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Travel tips

Get crafty with this DIY passport cover

Jun 25, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

This project is great to do on your own, as a gift or even as a project to do with your group. It’s super simple and costs less than $5 per passport cover (depending on the fabric/supplies you choose). Follow our steps for a quick and easy way to add some personality to your passport before taking off on tour!

DIY passport cover

Time needed

About one hour, depending on how fast you can sew


2 pieces of felt in different colors (1 for the cover and alternating color for inside flap)

1 piece of self-adhesive felt

1 package of embroidery floss

1 set embroidery needles


Applique for decoration (optional)

DIY passport cover supplies


1. Cut out two 6″ x 8.5″ rectangles (one out of the regular felt and one from the self-adhesive felt).

2. Place the piece of regular felt face down and remove the backing from the self-adhesive felt.

3. Stick both pieces of felt together, making sure the edges are paired up and even.

4. Cut two 1″ x 6″ strips out of your second color felt to create the interior flap.

5. Lay all the felt pieces together and get ready to sew!

6. Thread your embroidery needle with floss. To make a knot, loop the floss around your thumb and roll away from you, tightening it as you go. Pull the floss tight and repeat with another loop and roll. Now you have a knot that will stay put as you sew your cover.

DIY Passport cover

7. We used a simple running stitch in this project, but a blanket stitch would work and look great as well. Continue to sew around the entire outer edge of the passport cover.

8. When making your last stitch, guide your needle through the stitch a few times to tighten it.

9. After you’ve secured your last stitch, tie the embroidery floss off with a knot and cut off the extra floss.**

10. If you’ve purchased applique or other decorations, feel free to attach those now—then insert your passport and you’re ready to go! DIY passport cover

Plan to give this DIY passport cover a try? Make sure to share your photos with us in the comments below or tag #goaheadtours on Facebook or Instagram!

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