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Photos from London, Paris & Amsterdam trip

Aug 26, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

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London, Paris & Amsterdam are a few of Europe’s most beloved cultural capitals, each home to world-famous landmarks and unique local lifestyles. Follow along as Jimmy discovers what makes these truly iconic cities special to him, both as a traveler and a photographer.

Jimmy’s favorite London landmark

red double decker bus driving past big ben in london england

“While it might sound cliché, my favorite landmarks in London are Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. While I love the striking Gothic-style architecture, what I enjoy most about these legendary landmarks is the fact that they change throughout the day. They look completely different with the morning light than at sunset and at night. The structures’ twinkling lights against the backdrop of fading sky give them a very grandiose look. Also, the location on the bank of the Thames locks down the final thing you need for a perfect setting—a photo stop. What else can you ask for?“

Picture-perfect scene: Eiffel Tower picnic

crowds of people sitting in front of the eiffel tower in paris on a sunny day

“We had great weather in Paris and amazing light too! This shot catches a moment I saw while walking through the Champ de Mars and just knew I wanted to capture. It was a beautiful summer day—warm and sunny—and the feeling in the air was ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ You could see that people were enjoying themselves. And beyond this casual, light-hearted scene, you have so much amazing history surrounding you.”

Canal cruise in Amsterdam

people cheering with champagne glasses

“The optional canal cruise and dinner in Amsterdam was one of my best memories on tour yet. Everyone in the group really enjoyed themselves and we even convinced the captain that it was one of the traveler’s birthdays—for a little added excitement! The dinner was delicious and meticulously presented from the starter to dessert. I loved seeing all the beautiful waterfront houses. Amsterdam is a city you usually discover by walking (or by riding a bike), so it was really neat to get this new vantage point and see the sites while sitting down and relaxing aboard the boat.”

Sightseeing after dark

collage of big ben river in paris and people walking in amsterdam at night

“All three of these cities are magical at night. The lights, landmarks and busy streets take on a new life when they’re all lit up. I’d definitely recommend taking some time after dark to go out and simply wander around.”

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