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colorful building going up a hill along the amalfi coast in italy
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Jimmy on the Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

Aug 04, 2014 by  Katie Schwartz

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The Amalfi Coast Walking Tour was Jimmy’s first time on a Walking Tour—and the fragrant lemon groves and dramatic coastal scenery of southern Italy provided the ideal backdrop for exploring on foot. Follow along as he winds through small village roads, along cliffside paths and to local farms to capture the experience.

What’s special about a Walking Tour

group of travelers walking down wooden trail in the amalfi coast in italy

“You are not going hiking, but a Walking Tour is definitely more active. One major difference is that it takes you closer to the local life and really shows you how and where the local people live in a very special way. For this Amalfi Coast tour, we spent a lot of time walking through local villages. As a European myself, I really enjoyed this type of trip—it offers an authentic and genuine glimpse into daily life.“

Favorite meal on tour: The farmhouse dinner

group of travelers enjoying dinner at italian farmhouse

“The farmhouse dinner optional excursion was by far my favorite food on tour! The setting was truly beautiful and all the homemade food (and there was lots of it!) was delicious.”

Biggest surprise: The mozzarella farm

cows inside barn at mozzerella farm in italy

“We took the optional excursion to the Paestum Ruins (which were really amazing) and a buffalo mozzarella farm. At the farm, there is massage machinery for the buffalos and they willingly go get massages throughout the day. I couldn’t believe it! The fact that it exists is funny enough, but the fact that they go on their own because they want to get their massage—that’s unreal! It was the funniest thing I’ve seen on tour yet. After walking around the farm, we sat down for a light lunch and I absolutely loved the farm-fresh cheeses, especially the buffalo mozzarella and the buffalo ricotta.”

Want to learn more about the Amalfi Coast Walking Tour? See the full tour itinerary here!

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About the author | Katie Schwartz
Katie is a yogi, writer, and travel lover from Massachusetts. Writing everything from catalogs to email campaigns for Go Ahead Tours, she aims to spread wanderlust wherever possible.

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