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Travel stories

A mother-daughter trip to Vietnam

May 12, 2017 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Go Ahead staffer Lori recently returned from an around-the-globe adventure with her mom. The duo set out on our Vietnam & Angkor Wat tour, where they wandered through temples and terraces, cruised Ha Long Bay, and tasted flavors like no others. Here, Lori dishes on what it’s like to do a mother-daughter trip as an adult.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Are you used to spending so much time with your mom?

No—17 days in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand with my mom was such an incredible experience. I usually just get to see her a couple times a year for holidays and short visits, so this is the longest I’ve spent with her in a long time.

Did you learn anything new about each other?

I learned more about myself than anything else. And that we have a lot of similarities—our mannerisms, the way we talk.

Do you have similar travel styles too?

Yes! Our favorite parts about traveling are the same. We both really to get out there and fill our whole days with sightseeing. I was actually a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with her! She’s super energetic.

MeKong Delta, Vietnam

Did you spend most of your time with the group?

We spent a ton of time with the group. They were wonderful—really enthusiastic and curious about the world. We talked about travel a lot, and we actually made some great friends who we hope to visit in Vancouver some time.

Any special mother-daughter time?

On the last day, my mom and I decided to stay back and do our own thing. We hung by the pool, relaxed, and went to the Bangkok aquarium.

Have any tips for adult children traveling with their parents?

Relax and accept your parents for who they are. Another travel tip that worked for us was that we split up the planning responsibilities. I’m super organized for pre-trip info (that’s my job after all!), so I took care of things like visas and flight requests. My mom is more of a planner when it comes to free time, so she took that part on.

Angkor Wat at Sunrise, Cambodia

What were your highlights in Vietnam and Cambodia?

Angkor Wat at sunrise was incredible. Also, the Ha Long Bay cruise was so much fun! This was a highlight for both my mom and I. Another favorite was the Mekong Delta cruise excursion—it’s a bit far so we were considering not doing it, but we were so glad we did!

The cooking class in Vietnam was another highlight. First, we walked through the local markets, which was an experience in itself, and had a chance to see the daily life of Vietnamese people. After the market visit, we had the chance to try our hand at making spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes, and some other specialties. It was a fun way to learn about Vietnamese culture and cuisine, and even more fun to taste what we made after!

Something that was very special for my mom was that she decided to get a dress made. Hôi An is known for tailoring and custom-made clothing, so having a one-of-a-kind dress created just for her was a big highlight. She’s wearing it to a wedding that we’re going to later this year.

Do you have special travel memories with your mom? Share a memory or photo on our Facebook page.

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