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Travel styles

See the world in a way that speaks to you

Travel styles

See the world in a way that speaks to you

Types of travel styles

These portfolios feature carefully crafted itineraries tailored to a specific interest.

City Stays

Call a bustling European capital your home for a week, and leave the city feeling like a local.

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Solo Tours

When you go with a group, you never travel alone. Meet like-minded adventurers and share memorable experiences on tour.

Private Tours

It only takes 7 travelers to turn any tour into a private departure for your group of friends and family members.

Walking Tours

Go off the beaten path to discover hidden gems on guided walks through scenic landscapes of Italy, Ireland, or France.

Food & Wine Tours

Taste the best the world has to offer and learn about your locale by sampling its most famous (and delicious) fare.


Set off across the savanna with an expert guide, keeping your eyes peeled fro the Big Five from your private safari vehicle.

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Special Event travel experiences

Celebrate like a local and visit a destination at its most vibrant, during a cultural event or festive season.

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More types of travel

Explore collections of trips with "wow" moments and bucket list travel experiences.


Customized Tours

Dreaming up your own itinerary? We’ve got you covered!

Go private with just 14 travelers, and work with our team to create a trip that fits your group’s travel style. From a literary tour of Ireland for your book club to jassercizing across Europe—the possibilities for custom travel experiences are just about endless.

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