerald Isle no matter when you visit.

The best weather in Ireland by month

The green fields, blue skies, and baby lambs of spring and summer always make the Emerald Isle a treat. But, Ireland in winter is also as atmospheric as it gets. If the idea of a chilly trip gives you pause, all we can say is don’t knock the weather in Ireland in December or the weather in Ireland in February. Winter is the best time of year to visit Ireland if you’re looking for fewer crowds and warmer pubs. No matter which time of year you visit, the Irish weather is all part of the experience.

Winter in Ireland

Go for bustling pubs, handmade Celtic crosses, and Christmas markets

Months to experience Ireland in winter

December, January, and February

Winter weather in Ireland is mild compared to other parts of the world. It rarely snows, and the weather in Ireland in February can reach up to 60°F. You’ll still need to pack that coat, but hearty Irish stews taste even better with a chill in the air. The brisk temps will also invite you indoors, so winter is the ideal opportunity to pop into the nearest pub, where locals gather to enjoy good craic and live music. Local traditions and fewer crowds make winter one of the best times to go to Ireland on our A Week in Ireland: Dublin, Cork & Galway tour.

What to do in Ireland during the winter

There are so many things to do in Ireland in December, January, and February. Experience Irish culture during TradFest every January in Dublin, where traditional Irish folk music takes center stage—listening to live music is one of the best things to experience in Ireland with a group, after all. Or, welcome spring on February 1 during the ancient Celtic holiday of Imbolc, now known as Saint Brigid’s Day, when gifting handmade crosses made of straw is considered good luck. If you love all things Christmas, December is the best time of year to visit Ireland—the lead-up to the holidays means the streets will be sparkling and locals will be stocking up on everything from sweets to Christmas roasts. Kick-start your holiday shopping by visiting local Christmas markets like the famous Galway Christmas Market.

Weather in Ireland in December, January, and February

Daily high temperatures are around 47°F and rarely fall below 40°F.

Spend winter with us in Ireland

Spring in Ireland

Go for St. Paddy’s festivities, lamb-dotted fields, and lush landscapes

Months to experience Ireland in spring

March, April, and May

Many consider spring to be the best time to go to Ireland. When it comes to the weather in Ireland in March, you can expect drizzles of rain and longer days—and lambs galore in the sprawling green fields. Spring flowers will be blooming and Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations will be in full swing, which makes this a great time for traveling in Ireland. The weather in Ireland in April and May is full of the same springtime magic—and even more flowers. Check out our Ireland Travel Guide for all the spring moments to put on your Emerald Isle bucket list.

What to do in Ireland during the spring

There’s a lot of local excitement that makes spring the best time to visit Ireland. Make your way to cities like Dublin or Galway on March 17 for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations worth writing home about. This is the holiday to hang with locals and experience marching bands, carnivals, and camaraderie throughout the country. Rather admire the natural scenery? Don’t miss the opportunity to look for wildlife like flacons and dolphins as you travel along the Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s stunning western coast. You can also visit ancient castles in the lush landscapes of County Kerry on our Grand Tour of Ireland.

Weather in Ireland in March, April, and May

Average temperatures are usually between 46°F and 59°F.

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Summer in Ireland

Go for more blue skies, coastal scenery, and outdoor festivals

Months to experience summer in Ireland

June, July, and August

Summer is one of the best times of year to visit Ireland. With fields at their greenest and skies at their bluest, there’s always lovely scenery to see. Plus, summer in Ireland isn’t scorching hot—weather in Ireland in August and throughout the warmer months rarely breaks 70°F. But, this is still the Emerald Isle, after all, and the lush landscapes don’t stay green without getting watered. Weather in Ireland in June consists of a mix of sunshine, clouds, and quick rain showers that keep the summer scenery in top form.

What to do in Ireland in the summer

There are countless reasons why you can’t miss summer in Ireland, and countless things to do on all those warm-weather days. Soak up the country’s stunning natural beauty on the western coast while admiring the Cliffs of Moher. Or, get inspired by a wide array of artists at the Galway Arts Festival in July—all the outdoor gatherings make summer one of the best time to visit Ireland. Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a scene straight out of The Hobbit? Listen to storytelling and watch fireworks at Puck Fair in County Kerry, where a wild mountain goat is crowned king of the town of Killorglin every year. No matter where you go, get ready to chat—the agreeable Ireland weather brings the locals out in droves, so summer is a great time to mingle.

Summer weather in Ireland

Weather in Ireland in the summer ranges between 64°F and 68°F.

Enjoy summer in Ireland

Fall in Ireland

Go for fewer crowds, the Guinness Jazz Fest, and spooky Halloween happenings

Months to experience fall in Ireland:

September, October, and November

Fall is one of the best times to visit Ireland. Weather in Ireland in October and the rest of autumn brings mild days that settle right around 50°F. Plus, the summer visitors will be home, the hills will still be green, and Ireland’s top attractions will still be open. So, whether you want to visit hidden-gem towns in Ireland or find out why it’s so easy to fall in love with the Wild Atlantic Way, an autumn trip is just the ticket.

What to do in Ireland in the fall:

Did you know that you can taste some of the best oysters in the world along the western Irish coast? Try them at the Galway International Oyster Festival in September. Or, if music is on your mind, the Guinness Jazz Festival in Cork offers up smooth tunes and good times every October—right along with some of the most comfortable temperatures in Ireland. Better yet? Halloween got its start on the Emerald Isle, so an October trip is your chance to visit the spookiest places in Ireland. Take a tour of the Hellfire Club, a high-society club with an intriguing past, on our Haunted Halloween Tour: Dublin, Edinburgh & London. November also makes the list of best times to travel to Ireland—this month is your chance to enjoy St. Patrick’s Cathedral and iconic Irish castles with fewer crowds.

Weather in Ireland in the fall:

Weather in Ireland in fall ranges between 50°F and 57°F.

Experience fall in Ireland

Any time of year is the best time to visit Ireland! It’s all about what you hope to see. Find your Ireland trip today and get ready to explore the Emerald Isle.

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