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Destination Spotlight: Greece

Travel Talk

Destination Spotlight: Greece

The details

October 27, 2020
1–2 p.m. ET
Live, on Zoom

What you’ll learn

Is Greece on your bucket list of destinations to visit in 2021 and beyond? Can't wait to snap photos in front of those iconic blue domes in Oia or sit down for an authentic meal filled with fresh octopus and a glass of Greek wine? Join Tour Directors Kostas, Roberto, and Gloria as they talk about what life is like in Greece and share with you some of their favorite places to visit, best dishes to try and best time to travel to Greece.

The speakers

Kostas Rentzos

Hello! I am Kostas from Greece. I have been living in Athens for the last 25 years, but I grew up in a small town (near ancient Delphi) in Central Greece. I studied Economics in the University of Athens. During my studies, as a hobby, I started leading groups with EF Tours. Pretty soon, I realized that traveling was my true calling and I became a full-time Tour Director with EF Go Ahead Tours - leaving Economics behind for good. This was the best decision I have ever made in my life! It has allowed me to travel and work in a multitude of incredible places and to meet a great number of amazing people...My favorite countries to travel are Greece (of course!), Italy, France, Spain and Turkey. I love learning foreign languages and I speak Greek, English, Italian, French and some basic Spanish and German. When I don't work, my favorite hobbies are cooking, learning about wine and Greek Mythology.

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