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5 reasons to travel in the off-season

Sep 12, 2016 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Go Ahead Tours staffer Rozlyn traveled to Italy and Greece on tour and was able to explore these two countries in the off-season before the summer crowds rolled in. For those who don’t want to travel in the summer months but aren’t familiar with off-season travel, Rozlyn shares the benefits of visiting Europe in the spring.

Santorini, Greece

1. Save money

When you travel in the off-season the demand is lower, so you’ll find that prices adjust accordingly. This is great because it means hotel, flight and tour costs will be lower than they are during the peak season. Not only will those big-ticket items be lower, but you can also find good deals on smaller items such as food and souvenirs.

2. Take better photos

A perk of smaller off-season crowds is better photos! In the early spring, I was able to get photos of the sites themselves without hordes of pedestrians blocking my view. You also have the luxury of spending a little more time trying to get the best shot before you have to make way for the next person.

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

3. Spend more time with the locals

Some of the most memorable moments while traveling come from the experiences you have while interacting with the locals. When there is less hustle and bustle, there is more time to spend making those real connections.

4. Beat the crowds

One of the best things about traveling to Europe in the off-season is the ability to enjoy the sites with smaller crowds. Popular spots like the Colosseum in Rome and the Acropolis in Athens will always have visitors, but the wait time in the early spring will be much shorter than in the dead of summer.

Why travel in the off-season

5. Celebrate national holidays

Getting to see how other nations celebrate their holidays gives you a great glimpse into the local culture! You can see how the country’s residents mark important events in their society while getting the chance to observe—or even participate in—the festivities.

Read more about traveling to Europe in the off-season on a tour.

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