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Travel photography tips from Jimmy

Aug 11, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Jimmy in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Jimmy in action in the Galápagos Islands (Click on the image to see more photos from that tour)

Jimmy, our photographer on tour, set out on a year-long journey to capture the Go Ahead Tours experience, one tour at a time. To help you become a pro with your own travel photography, we caught up with him for a few picture-taking tips.


Level your horizon

“This simple rule makes such a difference for creating polished-looking photos. When you’re setting up a shot, just make sure the horizon line is parallel with the top and bottom crop of your lens.”


Avoid obstacles

“To let the subject of your photo really get the attention it deserves, look for other objects in the foreground and shift your angle until they’re gone.”


Get close to glass

“If you’re trying to shoot through glass—whether it’s through a window or a case around a piece of art—you want to get as close to the glass as you can. Position yourself to a cast a shadow in front of you so that it blocks any reflection that could appear in the glass.”


Capture the feeling

“Photos are so special because they let you relive a moment. So when you’re setting up a photo, try to put your finger on what you like about the scene and then focus in on a detail that’s evocative of that feeling.”

galapagos islands ecuador

Now, take your newfound photography skills on tour!

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