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Travel stories

A traveler’s take on Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Feb 20, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Go Ahead traveler Nancy is an avid photographer who has been busy seeing the world on tour. Nancy traveled on our our Spain, Portugal & Morocco tour, and encourages others to “Come prepared to be amazed and have fun!” Here’s what she had to say about her trip.

Nancy and her group in Portugal, Spain & Morocco

How many Go Ahead tours have you been on? Why do you like traveling with Go Ahead?

I have been on three Go Ahead tours…I love that the tours are well-organized, include airfare, provide safe, convenient hotels and select fabulous Tour Directors.

Why did you choose Spain, Portugal & Morocco?

I had never been to these countries and have read intriguing reviews. I wondered if it could be that memorable.

What was your favorite country?

I liked all three, but I loved Spain. I loved the architecture, the food, the people, the music…

What’s one thing you learned that surprised you?

I learned more about the Muslim people and their religion.

What was your favorite moment on tour?

I loved wandering in the plazas in Seville.

Nancy and a fellow traveler in Spain, Portugal & Morocco

How would you describe the atmosphere or the feeling of the tour? What about the countries you visited?

The tour was casual and friendly. Having a small group of 29 made it easier to get around. I felt safe in Spain and Portugal and loved how friendly the people were. I was more cautious in Morocco.

What souvenirs did you bring home?

I brought home magnets and post cards and presents for my family: Gregorian Mass sung by the choir of boys in Monserrat, a “football” shirt from Barcelona, knife from Toledo, blown-glass goblets from Gibraltar and filigree silver earrings from Cordoba.

Share a travel tip you learned after taking this tour.

Bring an extra camera and batteries or charger…just in case!

Have you ever traveled to Spain, Portugal or Morocco? What were your favorite things about the trip?

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