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Travel buzz

Everything you need to know about wellness travel

Feb 11, 2020 by Laura Barber

If you’ve seen or heard the term “wellness travel” popping up almost everywhere, you’re not alone. With more and more people embracing the idea of self-care at home, the idea of bringing the good vibes on the road has picked up steam. At its core, the goal of wellness travel is to come back from time away without feeling like you need a vacation from the vacation you just took.

But is there one type of wellness trip? The short answer is no. Depending on who you are and where your interests lie, that feeling of fulfillment can come from any number of different places. For example, if you’re an active person, you could find your Zen on a hike. If your mantra is “treat yourself,” some time at a natural hot spring might do the trick. In other words, “wellness travel” comes in all shapes and sizes.

Ready to set out on your own wellness journey? We can help with that. Here are just a few of the ways you can recharge on our tours.

Find your center
Opt to spend a morning saluting the sun with a yoga class and tea on our tour of India. The best part? The views of the Taj Mahal.

Give back
If helping the environment brings you peace of mind, head out on one of our trips to Costa Rica. Here, you’ll spend some time on tour aiding reforestation efforts by planting a native tree.

Breathe the fresh air
Exercise is good for both the body and the spirit, and on our Walking Tours of Europe, you’ll get your steps in—no matter which one you choose.

Go for a float
If feeling weightless and as light as a feather sounds like your way to relax, we’ve got you covered. Visit the Blue Lagoon on a tour of Iceland and the Dead Sea during a trip to Jordan, both of which are top spots for a soak.

Make a connection
There’s nothing as eye-opening as getting to know people who live differently than we do. Meet the Massai during a trip to Kenya or Tanzania, take part in traditional Quichua ceremonies while traveling in the Amazon, and see how the Maori live while on a tour of New Zealand.

What does wellness travel mean to you? Let us know on Facebook!

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About the author | Laura Barber
It all began on a school trip to London in 7th grade. Since that first jaunt across the pond, Laura has been hooked on all things travel (and British for that matter). When she's not at work using her words to help people find their own adventures, she can be found running 5ks, refining her cribbage game, or rewatching The Office for the 100th time.

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