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Travel buzz
Taking a stand against elephant cruelty

We travel to visit the sites, taste the flavors, meet the locals, learn the culture—and sometimes, see the animals. EF is relentlessly committed to respecting and promoting animal welfare as we help our customers experience the world.

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Travel buzz
A Heritage Tour + the Today Show = one unforgettable trip!

Find out what a father-son duo discovered when they set off on a Go Ahead Heritage Tour of Sicily with the Today Show in tow!

Travel buzz
Travel on TV: Game of Thrones

We’re spotlighting some of the shows and movies we’re loving—and traveling vicariously through. Here, learn how you can visit Game of Thrones’ world of Westeros in real-life.

Travel buzz
Hygge: The Danish way of life

Have you heard of hygge? This one little word, pronounced hoo-gah, sums up a key element of Danish culture, and it’s not easy to translate. Find out more about hygge and why you don’t have to travel to Denmark to experience it.

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We are EF Go Ahead Tours

EF Education First has always been who we are, and now it’s a part of our logo, too. Read on to find out more about our story.

Travel buzz
What makes Buenos Aires “The Paris of South America”

Buenos Aires has been nicknamed “The Paris of South America.” Here are four reasons why the Argentine capital is a must-visit, and why it’s so often compared to the City of Light.

Travel buzz
Debunking group travel stereotypes

Here are some of the common stereotypes we tend to hear about group travel and what makes a Go Ahead tour so different.

Travel buzz
Our staff list of must-visit museums

This International Museum Day, we’re recognizing all the amazing museums around the world. Whether you have an eye for contemporary artwork or love to step back into history, there’s no shortage of opportunities to see what interests you. Here are some of our staff’s favorite galleries.

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Introducing our September free tour winner

This September, we wanted to honor the special on-tour moments that epitomize what travel is all about—and Scott’s entry about the impact meeting locals has on your travel experience had us nodding our heads in agreement.

Travel buzz
Get inspired: Our favorite travel books

One of our favorite ways to get inspired for our next trip is by reading a great book—plus, a good read makes a great companion on long plane rides! We asked around for a list of our team’s favorite books for getting inspired to travel.

Travel buzz
Photo of the Day: Annecy Island – Annecy, France

Check out this beautiful photo shared by one of our travelers from Annecy, France!

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