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Travel tips

Are you a foodie, fashion maven, or history buff? Here’s where to go in Italy based on your personality

Nov 13, 2019 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Why do we love traveling to Italy? Because whether you travel for history, culture, cuisine, or the great outdoors, it’s a country that has something unforgettable in store for every type of traveler. Our Italy tours are designed so that, no matter what you travel for, you’ll come back with memories for a lifetime.

The most difficult part about planning a trip might be how to decide where to go in Italy. If you’re an art enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, a foodie, or a nature lover, we’ve got you covered with itineraries that will speak to your personality and special interests. To find out more about how we do just that, take our Tour Match quiz to discover where to go in Italy next. (We may surprise you with what we pick out!) But if you need more insight on all Italy has to offer, read on to learn where to travel in Italy based on your personality.

If you go crazy for world-class art, pick Florence.

Most of our Italy tours will include art. That’s just what Italy—a country full of artistic history—is all about. But if there’s one place to go in Italy that will surely impress the most discerning art enthusiast, it’s Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. It only makes sense that exploring Florence’s many museums is one of our bucket list activities when visiting the city.

Our seven-day Florence: The City Experience tour balances plenty of organized activities and ample free time. Your Tour Director will guide you through the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s iconic David statue. But you also have free time to independently unearth the Medici treasures stuffed into the legendary Uffizi Gallery. Then, you can also sign up for an artsy excursion that shows off Michelangelo’s Florence. You’ll visit the San Lorenzo complex, the Medici Chapels, and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo to see the famous Pietà sculpture.  That tour ends outside the Basilica of Santa Croce, where you’ll find Michelangelo’s tomb.

Enjoy Florence on tour

If you’re a food and wine enthusiast, go to Bologna.

If you love food and wine, all of our Italy tours will be up your alley. This country is a paradise for foodies and oenophiles, but Bologna is truly one of the best places to go in Italy for unforgettable cuisine. Many consider it to be the culinary capital of Italy, and one of the most iconic Italian pasta sauces—bolognese—was invented here. However, a trip to Bologna will feature many more delicious moments, too.

Our 11-day Food & Wine: Piedmont & Tuscany with America’s Test Kitchen tour includes two nights in Bologna, where you’ll delight your taste buds with activities like a cheese-tasting at a local Parmigiano Reggiano producer, touring a family-run balsamic vinegar villa, and people-watching and shopping in the local fish and vegetable market district. You’ll cap off your trip with an immersive cooking class, making tortellini and tagliatelle, which will be served at that night’s lively group dinner.

Indulge in Bologna

If you’re an architecture lover, discover Venice.

A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without seeing the country’s architectural heritage. Fortunately, there are tons of places to go in Italy for both ancient ruins and modern marvels. While this may come as a surprise, we actually recommend our Venice tours for architecture lovers. The city boasts historical buildings, palaces, and basilicas that are unique from what you might expect in Italy. And we consider the city’s rich architectural tapestry a true highlight of a visit.

The two-night stop in Venice during our nine-day A Week in Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome tour gives you plenty of time to discover this for yourself. Even just standing in the middle of St. Mark’s Square, staring at the surrounding skyline, will give you a quick glimpse at the wonders that await. But our guided visits to historic buildings like St. Mark’s Basilica—an opulent, 11th-century church  said to be the final resting place of the body of St. Mark the Apostle—and the Venetian Gothic Doge’s Palace from 1340 will confirm what you might already know: Venice is perfect for architecture lovers. 

See Venetian architecture on tour

If you thrive when out in nature, head to Puglia.

If your travel personality is less about historic attractions and museums and more about the great outdoors and nature, you’ll love the southern Italian region of Puglia. This area has been gaining in popularity for its rich medley of nature and food, which is why our 12-day Food & Wine: Campania, Puglia & the Amalfi Coast tour is ideal if you’re looking for places to go in Italy that offer spectacular variety with lots of time spent outdoors.

On tour in Puglia, you’ll get to taste wines from lesser-known regions like Sannio and Irpinia, tour Hadrian’s second-century Roman Theatre, and savor multi-course meals at an authentic agriturismo. But you’ll also get to stroll through picturesque coastal towns and secluded forests in Gargano, stay at agriturismos that specialize in olive oil production, discover the colorful gardens of Salice Salentino, and soak in the lush landscape of the Itria Valley countryside.

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If you’re a romantic, visit Lake Como.

If you ask us, Lake Como suits all personality types—but even we can’t deny that its enduring beauty lends itself to a bit of romance. Whether because of the high-wattage celebrities who vacation here (hello, George Clooney!) or the charming lakeside lifestyle that you can find all around the water, it’s easy to see why a visit to Lake Como is the perfect romantic trip.

On our 11-day Lake Como, the Italian Riviera & Venice tour, your two days in Lake Como will be spent discovering how the region is dripping with romance. There’s the stroll through the opulent gardens that surround the iconic Villa Carlotta, the morning of shopping around the chic villages along the water, and, if you’d like to take on an additional excursion, the evening cruise to Bellagio, a stunning waterfront destination known for its meandering cobble-stone streets, terraced gardens, and pretty villas. If you’re wondering where to go in Italy to take in beauty and charm that have inspired poetry and love, there’s nowhere better than Lake Como.

Experience Lake Como

If you’re a history buff, go to Rome.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in millennia of history, look no further than the Eternal City. Even if you’re not big on history, a trip to Italy must include a few days in Rome, where different eras are layered on top of each other in the most captivating way. Everywhere you turn there’s an important piece of history, and you can soak it all in on our Rome tours.

If, however, you’re specifically interested in a Roman immersion, our weeklong Rome: The City Experience tour is the trip for you. This itinerary digs into the best of the Italian capital like no other. Starting with a walking tour that explores 2,000 years of Roman history (with stops at archaeological icons like the Arch of Constantine and the Circus Maximus) followed by a guided visit to one of the most important historical buildings of all time: the Colosseum. But it’s not just all about history and ancient ruins: A cooking class reveals the delicious secrets of the Roman kitchen, and our optional Food of Rome: Walking Tour of Trastevere excursion will lead you to some of the city’s most delectable bites. And there’s enough free time for you to strike out on your own, whether you want to stroll the Borghese Gardens or shop for designer fashions. Places to go in Italy don’t get more iconic than Rome. 

Learn Rome’s history on tour

If you’re a fashionista, travel to Milan.

As one of the world’s most important style destinations, every trip to Italy has a little sprinkling of fashion. (Even if it’s just a Gucci sighting here and there.) And if you’re a trendsetting fashionista looking for where to go in Italy, you simply must visit Milan. This northern Italian city is one of the planet’s fashion capitals and home to some of the best designer shops and ateliers. 

Our 18-day Journey through Italy: Milan to the Amalfi Coast tour starts with three days in Milan, during which you’re guaranteed to experience a balance of the city’s rich cultural heritage along with its stylish fashion. A day of guided sightseeing includes visits to the Teatro alla Scala—the famous opera house—as well as the Gothic-style Milan Cathedral, Italy’s largest. The last day here is totally free for individual exploration—a perfect opportunity to discover Milan’s exciting fashion scene. Be sure to spend a bit of time in Quadrilatero della Moda—the epicenter of designer shopping in Italy—and stroll through the trendy Brera neighborhood, where the stylish people-watching is unmatched. 

Shop on tour in Milan

If you’re an adventure-loving thrill-seeker, check out the Italian countryside.

It’s easy to think that an Italy tour might orbit around food, history, and culture. There’s just so much of all three. But if you’re looking for places to go in Italy that might offer more heart-racing adventure, there are plenty of destinations in the Italian countryside that will thrill and excite.

Take our 12-day Undiscovered Tuscany: Lucca, Siena & Maremma tour: You’ll cycle and walk through the walled city of Lucca, hike through vineyards in Siena, and explore historic villages through the Maremma region. You’ll even test your kitchen skills in a cooking class. All of that plus wine tastings, Roman ruins, and more. It’s an Italy tour that offers the best of all the country contains. 

Farther south, there’s also our nine-day Amalfi Coast Walking Tour, where you’ll explore lemon groves and olive farms across the cliffside villages of Sorrento, stroll through the gardens of Amalfi, board a speedboat to see the coast from the water, and, finally, hike up to the volcanic crater that crowns legendary Mount Vesuvius. There’s also plenty of free time on this tour for you to build in more individual adventures of your choice, from ceramics shopping to hiking in search of hidden coastlines. Check out how to spend 48 hours on the Amalfi Coast.

Explore the Italian countryside with us

If you’re all about sunshine and the beach, choose Sicily.

These days, no Italy tour is complete without visiting Sicily. The Mediterranean’s largest island has become one of the most popular places to go in Italy and Europe as a whole. And while we designed our Italy trips to show off Sicily’s incredible selection of culinary and cultural heritage (and there is so much of it), we also love this island for its stunning beaches.

If you consider yourself a beach bum or a sun worshiper, you must add Sicily to your travel bucket list immediately. Our nine-day A Week in Sicily: Palermo, Syracuse & Taormina tour doesn’t just include exploring Palermo’s Baroque architecture and marveling at the mosaic tucked inside UNESCO-listed Villa Romana del Casale; you can also opt for the Cefalù Wine Tasting & Dinner. This charming seaside hamlet in northeastern Sicily is known for its gorgeous, sandy beaches. Then, on a free day in Taormina, you can settle on the pebbly beach of Isola Bella for a bit of relaxation. Or if you’re feeling up for an adventure, head up the coast to Letojanni, one of Sicily’s most popular resort areas.

Found your perfect match? Shop our Italy tours now and start planning your next Italian adventure.

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