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Travel stories

A piranha-fishing adventure in Peru

Dec 31, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

When traveler Audrey extended her tour to visit the Amazon on Ancient Peru & Machu Picchu — and tried her hand at piranha fishing—she found how travel leads to self-discovery, and that it can teach us to find joy in every moment. Here, she shares some of her amazing experiences.

Traveler Audrey goes piranha fishing in Peru

I never imagined this is where I’d be for my 33rd birthday: in a boat downstream from Iquitos, a city in Peru deep in the Amazon. But there I was.

“When fishing for piranha, you’ve got to let them know you’re there.” This was the advice from Celso, the local guide for our group of 10 travelers, on a tour along the Amazon River. As our bounty grew, my line stayed slack. Suddenly, I felt a tug. I was surprised at what appeared at the end.

Celso helped bring in my line. “A catfish,” he announced. My heart sank. Had I really traveled all the way to the Amazon to catch a catfish?

He looked over at me, as if sensing my disappointment. “This is a full-grown fish. A beauty. They don’t get any bigger—any better—than this.” Celso beamed with pride. Then, I couldn’t help but do the same.

Travel was not always part of my life. I was the first in my family to ever apply for a passport. But after taking the leap, I started traveling the world. Getting the courage to travel afforded me opportunities I only dreamed of experiencing. I take pride in my now-worn passport and all the adventures I’ve had.

After fishing, I celebrated my birthday with my fellow travelers, former strangers who now felt like close friends. We shared a cake the locals made and decorated. We passed the plate of grilled piranha and we toasted our once-in-a-lifetime trip with bottles of Inca Kola.

I think back on it now, and I’m proud a catfish chose to pull at my line—it was a fish that, in those waters, was unique. I couldn’t help but think, “I’m so glad I let the world know I’m here.” That’s what the decision to travel has done for me.

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