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Tiny Escapes

Join us for the Go Ahead Tours cookbook challenge

May 27, 2020 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

We challenged our team to make a favorite dish from the Go Ahead Tours cookbook—and, whether it's a meal from traveling on tour or a hometown favorite, they delivered! See the dishes they picked, get the recipes, and whip up your own meal at home to join us in the Go Ahead Tours Cookbook Challenge.

Crêpes that bring back travel memories

I guess crêpes remind me of my trips to France! Paris is one of my favorite cities. The first crêpe I ever had was on a cold November evening under the Eiffel Tower. The crêpe kept me warm and I just remember sitting there staring up at the tower lit up, thinking, wow.

— Amanda

See our crêpes recipe

Picture-perfect baklava!

Baklava for a mini trip in the kitchen

I had planned to be going to Greece on tour this spring, so wanted to bring a food that I would have indulged in on tour to life.

— Jules

Download our recipe for baklava

Before and after (yum!)

A ratatouille-powered at-home getaway

My partner and I were looking for an escape—we wish we were in France right now! So we made the ratatouille, lit some candles, and pretended we were at a bistro, rather than Boston (most of the credit goes to him!).

— Julianna

Download our recipe for ratatouille

Brigadieros: Four ingredients, lots of flavor

I love recipes that are easy with minimal ingredients so that the ingredients shine. When I saw that brigadeiros have four ingredients, and can all be done without turning on the oven, and had a lot of chocolate—I just had to make some!

— Ivan

Download our recipe for brigadeiros

Needed a little troubleshooting—but it still tastes great!

Panna cotta, why not(ta)

I really love custards and creamy desserts like panna cotta; I’m not a pie or cake or pastry girl really (not too huge on sweet desserts at all, truth be told). I’d never made it before, and it looked delicious!

— Leah

Download our recipe for pannacotta

Action shots from Nicole

Cornbread, an easy hometown favorite

Well, I had all the ingredients in the house, and it was vegetarian—but most importantly I’m from North Carolina originally, and cornbread reminds me of home!

— Nicole

Download our recipe for cornbread

Looks amazing!

Puttanesca, an all-time best

I chose puttanesca because it's one of my favorite pasta dishes! I always used to order this dish at a local Italian restaurant I would go to with my family. I’ve made it before but I’d never made the version in the Go Ahead cookbook so I’d thought I would give it a go!

— Sarah

Download our recipe for puttanesca

Watch our Instagram stories to see our team in the Cookbook Challenge, and tag #tinyescapes to share your recipe success with us!

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