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Travel tips

5 Easy tips for taking better videos

Feb 26, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Modern smartphones make it easy for travelers to have a high-quality video camera in his or her pocket. Here are our top tips for making the most of your on-the-go videos while traveling the world.

5 tips for taking better videos

1. Go horizontal

This is our most important tip for taking great videos! While most smartphone use happens with the phone held vertically, most video screens are horizontally oriented. Avoid black bars on the edges of the frame by remembering to tip your phone to the side.

2. Find the right light

Lighting is perhaps the most important factor in capturing high-quality video. The flash on your phone will work in a pinch, but natural light is always best. If you’re filming a person, have them stand facing a window. Before you being shooting, tap the screen to focus on your well-lit subject to adjust the exposure and color balance.

3. Hold steady

Using a tripod is your best bet for eliminating shaky footage, but a two-handed grip and a solid place to rest your elbows can work wonders as well. If you’re thinking about a tripod, there are plenty of travel-sized ones out there that will do the trick without requiring a lot of money or space in your suitcase.

4. Frame carefully

Think creatively when it comes to framing your subject. Shooting some scenes from a low angle might add drama—but it’s generally more flattering to film people from slightly above their eye level.

5. Don’t bother with zoom

Most smartphones will just enlarge the picture, which will make your video pixelated. To get a closer shot, the best method is to just move closer to your subject.

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