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Emily in Paris filming locations you can visit in France

Dec 14, 2020 by Megan Johnston

Have you ever watched a show that made you want to pack your bags and set off on an international adventure? The Emily in Paris Netflix series is inspiring us to add a trip to Paris to our bucket lists.

Emily in Paris follows a Chicago native named Emily, played actress by Lily Collins, who moves to Paris to work for a marketing firm named Savoir. Throughout the series, she proves herself as a marketing maven and social media influencer, but we think Paris is the real star of the series. If you’re asking yourself, “Where was Emily in Paris filmed?” the answer is none other than Paris, France! Here are some iconic Parisian sites featured in Emily in Paris, which you can visit during a trip to Paris!

Check out some of the Emily in Paris filming locations you can visit on our tours of France.


  • Pont Alexandre III is one of the many famous bridges in Paris and is the setting of Maison Lavaux’s perfume commercial. This famous bridge is featured in episode 3 when Emily is working behind-the-scenes of the commercial with her colleagues.

    This bridge was built between 1896 and 1900 and is watched over by four notable statues of Greek gods. Taking this bridge will lead you to the famous Champs-Élysées where you can see the Arc de Triomphe. You can also glide under the Pont Alexandre III on the Dinner in Paris & Seine River Cruise excursion on our Paris tours.

  • Canal Saint-Martin. After Emily and her brief beau, Thomas, meet, the pair accompanies Camille and Gabriel on a double date in episode 6. Together, they walk along Canal Saint-Martin to arrive at the restaurant.

    The three-mile-long canal is located in the 10th arrondissement and is lined with bars, cafes, and restaurants. Looking for another way to explore the neighborhood? Take a scenic boat tour along the Canal Saint-Martin to see all the sights of the arrondissement.

  • Rue de Valois. Emily and her boss Sylvie walk along this beautiful street and into Place de Valois, home to the Emily in Paris office. Keen viewers will recognize the Galerie Patrick Fourtin storefront on the ground level of the office building. Fun fact: This is an upscale antique shop in real life!

    Rue de Valois is located in the 1st arrondissement (right across the street from the Louvre). This street trails along the eastern side of the Jardin du Palais Royal and ends next to the Palais Royal.

  • Jardin du Palais Royale. Like we said, these former royal gardens are just a stone’s throw from Rue de Valois. This beautiful park stretches out in front of the 17th-century Palais Royal, which now serves as the seat for several French government offices. It’s here in the garden where Emily first meets her friend Mindy, a nanny living in Paris, while eating lunch.

  • The Panthéon. Located in the Sorbonne quarter, the Panthéon is where many famous French figures are buried. This list includes the likes of Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Pierre and Marie Curie. In the series, Emily receives a call from her boyfriend back in Chicago and the two break up while she’s standing outside the mausoleum.

  • La Château de Sonnay. Was Emily in Paris filmed in Paris? Yes… but there’s one spot that takes Emily outside the City of Love. La Château de Sonnay was used as Camille’s family home in Champagne, but the estate is actually located in the Loire Valley. This is where Emily stays for a few days with Camille and Gabriel and can be seen strolling through the estate vineyards and tasting the family’s Champagne.

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Museums from Emily in Paris you can visit

  • Palais Garnier. In episode 6, Emily goes to see Swan Lake at the Palais Garnier opera house. It’s here that she visits Pierre Cadault in his private box to apologize for being “ringarde,” or basic. Aside from being one of the most famous opera houses in the world, Palais Garnier is also known for its grand staircase. The series showcases this staircase when Emily tells Thomas that he’s a snob, just like Gabriel warned her. If you’re traveling on one of our Paris tours, you’ll drive past the ornate building during your panoramic sightseeing tour.
  • Musée des Arts Forains. This museum is the setting of the Fourtier party in episode 7, when Emily is in charge of watching model and actress Brooklyn Clark. The museum was created by Jean Paul Favand in 1996 and features attractions you’d find at an amusement park such as rides, merry-go-rounds, carousels, and swings.
  • Monnaie de Paris. This building was founded in 864 A.D. and is one of the oldest buildings in Paris. Today, it is home to the Paris Mint, which produces Euro coins. It makes an appearance in Emily in Paris when fashion designer Pierre Caudault, Savoir’s top client, takes back his location for Paris Fashion Week. He has models walk on a makeshift catwalk outside the building while people are in line waiting to see Grey Space.
  • L’Atelier des Lumières. One of the most memorable scenes in Emily in Paris is when Emily, Camille, and Gabriel walk through a digital display of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Yes, this is real! The L’Atelier des Lumières is an immersive art gallery that opened to the public in 2018. Visitors can walk through and interact with iconic paintings that are projected on the walls inside the museum. We recommend visiting the museum during your free time on a trip to Paris.
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Restaurants & cafes used as filming locations in Emily in Paris

  • Place de l’Estrapade. If you furiously Googled “Emily in Paris restaurant location” after binging the show, you’ll want to head to Place de l’Estrapade to visit Gabriel’s restaurant, Les Deux Comperes, and the bakery, La Boulangerie Moderne. Gabriel’s restaurant is known as Terra Nera in real life, but the bakery goes by the same name used in the show. Both eateries are located in Place de l’Estrapade, between rue de l’Estrapade and rue Lhomond. Bonus: This square is also home to the Emily in Paris apartment location, where both Emily and Gabriel live in the show.
  • Le Grand Véfour. Chef Guy Martin is at the helm of this Michelin-starred restaurant, which opened in the city’s 1st arrondissement in 1784. This restaurant is where Emily makes a reservation for her colleagues and potential new client before discovering she made the reservation for the wrong month when she shows up for dinner.
  • La Maison Rose. The Instagram-worthy restaurant that Emily and Mindy dine at is known for its pink and green architecture. It also happens to be one of the most photographed buildings in Paris. While exploring the Montmartre neighborhood during your free time on our Paris tours, be sure to stop by for lunch and recreate the scene featured in Emily in Paris before making your way to the nearby Sacré-Coeur!
  • Café de Flor. This cafe is where Emily meets Thomas while dining alone in episode 6. Some of the most famous writers and philosophers also dined here during their time in Paris (and you can do the same on tour of the City of Love). This cafe is located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, just off the Right Bank of the Seine, and is a great place to enjoy an espresso or a glass of wine while people watching.
  • Café de l’Homme. Emily meets Antoine, Maison Lavaux’s perfumer and Savoir’s client, for the first time while attending an event held at Café de l’Homme. This restaurant featured in the Emily in Paris Netflix series is located within the Trocadéro complex, on the Left Bank of the Seine, and is famous for its unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower.
Have you ever visited any of the Emily in Paris filming locations while on a trip to France? Share your favorite place (or the one you dream of visiting!) on our Facebook page.

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