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Travel stories

Inspiring women who travel solo

Mar 04, 2020 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting stories from some of the women who inspire us most—our amazing solo travelers! Check out what they had to say about seeing the world solo.



Arriving at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland was both exciting and nerve-racking. They're scary and beautiful at the same time. (Kinda like a solo trip!) We were dropped off as a group but I chose to explore on my own. I took a break to eat lunch with some of my travel companions from my tour. We were all in awe. The Cliffs are sublime. You are literally at the edge of a country. (Think about that for a second.) Braving the wind and the slight rain (if you're going to Ireland, just expect rain, it's part of the experience) I saw the rough sea below me and all the different paths to take along the cliff. I was filled with adrenaline to explore. After lunch, the clouds broke and the rain stopped. It really gave you a chance to take it all in. It was the perfect solo trip moment I was looking for. I could have stayed there forever.

A solo trip isn't supposed to be the hardest thing you ever do. It's an act of self-love. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and love yourself a little more than you did today. Preferably in Ireland, in awe of the Cliffs of Moher.



It’s normal to be nervous. I was nervous too when I signed up for my first group trip, but as soon as I returned home I was already searching for the next trip that I was going to sign up for! If you freak out before going on a trip for any reason the Go Ahead customer service representatives will be there to talk to you about it also. I have called them to ask various questions—sometimes something as simple as how much of the other country’s currency do you recommend that I bring. They will assist you and ease your mind if you have concerns. My advice would be to STOP OVERTHINKING IT AND JUST SIGN UP FOR THE TRIP! You won’t regret it!



You can always tell your guide what you plan to do on free days and they will give you suggestions. Research what your city or country has to offer. I found the Robert Capra Photo museum in Hungary and a very historical market in Budapest and these experiences added to my travel memories. Feel free to talk to your other travelers and join in on what they find. I joined a group of teachers on an evening riverboat cruise in Prague and loved it.


I’d been trying to make my way over to Europe for the past year and a half and was waiting for a friend to go with, but I finally got tired of waiting and said to myself, “No, I’m going to do this and it’s going to be awesome!”

What are you going to do, not go on the trip of your dreams just because nobody else wants to? Don’t let the idea of traveling alone stop you from going.

Read more of Dana's solo travel story from her tour of Northern Europe.

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