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Our team’s travel resolutions for 2019

Dec 21, 2018 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

When you work for a travel company, it seems like your colleagues are always planning some amazing trip—or just got back from one. So, when it comes to making resolutions for the new year, it’s no surprise that our lists are filled with big travel goals. Check out what our team is dreaming up for 2019 and get inspired to fill your year with new adventures!

Machu Picchu

Personal records

“My travel resolution is to visit 7 new countries to get my overall total to 110.” — George, President of Go Ahead Tours Canada

“Easy one for me! With having a baby and moving to a new state, my husband and I had to put our tradition of a new national park each year on hold. For 2019, we’re hoping to pick that back up and visit a new U.S. National Park, preferably somewhere in the Midwest!” — Christina, Email Specialist

“I’m trying to see 30 countries before I turn 30. 2019 has numbers 21, 22, 23 and 24 already planned—trying to get up to 25!” — Lora, Program Coordinator

“My 2019 (and always) travel resolution is to celebrate each year around the sun by adding a new country. When I visit a new place, I try to make a connection with at least one person and keep in contact with them. I’ve made some of my most interesting friendships 3,000+ miles away!— Kaitlyn, Partnerships Client Experience Specialist

“My new year’s resolution is to travel to a new continent and I just booked flights to Peru to see Machu Picchu! I’m excited (and also definitely taking recommendations for the best places to eat if anyone has any)!” — Emma, Tour Consultant

“I want to explore a new state. I’m hoping to get to all 50!” — Rebecca, Mail Center Assistant Manager

“2019 is a big year—the year of Josh! Yours truly is turning 30 years young and my 2019 travel resolution is to visit my 30th country before my 30th birthday.” — Josh, Customer Loyalty Manager, Groups Team

New adventures

To travel abroad for the first time—it’s happening! I have plans to go to Portugal with my family, and then I’ll be on tour in Japan.” — Kaitlyn, Social Media Specialist

“I want to go on a trip that takes me a bit out of my comfort zone. Something that’s a little more thrills than frills—ideally a safari or a trip to the Amazon!” — Rachel, Public Relations Manager

“New year, new place. I want to start off 2019 somewhere I’ve never been before!” — Harris, Interactive Designer

“My travel resolution is to visit a new continent this year. I’ve only traveled through Europe so far, so anything is a possibility!” — Heather, Tour Consultant

“This year, I want to travel alone (out of the country) at least once! I have always traveled with friends, family, or my partner. However, I think traveling alone has its own value, and I’d like to experience that before 2019 is done!” — Maggie, Traveler Support Specialist

Family matters

“My number one travel resolution is to visit Bere Island in Ireland. This is where my great-great-grandfather, Timothy Harrington, emigrated from! It’s been a dream of mine to visit the island and see what history I can find about my family.” — Bailey, Groups Tour Consultant

“My travel resolution this year is to help my sister see more of the world. She’s 13 and is excited about going to Costa Rica in February. I think she’s inspired because out of the blue she just suggested my whole family go to Iceland next Christmas. Funny thing is, we just might!” — Julianna, Traveler Support Specialist

“To complete my first trip as a family of three… without losing my sanity. Taking a cruise to Cuba at the end of January—wish me luck!” — Suzi, Director of Recruitment & Development

“I’ve made it to three of the four countries my grandparents came from and have one left. In 2019, I want to visit my final ancestral land, Romania.” — Gustavo, Traveler Support Specialist

“I want to bring my grandmother to her birthplace: Cuba. She was born and lived there until the Cuban Exile in the 1960s led by Fidel Castro. She was 14 years old. Her parents put her on a boat headed for Miami and she eventually settled in Puerto Rico and hasn’t been able to go back until now.” — Claudia, Traveler Engagement Specialist

Goals to take home

“I want to read more about the countries I visit to gain a deeper appreciation for where I’m traveling.” — Shannon, Senior Traveler Support Specialist

“Slowly overcome my fear of flying, especially as someone who works for a travel company.” — Evan, Associate Director of Inventory

“My resolution for 2019 is to learn how to cook a new international dish I try when I’m traveling. I love to cook and bake, and so a goal is to bring home a new recipe when I visit Portugal on tour.” — Jules, SEO Specialist

“One of my big travel resolutions is to embrace sustainable travel! That means little things like bringing my water bottle and reusable utensils, but also walking more and using public transportation.” — Charlotte, Traveler Support Specialist

“My travel resolution is to leave reviews for good service that I experience while I’m traveling. I make almost all of my travel decisions based on other travelers’ reviews for destinations, activities, and restaurants—and it’s time I return the favor.” — Vanessa, Product Owner

“This year, I want to bring a traveler’s mindset into my everyday life—visiting more local museums, seeking out cool exhibits right in my own city, and trying as many different types of cuisine as I can find.” — Katie, Associate Creative Director

What’s your travel resolution for 2019? Check out our tours around the world to get inspired.

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