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Travel buzz

6 of the best places to travel in April for fewer crowds and more sunshine

Dec 20, 2023 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Winter starts to shed its icy layers in April and the world seems to burst with life, from blooming flowers to newborn wildlife. The pleasant weather and numerous festivals make it a dreamy time to take a trip somewhere on your bucket list. Grab your passport (and maybe a travel buddy if you aren’t going solo) and check out the six best places to travel in April.

1. U.S. national parks

Visit on: U.S. National Parks: The Grand Canyon to Yellowstone

Why travel to the U.S. national parks in April: See baby animals and enjoy ideal hiking weather.

The national parks are some of the best places to travel in April to appreciate the vast landscapes of the United States. You can see diverse terrain ranging from colorful sandstone canyons to towering granite mountains across the Southwest. The change in seasons from winter to spring provides incredible views of snow-dusted canyons and hoodoos. Feel the brisk morning air on your face and the warm sun on your back as you hike the trails.

The parks come alive in April as snowmelt fills rivers and waterfalls and wildlife emerges from hibernation—this is the best time of year to spot offspring like baby bison. In fact, Yellowstone National Park and Badlands National Park are two of the top places to see American bison. It’s also the perfect window of time to enjoy some serenity before summer crowds descend.

Visit the U.S. national parks

2. Spain

Visit on: A Week in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid & Seville

Why travel to Spain in April: Smell the flowers and delight in festivals.

If you love a celebration, look no further than Spain when thinking of where to travel in April. The Spanish springtime is filled with festivals like Semana Santa—when cloaked processions wind through the streets during Holy Week. Throughout April, cities in Spain (especially in the southern region of Andalusia) celebrate with local fairs. The largest is the Feria de Abril in Seville, and a spectacular occasion to enjoy elaborate dresses, dancing, and music.

The temperature in April is around 50-70 F, so it doesn’t reach the scorching heat of summer. It’s perfect for dining outdoors in a plaza and enjoying a leisurely sobremesa—the tradition of sitting around the table after your meal and enjoying conversation. Spain is also one of the top places to visit to see spring flowers in bloom, and April is the month to admire them at their peak. The historic Alcazar of Seville shows its softer side when contrasted with lush rose gardens and air perfumed with hundreds of flowering orange blossom trees. If that doesn’t bode well for your allergies, smell the flowers vicariously through inspired artwork in the Prado. This is Spain’s national art museum—as well as one of our top five museums of art lovers—and is home to work by masters like Francisco de Goya.

Spend a week in Spain

3. The Netherlands

Visit on: Amsterdam & the Keukenhof Gardens

Why travel to the Netherlands in April: Tip-toe through tulips, tulips, tulips!

The Netherlands is the best place to travel in April for flower lovers. Step into a postcard of colorful tulip fields and iconic Dutch windmills when you visit the Keukenhof Gardens in April. Just be prepared to share the experience of tip-toeing through the tulips because this popular sight is a traveler favorite. “If you’ve never seen the Keukenhof Gardens, I highly recommend adding this destination to your bucket list!” said traveler Maria. “I was tulip drunk after seeing and snapping photos of so many colorful and beautiful varieties, and was truly mesmerized!”

Looking to make this trip even more incredible? Pack something orange, check out our Travel Guide to Amsterdam, and head to the city on April 27. Join in the citywide block party known as King’s Day, a celebration of the King’s birthday. The revelry extends beyond the streets and directly into the canals, where you can board one of many boat cruises during your free time. Other holiday activities include outdoor markets, live music, and eating traditional tompouce pastries, with orange icing, of course. If you’re feeling extra festive you can even start celebrating the night before on what has been nicknamed King’s Night.

Explore Amsterdam and the Keukenhof Gardens

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4. Indonesia

Visit on: Bali & Java: Culture and Landscapes of Indonesia

Why travel to Indonesia in April: Explore lush jungles under clear skies.

After rainy season ends, the terraced rice fields of Indonesia are ready for harvest. There are so many amazing things to do in Bali for a never-ending adventure, and it’s one of the best places to travel in April to learn about rice’s cultural significance on the island. Roughly 25 million acres of land are dedicated to growing rice (Indonesia is the third-largest exporter in the world). The dry season ushers in a whopping eight hours of clear, sunny skies on average each day, making it a perfect opportunity to spend time in nature. Hike through lush jungles, and cool off with a dip in the water—after all, it’s the best time of year for activities like surfing, snorkeling, and swimming.

If you visit Bali in April, you’ll be welcomed by penjor—elaborately decorated bamboo poles lining the streets, adorned with rice, fruit, and coconut leaves. These decorations are part of Balinese New Year known as Galungan, a holiday that celebrates good triumphing over evil. There are many meanings associated with penjor, including honoring ancestors and welcoming them back into their family’s home on the final day of the 10-day celebration. This Hindu holiday happens twice a year and is one of the most festive times to visit and see traditional Balinese dress and sacred dances.

Escape to Indonesia

5. Southeast Asia

Visit on: Grand Tour of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

Why travel to Southeast Asia in April: Experience fewer crowds and traditional celebrations.

With summer on the horizon, Southeast Asia starts to heat up in April, providing a perfect escape to shake off the winter blues. It’s also one of the best places to go in April to enjoy fewer crowds and the end of peak travel season, and to experience the excitement of national holiday celebrations.

Wondering which Asian countries you should have on your travel radar? If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, put Thailand and Cambodia on your list. The temples of Thailand and Cambodia are an incredible sight to behold any time of year, especially during a holiday. Thai New Year, known as Songkran, is celebrated every April 13–15 with a massive, three-day water fight. Thailand is nicknamed the Land of Smiles and is known for friendly locals, so of course tourists are warmly welcomed to join in the festivities. Cambodia also celebrates the new year in April, complete with feasts of traditional foods such as Khmer red curry, fish amok, and num ansom—a sticky rice cake that can be sweet or savory.

Book your tour to Southeast Asia

6. Australia

Visit on: Highlights of Australia: The Great Barrier Reef to Sydney

Why travel to Australia in April: Rejoice in perfect sightseeing weather.

As we gear up for summer in the northern hemisphere, the hot weather is winding down for our mates Down Under. April is the tail end their of summer and rainy season, so it’s less hot and humid. These are the perfect conditions to travel to Far North Queensland and discover all the ways to view the Great Barrier Reef. You can see a kaleidoscope of coral through a glass-bottom boat ride, or if you’d prefer to get a closeup of the underwater action, the water is warm enough in April to go snorkeling.

On April 25, Australians gather at dawn to attend commemorative services honoring the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, known as ANZAC Day. The date marks the first military action taken by the two countries as independent nations (no longer part of the Commonwealth) during the First World War. The holiday memorializes soldiers who have died and recognizes living veterans with breakfasts, ceremonies, parades, marching demonstrations, and even an Australian Football League rivalry game.

Dive into Australia

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