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What our Right Size Advantage means

Sep 08, 2014 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Have you heard about our Right Size Advantage? It defines an ideal group size for each of our tours. Some tours are capped as low as 14 travelers, while others have a maximum group size of 38. To learn the inspiration behind this offering, we sat down with Go Ahead staffer Daniela, one of the innovators behind the Right Size Advantage.


Basics first—what is the Right Size Advantage?

We’re thrilled to share this news with travelers! With our Right Size Advantage, all of our tours will feature smaller group sizes. Each tour will be capped at 38 travelers or less, depending on the trip.

Does this mean all tours will have 38 travelers?

We know that different tours flourish with different group sizes, so specific tours are capped at certain sizes—whether that’s 38 travelers, 14 travelers or somewhere in the middle.

For example, the unique activities and accommodations in far-flung destinations like Zimbabwe call for smaller groups so that you can access remote settings and stay in authentic lodging. On the other hand, exploring bustling European capitals like Paris and Rome with more fellow travelers can add to the excitement of seeing the cities’ legendary landmarks.

Why was the Right Size Advantage created?

My team and I speak to our travelers regularly and read every single review and evaluation. We make changes based on your feedback. We’ve learned that smaller groups make for better experiences on tour, especially for trips to remote locations. We noticed that when tours had around 45 travelers—a standard in the industry—the larger group size could get in the way of what travelers wanted to see and do. At EF Go Ahead Tours, we’re committed to making sure you experience your trip to the fullest. So we’ve been thinking through ways we can make this update—and make it with no extra cost.

What does the Quality Control Team do?

We look at your tour from all angles to make sure everything is top-notch and hassle-free. One way we learn about areas where we can improve is through traveler feedback. Each time a traveler goes on tour, they are given an on-tour evaluation, and upon their return home, we request a review as well. These evaluations and reviews hold a treasure trove of information, and the insights we gather from these materials are invaluable.

In addition to evaluating every single review, we often call our travelers to get additional thoughts and recommendations. Your feedback helps us make updates that can ultimately impact your next trip—for example, creating the Right Size Advantage.

Who else do you work with to make these changes?

We design all of our tours in-house and make all the arrangements, from choosing hotels and Tour Directors to mapping out guided sightseeing tours and booking your flights. This hands-on approach allows us to make changes efficiently. We’re lucky to work with experts on the ground all over the world, so every aspect of your trip has also been reviewed in person by someone on our Operations Team.

Does the Right Size Advantage impact the tour prices?

No! It was really important for us to be able to provide this additional benefit to travelers at no extra cost, so you can still expect our prices to be the best in the industry.

What if more than 38 people want to travel together?

Not a problem at all! Larger groups of 38 travelers or more can plan their own private departure.

Looking for a specific tour's Right Size Advantage? You'll find a group size range listed on each tour's itinerary, both here on our website and in our catalog.

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