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Meet our new Ambassadors!

Dec 03, 2019 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Meet the 12 lucky travelers who are sharing their adventures and helping open the world with us as part of our brand-new Ambassador program!


What's your favorite destination you've visited with Go Ahead Tours?

My favorite so far has been seeing Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It was like stepping into a fairy tale.


How many tours have you taken with us?

Three! I've been to Italy, Ireland, and Spain with Go Ahead Tours. I'm signed up for my fourth tour and fifth tours in 2020! My little sister and I will spend a week in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Do you have an unusual hobby or skill?

I taught philosophy. Some people think that's unusual enough. It seems even more unusual when I add that I spent 30 years on active duty in the Air Force as an intelligence officer, a judge advocate, and a philosophy professor, before retiring and teaching philosophy.


What’s your favorite destination you've visited with Go Ahead Tours?

I got a taste of Sicily on one of my previous tours when I got to stay in Taormina and it was one of the most lovely cities I've stayed in.


What’s a fun fact about you?

I recently left a job teaching English Language Arts and American history for a career teaching biology. I have a love for learning and traveling enhances the instruction I provide my students.


What are you most excited about becoming an Ambassador for Go Ahead Tours?

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences of being on tour with both travel veterans and those new to international travel. I am a great believer in travel that broadens the mind and brings people together.


What destination is next on your bucket list?

Next on my bucket list is also hard to say because it really changes all of the time. Technically, our next trip will be determined by my husband because we take turns choosing the location each year. But for my next choice, I'm really heavily considering the Jewels of Alpine Europe tour or the Lake Como, the Italian Riviera, & Venice tour. But then again, I also think about exploring Portugal... see what I mean? So tough!


What’s something you can’t travel without?

When I travel I like to take my phone for posting on social media. I love that phones now can take excellent photos without having to edit and I can share my experiences directly in real time.

What’s a fun fact about you?

We are so close to seeing all of the 7 modern Wonders of the World! We are scheduled on the Highlights of China tour because the Great Wall of China is the one we have yet to see!


What’s something you can’t travel without?

This may seem silly but I always pack a steno pad. The steno pad is to keep a record each day of what I saw, ate, spent, etc. This helps me when I get home to align places with pictures I have taken, help me find a recipe for a new dish I had at a meal, and what I spent on that invaluable item I picked up.


What’s a fun fact about you?

Approximately ten or eleven years ago I auditioned for America’s Got Talent when they held auditions in Nashville—on a dare from my boss!

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