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5 Unique ways to see the Eiffel Tower

Jul 15, 2015 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Paris’s Eiffel Tower may be one of the world’s more recognizable sights, but there’s more than one way to experience its grandeur. Read on for some tips from our travel-savvy staff for your next trip to Paris.

5 unique ways to see the Eiffel Tower

1. From up high

“Take the elevator to the top of the popular department store Galeries Lafayette in the 9th arrondissment. You can walk around a rooftop area where people enjoy soaking in the sun and the amazing view.” – Marissa, Tour Consultant

2. From down low

“Take the stairs up to the first level! It will save you money on the cost of the lift ticket up to the top and you’ll get a chance to walk inside one of the legs of the Iron Lady.” – Leanne, Tour Consultant

3. From inside

“When I was in Paris, I took the last elevator ride of the night up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and it proved to be one of the most wonderful experiences! The city looks so different at night and even more so from the top of the tower. I highly recommend a nighttime trip to the top, it contrasts with the view in the daytime in a beautiful way.” – Jordan, Travel Operations Coordinator

4. From Montmartre

“What is a visit to Paris without la Tour Eiffel? Skip lines and entrance fees and go to up La Butte Montmartre to the Sacre Coeur Church. The views of the city from there are the most beautiful you could have in this city—and include the Eiffel, of course.” — Marta, Area Manager for France & Greece

5. From the Seine

“The river cruises in Paris try to time their return trips with when the Eiffel Tower is lighting up. It’s a great end to the cruise experience to come back when the Eiffel Tower is glittering and sparkling.” — Shayna, Program Coordinator

There's only one way to experience the Eiffel Tower in person: heading to Paris on tour!

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