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Why all solo travelers should take a guided trip to Egypt

Jun 30, 2021 by Jamie Gallerani

We’re gonna let you in on a fun fact: Solo travel and our Egypt tours go hand in hand! It’s true… there’s just something special about taking a bucket list trip alongside our experts in such a mesmerizing place, especially when you’re doing it for you.

Solo traveler Katie discovered this firsthand while traveling to Egypt alone on our Egypt & the Nile tour. She saw ancient history come to life alongside a trained Egyptologist, traveled across the country with ease, and returned home with brand-new friends. If you dream of seeing the world solo, too, then read on to find out why you should visit Egypt on a guided tour with our experts.

Img Solo traveler Katie standing in awe of the icons

You’ll have an actual Egyptologist by your side

What is an Egyptologist, you ask? Well, to put it simply, they’re an expert on all things Egypt, who can wax poetic about Egyptian history as far back as 7,000 BC. “Having a Tour Director who was also an expert Egyptologist is more than someone could ask for,” said solo traveler Katie. “You knew you were receiving the best information, and it was great to be able to ask him so many questions and be able to pick his brain.”

So, whether you’re wondering how much to tip in certain situations, which local foods you’ve gotta try, or how those pyramids were built (amazing, right?), you can be sure that no question will go unanswered as you travel solo in Egypt.


Our experts will help you navigate the country securely and easily

Reading signs in a different language, finding public transportation, and generally getting from point A to point B in any new destination can be tricky—especially in a sprawling country like Egypt, which is almost all desert. That’s why our global experts take the guess work out of it completely, which is one of the advantages of group travel.

So, are you traveling solo in Egypt and wondering how to hire a boat to float down the Nile River? Or where to buy museum tickets? Or how to securely and efficiently get from Cairo in the north, to Aswan in the south? Don’t spend another second thinking about it—when you visit Egypt on our guided tours, we take care of all that nitty-gritty stuff for you. Your Tour Director and local guides (who live in Egypt and speak the language) will take you from off-the-beaten-path haunts to the country’s most famous icons, and will be sure you see the very best of each spot. For solo travelers, that’s just one of the advantages of traveling in a group to bucket list destinations like Egypt.

Img Solo traveler Katie (left) with her fellow-travelers-turned-friends

You’ll have more opportunities to make new friends

One of the best things about solo travel is meeting new people and bonding over your shared interest in travel. You’re sure to make new friends no matter which trip you take with us, but our Egypt tours provide opportunities galore. Our tours of Egypt have ample included meals with fellow group members, and have more guided group time during the day. Plus, in your free time, you won’t be left to wander alone in unfamiliar places, since we offer guided excursion options to Alexandria, Nubian villages, and beyond. That means you’ll have more built-in time with the people you’re traveling with on our Egypt tours—and that’s how new friendships are born!

Img Solo traveler Katie stepping into history at Karnak Temple

It’s the best place to seek out your own personal wow moments

Traveling solo is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself, “What do I want to get out of this experience?” While it’s always amazing to see the world with friends and family, there’s beauty to be found in those stop-you-in-your-tracks moments that are just for you—and our tours of Egypt are full of ‘em.

“When I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with Egypt,” said solo traveler Katie. “Pictures and movies are not the same as when you are standing in front of the Great Pyramid. Everything is huge and the craftsmanship it took to build these wonderful temples and pyramids throughout Egypt is an art itself.”

It wasn’t only the pyramids that wowed Katie. “Abu Simbel is the temple for Ramses II,” she said. “The statues of him are about 69 feet tall, and inside the temple are hieroglyphs and stories of his life. The Valley of the Kings was so special. Inside the tombs, the hieroglyphs are bright and colorful. It would have been amazing to see them in full thousands of years ago.”


You’ll be able to share “Did you see that?!” moments with others

Have you ever experienced something so special that you immediately wanted to tell someone about it? Well, that’s exactly how you’ll feel everywhere you turn in Egypt. What can we say? The place is absolutely amazing! With so much to do and see on tour in Egypt, you’ll be glad to be with fellow travelers who can share in all the awe.

Solo traveler Katie knows that feeling all too well. “One thing I had never imagined myself seeing was King Tut in his tomb,” she said. “It was incredible and we were lucky the guards let us take photos of him that day. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. Egypt is definitely one of my favorite places hands down just because of the rich history itself.”

Img Solo traveler Katie (left) having a laugh with her tour group

You can focus one hundred percent on enjoying your journey

There’s a lot to be said about stepping away from your day-to-day life and experiencing the culture, colors, sounds, cuisine, and languages of a new place. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you travel solo on our Egypt tours. Here’s the best part: We take care of all the details of your Egypt trip so that you can simply soak it all in. That means you can fully immerse yourself in every moment without having to think about transportation, or entrance tickets, or meals. That makes for one introspective, moving solo journey.

“Traveling and seeing the world has changed me because I have an open mind,” said solo traveler Katie. “I know some people think I am crazy for going to certain countries just because they have seen negative things from the media about that country or the countries that surround it. I do not let their opinions stop me because I know the world is a beautiful place. There is some kind of beauty in every country out there. I feel like I continue to grow and learn the more I travel, not just about the countries, but about myself as well.”

Img Solo traveler Katie exploring Petra on the Jordan extension

We make it easy to go beyond Egypt, too!

Why visit Egypt without making the most of your trip? If you’re heading around the world as a solo traveler, then adding the Jordan extension to your already amazing Egypt & the Nile tour is just one more way to immerse yourself in the beauty of this region. It’s your chance to squeeze every last drop out of your adventure alongside your new friends and your expert Tour Director.

“Adding the Jordan extension to my Egypt trip was like the icing on the cake,” said solo traveler Katie. “Words cannot describe how incredible it was to see Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I actually didn’t realize that Petra was a city, I only knew of the photo I saw of the Treasury. We were able to explore more than I had originally thought we would.”

“Another highlight in Jordan was the Bedouin camp. At the Bedouin camp, we ate and then we were entertained with music and dancing. I was even pulled up and got to dance with a sword!”

“Having dinner with a local Jordanian family is beyond anything you can ask for while traveling. These wonderful people invited us into their home and made us one of the most delicious home-cooked meals I have ever had. The children were adorable when they were explaining what was happening as they served us. We were able to ask them questions and see how they lived. **This is why I love Go Ahead—they include so many in-depth cultural experiences.**”

Have you ever visited Egypt on tour? Or, are you interested in Egypt solo travel? Head to our Facebook page to share your memories, or tell us why you want to visit Egypt as a solo traveler!

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