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Travel stories

Go Ahead staffers share their family travel memories

May 08, 2020 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Travel memories bring us together, even when we’re far apart. So, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day by looking back at our favorite family trips. We hope your shared memories of seeing the world together make today even more meaningful.


Staffer Chloe with mom Nancy in Vietnam

“If reliving one trip was possible, I would choose this mother-daughter adventure in Vietnam and Thailand! This was our first trip with only the two of us. From weaving through Bangkok’s traffic on motorbike taxis to squishing into tuk tuks to avoid the torrential downpours in Hội An, we shared more laughs than ever. Our fondest memory is of our cooking class in Hội An, where my mom and I discovered a new love for cooking with each other. We still make the recipes we learned.”


Staffer Nicole with mom Nancy in Chile

“For the past 15 years, my family has celebrated New Year’s Eve all around the world. One of my favorite memories is from our most recent trip to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile; my mom and I hiked together through Patagonia and had a tea party in a lengua forest!”


Staffer Nate with mom Mary in Rome

“As I think back to my trip to Rome with my mother there are so many great memories that come flooding in. Of course there was all of the great Italian food and amazing history, but what I remember and cherish the most was the walking. We walked everywhere, tens of thousands of steps a day—it seemed like there wasn’t a stone our feet didn’t touch. It’s a slower way to explore a city and stumble upon all of its nooks and crannies, but it also lets you share conversation, stop at a random gelateria (or two), and get time to connect on a deeper level.”


Staffer Gen (on the right!) with mom Barbara and sister Meghan in Portugal

“We took this photo midway through my solo backpacking trip. My mom was scared that I was traveling on my own, but soon realized she wanted to be traveling, too! So she and my sister planned to meet me. To this day, I will never forget my mom’s face when trying pastel de nata for the first time, or cheering on Portugal in FIFA alongside a few locals with a glass of sangria in hand. I truly admire her for her adventurous spirit, which she passed down to me.”


Staffer Lora (on the right!) with mom Alice and sister Molly in Sorrento

“At the end of our Italy & Greece tour, my family went to the island of Corfu for a few days. When my sister and I were kids, my mother often read us a book that took place on the island called My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. It’s a book she read over and over when she was a kid herself. Being able to visit that island and the places in the book, which is such a good memory for us, was unreal. Now when I read it, I can picture those beautiful places that we experienced, and I’m so glad we all got to do that together.”


Staffer Gustavo with his mom Sofia in Buenos Aires

“My mom has been an empty nester for the last nine years and we live in different states, so being able to spend quality time together doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. But, as we like to say, what better way to spend quality time together than by traveling—and splitting a bottle of wine! My love of travel was passed down from her, and there’s nothing better than sharing the same passion and putting it to good use.”


Staffer Drew with mom Esther in Amsterdam

“This was our first international solo trip together. It was a wonderful experience, and was when I realized where I got my sense of wonder. My mom and I travel similarly; we’re driven by a curiosity about the world. There were days when we would be sitting at a café with no words shared, but we’d both be enthralled by people watching. It was very special!”


Staffer Ellie with mom Alison in Budapest

“This trip was our first time traveling internationally together, which is what made it so fun! My favorite memories are of going to the ruin bars together, and eating lunch right in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica on a warm day while listening to the bells ring.”


Staffer Alaina with mom Cheryl in Barcelona

“My mom is my original travel buddy and we’ve had a lot of good adventures, but this trip to Spain and Morocco was significant because of just how much went wrong! My mom’s flight was delayed, our train to Seville was overbooked so we lost our seats, and our ferry from Morocco was re-docked due to a storm. I felt so awful that my mom’s trip was ruined. I put my head on her shoulder and just sobbed. Little did I know that while I was crying and my mom was hugging me, she made eye contact with a local Moroccan woman who was holding her own baby girl in her arms. My mom said they shared a smile and moment of understanding that some experiences in motherhood are universal—and that no matter how old we get, all of us still need our moms! In the end, we did get some amazing stories out of this trip, and my mom is still my favorite travel companion.”


Staffer Lori with mom Mindy in Vietnam

“My favorite part of our mother-daughter trip to Vietnam was cruising along Ha Long Bay. That was the first time I saw my mom actually relax in almost five years. After spending a few challenging years grieving the loss of a loved one, selling a home she lived in for over 25 years, and moving to a new city, she deserved total relaxation. This trip re-ignited her love of travel, and she’s been busy seeing the world on a few trips a year ever since.”


Staffer Kristen with mom Julie in Istanbul

“This trip with my mom was great for a lot of reasons, but a highlight was our time in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. My mom is a huge bargain hunter, and watching her bargain with the vendors was super fun. I have some great souvenirs and a lot of amazing photos and memories!”


Staffer Piper with mom Dawn in New Orleans

“One of my favorite memories from our trip to New Orleans was exploring the streets! Both my mom and I love to explore and see new things, be they planned or unplanned—and sometimes the unplanned moments are the most enriching!”

Happy Mother’s Day from our travel family to yours! Have you ever been on a family trip? Share your memories on Instagram and tag @goaheadtours, or post them on our Facebook page!

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