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Travel buzz

2020 travel trends to look forward to

Jan 07, 2020 by Jamie Burke

What travel trends are influencing jetsetters in 2020? Read on to see the exciting new things on our radar, and learn how you can incorporate them into your future travel plans.

Protecting wildlife (like this elephant family!) is one way to embrace responsible travel

Responsible travel

People everywhere are talking about responsible ways to travel in 2020, whether it’s choosing eco-friendly transport or avoiding overcrowded cities. At EF, we’ve made a commitment to animal welfare with World Animal Protection, and partner with local vendors to support the communities we visit. There are a lot of little things individuals can do to travel more responsibly, too! On your next trip, consider:

  • Bringing a reusable water bottle, re-using hotel towels, and packing your own toiletries to minimize waste
  • Using reef-safe sunscreens if you’re taking a swim in the ocean
  • Shopping at local businesses and paying fair prices to vendors if you negotiate
  • Asking permission before taking someone’s photo

Active & wellness travel

Wellness travel is on the radar this year, with active experiences like Walking Tours and bicycle tours topping people’s lists. But, if an active trip isn’t up your alley, you can still get in on the trend with excursions that get you moving). Try dance lessons, scenic walks and hikes, or even yoga in front of the Taj Mahal.

More immersive experiences

More than ever, travelers are looking for trips that take them beyond the sights and really let them get immersed in the culture. Making connections with locals, taking hands-on cooking classes, and seeking out off-the-beaten path activities are just some of the ways you can embrace a “slowed-down” approach to travel. The great news is that you’ll find all of these (and more!) on our tours—immersive and eye-opening travel has been our thing for a while, so we’re excited to see it catching on!

Big-ticket events

Making a once-in-a-lifetime occasion part of your travel plans will be easy in 2020—there’s so much going on around the world! Attending a festival—like St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin or Oktoberfest in Munich—is a great way to dive in to a destination and have a whole lot of fun. Plus, with our brand-new tours to the Tour de France, Dubai World Expo, and even the Tokyo Olympics, you can get a front-row seat to some of the world’s biggest events and explore the world while you’re at it.

What travel trends are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

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