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Why you should travel with your adult kids

Nov 21, 2018 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

If your children are grown up, the thought of traveling together may bring to mind bygone Disney vacations or family camping trips. But, your shared adventures shouldn’t stop just because your kids are now adults. Just ask Go Ahead Tours traveler Cheryl, who set off on a tour of Naples, Sorrento & Rome with her husband and kids. Here are a few of the perks of embracing multi-generational travel and going on a shared trip with your adult children.

You see your kids in a new light

“Traveling to Italy with my kids, Nik and Jamie, was the ultimate experience. They are now grown ups who are on their own, so I got to see a whole new side of them while we were on tour. Our roles had somehow been reversed! They were actually more of a help to me than I was to them; they were able to translate some of the language, navigated the airport, took all the pictures, and chose the best excursions to add.”

You get a chance to reconnect

“Now that my kids are adults, it can be difficult to carve out time in our busy schedules to catch up. So, my husband Steve and I loved spending 10 full days with them. It was so nice to slow down and hear what they’ve been up to. We don’t always have an opportunity to do that, so I treasured all of the uninterrupted time we spent together.”

You can still seek out your own interests

“Spending time together was the highlight of our tour, but we still found opportunities to do our own thing. During our free time in Capri, my husband and I grabbed a glass of wine with some fellow travelers (who we now consider friends!) while my son and daughter headed to the shore to take a dip. On another afternoon in Sorrento, my husband and son headed to the hotel pool while my daughter and I shopped. We capped our afternoon off at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the coast. Each moment was special in its own way.”

It’s inspiring and energizing

“The best part of traveling with my kids was seeing the world through their eyes. Their joy and sense of adventure was truly contagious and helped me keep my momentum going. My husband and I wouldn’t have seen half as much as we did in our free time if we were on our own. We really made the most of every moment.”

You’ll come home with treasured memories

“Some of my favorite memories are of diving into the Mediterranean Sea together when we were on the Amalfi Coast, and making a wish while all four of us tossed coins into the Trevi Fountain. It’s supposed to mean that you’ll go back to Rome one day, and I hope we all do. Of course, I can’t forget the exquisite culinary experiences we shared. My kids photographed every dish–and there were a lot of them! We had one of the most delicious meals during the Rustic Italy: Farmhouse Dinner & Wine Tasting excursion, which is one my best memories from our time in Sorrento.”

It will make you want to travel with them again

“Maybe I’m just blessed to have wonderful children, but seeing the world with them was truly the best. They even put together a photo album of our tour and surprised us with it for Christmas so we can look back at our memories whenever we want. Would I travel with them again? You bet! We’re going on the Sicily: A Cultural Journey tour together in 2019—this time, we’re bringing some aunts and uncles along, too.”

Have you traveled with your adult children? Tell us what made the experience so special on Facebook!

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