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Where to travel based on your zodiac sign

May 04, 2021 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

According to astrology, when we were born—and what was going on in the skies at the time—can tell us a lot about our personalities. (We’re talking the good, the bad—you get it.) It can also help us figure out where in the world we’ll feel happiest, most curious, and totally content when it comes to traveling. Maybe you’re an energetic Aries in need of an adrenaline rush. Or a sensitive Cancer seeking homey comforts. Perhaps you’re a neat-freak Virgo who craves a little order.

Not sure where to travel on your next big trip? Keep reading, and let our guide—and the stars—help you figure out the best place to travel based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: March 21 to April 19

New Zealand

Ruled by Mars, Aries is active, athletic, and possesses a competitive spirit (hey, who doesn’t like winning?). This cardinal fire sign is a born discoverer, and not one to back down from a dare. That’s why New Zealand—with its towering mountains, shimmering lakes, and heart-pounding adventures, such as cycling and spelunking—is the perfect playground for high-energy rams. As much as Aries enjoy a good adrenaline rush, they also appreciate life’s finer things, and New Zealand’s world-class wineries, postcard-worthy eco-lodges, and stylish restaurants serving fresh, local seafood offer them up in spades. A stop in Marlborough to taste the region’s renowned sauvignon blancs will please any Aries’ palate.


Taurus: April 20 to May 20


The zodiac’s most sensuous sign, Taurus is all about comfort, luxury, and pleasure—from head to taste buds to toes. Where better, then, for bulls to indulge their five senses than Morocco? In this northwestern African country, the earth sign can go stall-hopping on tour at a sprawling souk in Marrakech, feast on flavorful tagines and mountains of fluffy couscous, take in the percussive rhythms of Berber, Gnawa, or fusion music, and savor the scent of orange trees wafting on the warm desert breeze. The ultimate tactile indulgence for a Taurus? Blissing out with a massage (or maybe two) at one of the country’s can’t-miss hammams.

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Gemini: May 21 to June 20


Gemini is a voracious reader, a gifted writer, and, perhaps not so shockingly, the zodiac’s most skilled communicator. Represented by a pair of twins, Geminis are social, but they’re as comfortable being introverts as they are extroverts. Dublin, Ireland, is one of the best places to travel on tour for this mutable air sign. With its rich literary history—Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and Jonathan Swift are all native sons—and lively pub culture, Geminis can experience the best of both worlds. Follow up a stroll through Trinity College Library’s famous Long Room with a pint at a corner pub chock-full of friendly locals—that’s the ultimate craic (that’s Irish for fun).

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Cancer: June 21 to July 22


For this cardinal water sign, family is everything, and contentment often means sticking close to home. (But not always.) A carefully chosen destination will cater to sensitive crabs’ love of old traditions, stories, and art, and provide the comfort they’re constantly seeking. That’s why Cancers will feel at home on tour in Italy. There, an ideal itinerary might include learning traditional pasta-making techniques from a kind nonna (grandmother) on the Amalfi Coast, strolling the grounds of a family-run vineyard in Verona, sharing a family-style meal at one of Rome’s many mom-and-pop trattorias, and perusing Florence’s famous museums and galleries that are home to centuries-old Italian art.

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Leo: July 23 to August 22


Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, so it’s no surprise that lions like to let their big personalities shine. (And. We. Do. Mean. Shine.) With a flare for the flamboyant, the fire sign relishes glitz, glamour, and all things fancy, from fashion to food and everything in between. A tour of the Greek island of Mykonos answers the call, with its posh beach bars, chic hotels, yacht-studded harbors, and late-night haunts frequented by famous models and movie stars. Gluttons for gorgeous style, Leos will love people-watching from a plush, private cabana on the beach (another Ouzotini, anyone?), or turning the island’s alfresco cafes and poolside patios into their own personal catwalks.

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Virgo: August 23 to September 22


Represented by a maiden, Virgos thrive on order and discipline, which is reflected in their practicality, organized nature, and constant striving for polished perfection. Few places embody this orderly ideal more than Japan, with its traditions of impeccable craftsmanship, meticulously manicured gardens and parks, and elegant, artful cuisine. (Even the public transportation is timed to a tee.) Virgo is also the zodiac’s sign of health and nutrition. Soaking in an onsen (hot spring), filling up on fresh fish and vegetables (calling all sushi lovers!), and tapping into the unconscious mind during a Zen meditation session on our tours of Japan will leave this mutable earth sign feeling satisfied in body, mind, and soul.

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Libra: September 23 to October 22


Ruled by Venus—the planet that governs money, love, and beauty—Libras have refined taste and are drawn like magnets to anything that’s visually pleasing. For this cardinal air sign, a tour of Paris is the perfect escape. The City of Light will dazzle this lover of beauty with its Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture, its breathtaking gardens (Versailles Gardens in spring? C’est magnifique!), its elegant museums, and its countless couturiers, whose high-fashion window displays are works of art. Represented by a set of scales, Libras crave balance. For a moment of calm between sightseeing stops, they can cozy up with an apéritif at Little Red Door, or stroll the tree-lined banks of the beautiful Seine.

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Scorpio: October 23 to November 21


Scorpio is widely considered to be the zodiac’s most intense, mysterious, and passionate sign. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this fixed water sign can be prone to brooding. But while they might be feeling fiery on the inside, Scorpios’ red-hot thoughts aren’t always easy to sense from the outside. This fixed water sign will find its moody match on tour in Iceland, the otherworldly Nordic island nation that’s home to 100-plus volcanoes (around 30 of them active), dozens of steaming geysers, and an array of roaring waterfalls. Happy near the water, scorpios won’t want to miss a soak in the Blue Lagoon, or a tour of Jökulsárlón—an iceberg-studded glacial lake on the country’s southeastern coast.

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Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

Costa Rica

Symbolized by the archer, Sagittarius is a gregarious adventurer and thrill-seeker. (Sags? Sit still? Yeah, right.) And, as a mutable sign, Sags are adaptable and flexible and love having the room—and freedom—to roam. This fire sign gravitates toward places with big skies and unspoiled panoramas, both of which Costa Rica delivers. In this tranquil Central American country, always-on-the-move archers can take their pick of adventures: zip lining through a cloud forest canopy (if you don’t fly down a zip line in Costa Rica, did you really even go?), spotting colorful quetzals and other brilliantly hued birds on a tour of Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, and catching a wave at one of the country’s world-famous surf spots.

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Capricorn: December 22 to January 19


Ambitious. Determined. Digs history and peering into the past. That’s Capricorn. And that makes Peru a dream destination for this cardinal sign, which is represented by a goat. On a 14-day tour of Peru, Caps can follow in the Inca peoples’ footsteps (and admire their building skills) while touring the 15th-century marvel that is Machu Picchu. On tour in Cuzco—once the capital of the Inca Empire—Caps will find archaeological ruins aplenty to examine. And, for history buffs like Capricorn, no stay in Lima would be complete without a visit to Museo Larco. Its staggering collection of ancient artifacts includes an entire room filled wall-to-wall with terracotta vessels, plus dramatic ceremonial jewelry and masks.


Aquarius: January 20 to February 18


Considering that Aquarius is represented by the water bearer—a mystical healer who brings water, or life, to the land—travelers born under this sign will no doubt enjoy a trip to Egypt. Here, the annual flooding of the Nile River is celebrated during a two-week-long national holiday (it’s known as Wafaa El-Nil) starting every August 15. The fixed air sign is ruled by Uranus, a planet associated with both innovation and humanitarianism. Even more reason why Egypt—home to elaborately built temples, the Great Pyramids, and other stunning feats of engineering, and where a modern-day push for civil rights is playing out—is the sign’s perfect travel match.

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Pisces: February 19 to March 20


Deeply compassionate and known as the zodiac’s most spiritual sign, Pisces is associated with fasting, meditation, prayer, and other endeavors that might lead them to enlightenment. A trip to India will bring them one step closer to achieving it. And with India’s countless ornate temples, Pisces can indulge their love of places where beauty and spirituality combine. India’s landscape has everything from snow-capped mountains to dense jungles. But in places like Goa, on India’s western coast, Pisces—a fluid water sign that craves proximity to the element—can recenter themselves on a swath of golden sand as the warm, blue waters of the Arabian Sea lap at their well-traveled toes. 

Feel the stars aligning? Start exploring our tours.

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