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Virtual Escape: Oktoberfest

The details

September 21, 2021
1-2 p.m. ET
Live, on Zoom

What you’ll learn

Locally known as d'Wiesn, Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest, aka beer festival and travelling funfair, in the world. The festival runs for 16 to 18 days in Munich, Bavaria, Germany and attracts over seven million people yearly. From colorful and lively parades to flowing pints of beer, Oktoberfest has become a worldwide phenomenon. Join expert Tour Director Alex for a conversation on everything you need to know about Oktoberfest, including its origin, traditions, and how to travel there with Go Ahead.

We also recommend bringing:

∙ A pint of your favorite German beer (if you want to sip while you listen!)

The speakers


As a German native and one of Go Ahead’s most experienced Tour Directors, Alex has been sharing his home country and the surrounding region with travelers for decades. He’s expertly lead groups through Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, northern Italy, and beyond, but one place he’s visited with travelers again and again is Oktoberfest in Germany—and he has countless Oktoberfest stories and tips to share from his many trips to Munich!

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